Renee Wyatt

Quick Facts

Full Name Renee Wyatt
Profession Business
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country U.S.A
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Rich Wyatt
No Of Children 4
Height 162 cm
Weight 52 kg
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Renee Wyatt is an entrepreneur and a reality star of an American reality television series American Guns. She is married to the founder and owner of American GunsRich Wyatt.

With the less wiki information, the data regarding Renee’s early childhood and high school or university attendance is not available. Further, her parents are also yet to be known.


Renee Wyatt was born on an unspecified date approximately in the late 1960s, in Colorado USA. Her maiden name unknown is a Caucasian gun enthusiast and reality TV personality.

Renee was raised apparently an only child in her place of birth, by her father and mother of unknown names and professions. Since she’s never talked about this part of her life, the media is almost completely in the dark on the topic of her childhood interests and such

She is definitely best known to the worldwide audience thanks to her two-year-long involvement In the Discovery Channel reality TV series entitled “American Guns”, alongside other members of her family.

Her total screen exposure here lasted less than two years, and that concludes the peak of her fame. She has had no other successes over the course of her entertainment career since 2011.

Where did Renee got Education ?

Renee Wyatt made a career for herself out of her passion. As for her education, she attended an unspecified high school in her birth state. From where she matriculated at some point in the late 1980s.

She is widely believed not to have a college education, as she’s never spoken about it or expressed the desire to attend university.

Renee Wyatt’s Married, Husband and children

Renee is currently married and content with her life. She married Rich Wyatt and they have two kids, Brook Wyatt (born in 2006) and Ginger Wyatt (born in 2008). (born in 2009). Renee also has two stepchildren from Rich’s previous marriage, son Kurt Wyatt and daughter Paige Wyatt.

Paige Wyatt, Renee Wyatt’s stepdaughter.
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Kurt and Paige both play important roles in the company. Kurt creates labels, designs, polishes, and tests firearms. He is a certified firearm instructor who began shooting at the age of 13. Paige now owns a clothes store in addition to her guns company.

Hughwear is the name of her product, which specializes in women’s T-shirts, Trousers, and men’s clothing outfits. She maintains a website where she auctions off autographed apparel, photos, and mementos.

Renee and Rich are currently in a tranquil marriage relationship with no news or rumors of divorce or extramarital activities. Right now, all four of his children reside with Rich and Renee.

What is Renee Wyatt’s net worth?

Renee’s net worth exceeds $10 million, which includes her husband’s assets as well. In addition, she earns a lot of money as a guest on talk shows.


American Guns Snap: Rich and Renee Wyatt with their children Renee Wyatt with her husband and children (second from right).

Her daughter Paige, on the other hand, has a net worth of roughly $1 million. She apparently gets $250,000 per year from the family company. She earns a lot of money from her merchandise business in addition to her salary. Paige also owns a 4WD Jeep that has a high market value.

Renee is currently living with her family. Personal assets might also include their homes, vehicles, and other expensive possessions.

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Professional Career

Following the end of season two in December 2012, the Discovery Channel announced that it would not be continuing “American Guns”.

The statement was issued soon after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting massacre took place in Newtown, Connecticut, which caused a significant backlash against gun promotion on television. The media giant’s officials did confirm that the tragic incident had a toll on their decision, though they chose not to elaborate further.
It was later discovered that Rich Wyatt left his shop operational even after he lost his Federal Firearms License (FFL), which occurred halfway through the filming of season two.

Rich failed to report this and simply continued with the show by selling firearms under a straw license belonging to another owner, facing significant felony charges afterward. To top this off, his store in Wheat Ridge, Colorado was raided by thieves in February 2013, who drilled a hole in the roof to steal 12 handguns and two rifles.

The event caused the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) agents to start an investigation, during which they found significant evidence of tax evasion. The store was ultimately shut down in March 2015, after a raid under a sealed warrant by the ATF law enforcement organization (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives).

Who exactly is Renee Wyatt?

Renee is a television personality that co-stars with her husband in the show American Guns. She currently lives in Wheatland, Colorado, with her husband Rich, where she manages her husband’s business. She is involved in dealing with weaponry as the business’s owner, including hand cannons and hunting rifles.

Renee Wyatt with her stepdaughter Paige Wyatt.
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Renee has hired the town’s largest and most skilled gunsmiths for the purpose of her business. She is deeply committed to making high-quality firearms. According to the family,

No gun leaves the shop without being tested.

Because the trade-in business does not always occur, the family becomes preoccupied with shooting and testing the hardware. Renee is in charge of overseeing the deal. They have been dealing with the company for over two decades. She has also appeared in other periodicals, giving food and parenting advice.

She also never leaves her pistol unattended. Rich may be the business’s owner, but Renee is the driving force behind its success.

Body Measurement

Renee Wyatt is 5feet 3inches (162cm) tall and weighs approximately 114lbs (52kg).  She has short dyed light blond hair, her eyes are dark blue, and her complexion is mostly bright with a mellow tan.

Social Media

Renee always has a chance to jumpstart her own business with the help of former glory. Renee seems to be aware of this but is not too keen on fully engaging in such activities.

She is somewhat active on only one of the three most popular social media networks. Her Facebook has more than 35,000 fans, and her Twitter has just under 3,000 followers; she doesn’t have Instagram.


  • Renee was Born on an unspecified date approximately in the late 1960s, in Colorado USA, Renee’s maiden name was unknown.
  • She is a Caucasian gun enthusiast and reality TV personality.
  • Wyatt earned this sum by lending her firearm expertise to the world in the Discovery Channel’s “American Guns”.