Rampage Jackson

Rampage Jackson | Quick Facts

Full Name Quinton Ramone Jackson
Birth Date June 20, 1978
Birth Place Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Nick Name Rampage
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Education Completed High School from Raleigh-Egypt High School
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name Charles Jackson
Mother’s Name Information Not Available
Siblings One Younger Sister
Age 44 Years Old
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 120 Kilograms
Hair Color Brown Black
Eye Color Black
Build Muscular
Profession MMA Fighter, Wrestler, Actor
Professional Career Winnings 38
Active Years in MMA 13 Years
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Wife’s Name Yuki Jackson
Kids Four; Darnell, Elijah, Raja, and Name Jackson
Net Worth $12 Million
Social Media InstagramTwitterFacebook
Merch BooksPoster
Last Update July, 2022

Rampage Jackson is a former professional wrestler, actor, and mixed martial artist from the United States.

Jackson has engaged in kickboxing combat and is popularly known as “Rampage” due to his ferocious fighting style. He has a 38–fight winning streak in MMA.Learn more about Rampage Jackson and his journey to stardom in both wrestling and television.

Who are Parents of Jackson?

Jackson was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 20, 1978. His mother and father, Charles Jackson, are from a working-class background. They once operated a modest business.

Jackson also has a sister who resides in the US at the moment. But he is reluctant to reveal her identity. She has not yet been noticed by anyone.

Jackson experienced a difficult upbringing. When he was ten years old, he moved out of his house. Jackson occasionally regrets his choice. To put his past behind him, he now helps the family.

Regarding his mother and father, there isn’t much information available. They do, however, currently live in California with Jackson.

How was Education of Jackson?

Jackson came home after spending seven years missing. He then enrolled in Raleigh-Egypt High School to finish his coursework.

Rampage became interested in wrestling while still in school. Jackson started competing in combat sports to learn how to wrestle.

Jackson competing in MMA

For further education, Quinton Jackson transferred to Lassen Community College. He practised wrestling with his college friends and studied the sport.

What about career of Jackson ?

Rampage’s professional life began in high school. He was drawn to several contests because of his intense interest in wrestling.

Jacob Noe, a high school wrestling coach, prepared him for amateur wrestling. Professional light heavyweight champion in Bellator, Noe.

Jackson signed up to wrestle for the college after participating in high school. He competed against many teammates there. However, because of problems with his teammate, the college fired him.

After that event, Rampage moved to Las Vegas. At that time, he had no money. Jackson so made the decision to train Lewis Rumble, an MMA competitor for Bellator.

Career in the Profession

At the outset of his professional career, Jackson entered cage matches. He had a respectable record of ten victories and one loss.

He once participated in King of the Cage fights. In the competition, Jackson won his first attempt at an MMA title.

Professional trainers caught him after he won a few games. He was invited to compete in the kickboxing competition by the Japan Pride organisation.Jackson competed against a large number of skilled Japanese opponents.

His match-related expenses were covered by the pride group. Jackson was lucky in that he did not consider performing in Japan for nothing.

He defeated Yuki Ishikawa in Pride 17 and won his first knockout battle. Additionally, Jackson failed to retain his championship at Pride 17. He was defeated in the contest with Dajiro Matsui.

Jackson and Forest Griffin’s altercation.

After that loss, Jackson came back to win more kickboxing contests. He defeated well-known kickboxers including Kevin Randleman, Igor Vovchanchyn, and Masaaki Satake.

Career in Acting

In 2001, Jackson debuted as an actor. He was asked to appear in a cameo on the comedy-reality TV programme Jackass. In Jackass, Quinton made his acting debut.

Liam Neeson, a seasoned actor, stars in Rampage.

Rampage has appeared in more over 40 movies and TV shows. Jackson achieved fame for his performance as B.A. Baracus in the movie The A-Team. Bradley Cooper and Liam Nesson, two well-known Hollywood actors, appear in this movie.

Additionally, he has appeared on The Cleveland Show, a well-known adult television programme. Despite this, Jackson has appeared in a number of movies in cameo roles.

Rampage Jackson | Career Records and Stats

                                     Professional record breakdown
52 matches 38 wins 14 losses
By knockout 20 4
By submission 4 2
By decision 14 7
By disqualification 0 1

Who are Husband and  children of Jackson?

He was dating a Japanese woman while battling for pride in his country. The two decided to get hitched after dating for a year.

Together, the couple is the parent of three kids: Darnell, Elijah, and Naname Jackson. They were content with their lives until Rampage’s identity was made known.

According to the news, Jackson fathered a child in 2000 with a different woman. It was established by a paternity test that Raja was his biological child.

After that, Yuki made the decision to end her relationship with Jackson. In 2006, the couple got divorced.Jackson and Yuki still hang out together today as close friends. They occasionally have been seen in his house together.

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Rampage Jackson | Disputations

Rampage has spent his entire life embroiled in a number of disputes. He has done many bad things since he was young, which have damaged his reputation.In 2009, Jackson attacked a cage reporter on purpose and beat him. Additionally, he alarmed his supporters who were perched on the seats. For the incident, Rampage received a fine.

He continued to act improperly, nevertheless. Jackson allegedly used foul language when speaking to Karyn Bryant, a sports writer.He also attempted to hit Bryant. Jackson appeared in a nasty film that encourages guys to use chloroform to snitch on ladies in the parking lot.

It goes further than this. Lists of Jackson’s controversies are extensive. He was detained for driving recklessly in a hit-and-run incident.

He unintentionally ran over a woman who was expecting. Jackson spent three days behind bars.

Drug Dependence

Jackson started selling narcotics in his early teens to make money. Charles Jackson, his father, used drugs as well. His father taught him a lot.

Jackson used to engage in street brawls and avoid returning home. From a young age, he also utilised drugs. Jackson subsequently left his house and vanished for several years.

But Jackson made the decision to avoid narcotics when he got home. He stopped using narcotics after that.

What is Salary and Asset Value of Rampage Jackson?

Rampage Jackson has an annual income of $300,000. He has entered into a contract with Bellator MMA, who support him as an experienced fighter.


Jackson’s entire earnings put together give him a $12 million net worth. His fighting career and prize money from championship victories account for the majority of his income.Jackson and his kids are having a wonderful life. He makes a lot of money and uses it to support his kids.

Additionally, he makes a lot of money through promoting brands. Jackson represents the well-known company Nike.

Rampage also makes enough money through acting. Jackson was raised as a homeless child but has since accomplished a lot. He has numerous sources of income.Considering his additional private possessions He has a large residence filled with a varied collection of automobiles.