Regina Blandon

Quick Facts

Actress Regina Blandon is from Mexico. She gained international recognition for her work in films like Como Novio De Pueblo and La Familia P Luche. She has a celebrity daughter, too. Roberto Blandón, a Mexican actor, is her father.

She is a well-known actress in Mexico and has had a significant impact on a large number of people worldwide. Today, we’ll discover everything there is to know about her, with a particular emphasis on the specifics of her relationships and a few other things.

How old is Regina Blandon?

By 2022, she will be about 32 years old. The Mexican city of Mexico City is where Regina Blandon was born on July 25, 1990. Her nationality is Mexican and her ethnicity is Latino because she was born in Mexico.

Regina Blandon Via Instagram

Roberto and Regina, two Christian parents, gave birth to her. Actor Roberto is well-known in Mexico. In addition, it appears that she has a sister named Susanna. If it doesn’t reassure you, she has a famous actor for a father.

Where Regina had her schooling ?

For a very long time, her educational history was largely kept confidential. It wasn’t until she said she had a degree in drama from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She seems to have completed her primary and secondary schooling prior to that at her neighborhood schools and institutions in Mexico City. She later enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to further her acting career because she was so passionate about it.

Regina started working at Hotel Delos Secretos when?

You all enjoy watching television programs that feature mysteries and crimes. If you enjoy such sort of thing, El Hotel de Los Secretos might be the ideal choice for you. In 2016, Regina played the role of Matilde in that well-known television program.

She spent more than a year working on that television show, finishing up to 67 episodes. We must remember that she is equally highly renowned for her TV miniseries The Search, even if that particular television show is known for her well-known work.

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Who is the husband of Regina Blandon?

We came across Roberto Flores when we looked into her relationship further. When we looked into that name further, we discovered he is a well-known Mexican producer and director. Preja and Regina appear to have started dating in 2016 and dated for a year before agreeing to get married in 2017.

Regina Blandon with her pareja Via Instagram

Even though they were the ideal match for one another, their romance did not last forever, and in 2018 they divorced. Despite being married for more than a year, they never had children throughout that time.

Does Regina have a social media profile of her own?

She has social media profiles on well-known websites including Instagram and Twitter. Through her Instagram alone, we also discovered more about her most recent undertakings. She is one of the rare actresses whose fame stemmed from her photography. Additionally, she frequently shares photos of her life and her friends, including Maria Leon Y, on Instagram.

How much money is Regina Blandon worth?

She has 3.5 million Instagram followers and a strong following among the Mexican audience in her own country. You can pretty much tell that she didn’t make it up on your own by looking at her figures once again. That particular figure speaks for itself and demonstrates how diligently she toiled in her films and television programs to get to where she is today.

Despite being a well-known personality, she has never disclosed any information about her financial situation. As a result, it was difficult for us to find out more about her net worth, although as of 2020, it appears to be approximately $2 million.

What are Regina physical characteristics?

We discovered that she is quite well-known online using the search term Regina Blandon Desnuda. Even though we are aware of what it is, we will let you conduct the search. We must discuss her measurements. Her height is approximately 5 feet 4 inches, and she currently weighs 49 kg.