Randy Clohessy

Facts of Randy Clohessy

Full Name Randy Clohessy
Height 165cm
Nationality American
Birth Country America
Birth Place United States
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Sexual Orientation straight

Randy Clohessy is the ex-wife of the famous Italian-American singer Frankie Valli. Frankie is best known for his recordings such as ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, ‘My Eyes Adored You, and ‘Grease’ to name a few.

Young adulthood and childhood

Her birthdate has not yet been disclosed by Randy Clohessy. She might be older than 50 based on her photos. She was born in the United States, as far as we are aware. As a result, we are unable to determine her birthplace or birthday details. She keeps the details of her ancestry confidential. The names of his parents and siblings remain unknown to us.

Randy is an American citizen who belongs to the Caucasian race. Clohessy’s birthmark and other details are unavailable because she has lost her popularity. She doesn’t provide anything about her educational history. What college or institution she attended before graduating is unknown.

Professional Life

Her professional life is also not still extensively covered. It is therefore difficult to discuss her professional occupation. After getting married to American musician Frankie Valli, she rose to fame. Her status as Randy Clohessy’s ex-wife is prized more highly than her occupation.

Frankie Valli began his musical career in 1953 with the Variety Trio, according to her ex-biography. husband’s He rose to prominence as the band’s lead vocalist. Frankie has performed nine solo tracks as well as 29 songs from the Top 40. Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi, Bob Gaudio, and the Four Seasons are the other three members of the ensemble. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has recognized them all.

Caption: Randy Clohessy and Frankie Valli, Source: Biogossipy

Frankie Valli and the other members of The Four Seasons staged Jersey Boys, a musical about them, as part of their celebration and acknowledgment of their accomplishment. Jersey Boys is a musical that debuted in 2005, and it is biographical. He now performs on stage, thrilling fans with his mesmerizing voice. Additionally, Valli performs on Broadway and has national tour dates scheduled.

Status of Relationships

Frankie Valli was Randy’s first musical passion. Frankie Valli’s third wife is Randy Clohessy. When Randy wed Frankie in 1984. The pair said their vows in Manhattan’s St. Patrick’s Church in front of a large crowd. Antonia Valli, Brando Valli, and Francesco Valli are the couple’s three sons. The couple divorced in 2004 after 20 years of a happy marriage due to an imbalance in their relationship.

The couple ran into another issue while going through the divorce. The California Supreme Court heard their appeal to determine if Randy was responsible for the 2003 policy. The state Supreme Court then decided on May 15 that the police were a community-owned entity.

Caption: Randy and Frankie’s wedding photos, Source: Instagram

However, before Randy, Valli had two other spouses. Frankie has two children, Celia and Francine, with his first wife, Mary, whom he divorced in 1971. There are two deceased girls. Celia, Randy’s stepdaughter, died when she slid while trying to escape a fire. Francine Valli, his second daughter, passed away from a heroin overdose six months later. In 1974, MaryAnn Hannagan became his second wife. After eight years of marriage, they divorced.

Because Clohessy hasn’t talked about her romantic relationships, she might be single right now. She avoided following the public’s suggestions with regard to her life. Clohessy has avoided any controversies.

What is the Net Worth of Randy Clohessy?

Her professional background has not been made public, and as a result, his net worth has not been disclosed. Frankie Vallie, Randy’s ex-husband, is thought to be worth $80 million.

Through his efforts with The 4 Seasons and his gigs, he has raised this significant sum. Additionally, he made roughly $3 billion in royalties from the well-known Broadway play Jersey Boys.

Frankie Valli’s third wife, Randy Clohessy

Veteran musician Frankie Valli’s personal life is rife with drama, particularly when it comes to weddings. For Randy Clohessy, he was both his first love and his first husband, but not for the 86-year-old singer. Unexpectedly, after two divorces, he got married for the third time.

Randy Clohessy and Frankie Valli broke up in 2004. Source: Dailymail

In 1982, Valli got divorced from MaryAnn Hannagan, his second wife. He came across Clohessy at that point, and they immediately connected on a personal level. Before finally deciding to tie the knot in 1984, the two eventually began dating often.

Randy and Valli made the decision to start a family after a beautiful wedding ceremony in Orange, New Jersey. They consequently had three sons as a result of this. Frankie used to spend most of his time working on his music, but his wife was in charge of taking care of all the household duties and raising their kids. When they split up in 2004, their relationship began to falter just as everything seemed to be going smoothly. You may also like to know about Bruno Fernandes.

Frankie Valli and Randy Clohessy’s Complicated Divorce

Many people were shocked to learn that Frankie Valli and his third wife, Randy Clohessy, were divorcing after 20 years of marriage. They filed for divorce in 2004, and various complications relating to the division of property arose.

Randy Clohessy and Frankie Valli share three children. Source: Danny Zelisko Presents

The couple’s 2003 acquisition of a life insurance policy was the main point of contention. There were multiple hearings on the appeal before the California Supreme Court. On May 15, 2014, they finally reached a decision after a decade. You may also like to know about Nazem Kadri.

A restaurant owner was assaulted by Randy Clohessy.

Yes, Frankie Valli’s third wife did cause a disturbance while they were married that garnered media attention. Randy Clohessy’s assault on a restaurant owner while they were out to dinner added to the drama and scandal already present in the singer’s life.

Randy Clohessy and Frankie Valli have three sons. Source: Pinterest

The incident happened back in 1998, while the two were still dating. Frankie Valli and Clohesy traveled to the Secret Garden restaurant in Moorpark, California, for dinner. Surprisingly, the celebrity pair seemed to find the menu pricing and service to be excessive, which infuriated them. The owner, Sandra Sofsky, entered the scene and set off the diva as things progressed. Consequently, Clohessy grew enraged at that point and slapped the owner.

The two ex-lovers then escaped the crime site. Valli initially defended Randy by claiming Sandra was the one who started the argument. In addition, Randy completed six months of community work as restitution for her heinous crime.


  • Randy Clohessy is the ex-wife of famous Italian-American singer Frankie Valli.
  • Randy’s first love was Frankie Valli.
  • Her height is 5 feet, 5 inches.
  • Randy Clohessy is the third wife of Frankie Valli.

Frequently asked Questions

Where Is Randy Clohessy After Divorce With Frankie Valli?

Randy lives a blessed life with her children after her divorce from Frankie Valli.

Who is Randy Clohessy’s Ex-Husband?

Frankie Valli is the ex-husband of Randy Clohessy.