Richard Dawson

Quick Facts:

Name Richard Dawson
Nickname Colin Lionel Emm
Gender Male
Date of Birth 20-Nov-1932
Date of Death 2-Jun-2012
Aged 80
Birth Place Gosport, Hampshire, England
Country Not known
Height 1.75 (m)
Weight Unknown (KGs)
Profession British-American Actor
Famous as Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host, And Panellist

The late English-American actor, comedian, game show host, and panelist, Richard Dawson, is well-known for his work. During his time, he accomplished immense success in the entertainment industry. He worked as the original host of the show Family Feud, which helped him gain stardom. Even though he is no more, his work earned him never-ending popularity; thus, many still keep a keen interest in learning about him.

Early Childhood & Life

  • On November 20, 1932, in Gosport, England, Colin Lionel Emm gave birth to Richard Dawson. His mother Josephine, Lucy Emm, worked at a munitions factory, and his father Arthur Emm drove a van. John Leslie Emm, his older brother, was born.
  • He and his brother had to leave their house as young children to escape the bombardment during World War II. As a result, he was only able to continue attending school for a few years. You may also like to know about Nikole Killion


  • Richard Dawson left home as a youngster and spent the next three years in the British Merchant Navy. He worked as a server there after beginning as a laundryman. He started boxing as an amateur during this time to supplement his income.
  • He appeared on the BBC radio programs How Do You Do and Midday Music Hall in 1954, in addition to the BBC television program Benny Hill Showcase.
  • Together with Diana Dors, whom he married in 1959, he made appearances on a number of shows in 1958 and 1959, including Alan Melville Takes You from A to Z, The Steve Allen Plymouth Show, The Diana Dors Show, and Juke Box Jury.
  • He also made a few tiny, uncredited appearances around this time in films like Promises! Promises! and The Longest Day (1962). (1963). He portrayed a weaver in the 1965 motion picture King Rat.
  • He kept acting in other movies and TV shows during this time. In 1966, he appeared uncredited in the movies Out of Sight, Munster, Go Home!, and The Devil’s Brigade (1968). He appeared in two episodes of Mr. Terrific (1967) and McCloud on television (1970).
  • He also released his 45 rpm record on Carnation Records during that time. Songs like His Children’s Parade and Apples & Oranges were included.
  • His second show, Family Feud, a spin-off game show that debuted on ABC television in 1976 and quickly became a smash hit, was made possible by the success of Match Game. It lasted until 1985.
  • Family Feud was the most watched syndicated and midday program during its heyday. In a single week, it was shown eleven times, five of which were during the day.
  • After receiving criticism for it, he encouraged people to cast their votes on whether he should stop the practice. The overwhelming consensus was in favor of keeping the custom. Later, he said that his mother had done it with him when he was a child and that it was intended to bring love and luck.

Personal & Family Life

  • Diana Dors, an English actress for cinema and television, and Richard Dawson were married in 1959. They had two sons together, Mark and Gary. The two sons were given to Dawson as part of the divorce settlement in 1967.
  • Gretchen Johnson, whom he met in 1981 while filming Family Feud, became his second wife. She participated in the competition, and the two tied the knot in 1991. Their daughter Shannon Nicole Dawson was born a year earlier.
  • He had a nicotine addiction and had once smoked four packs of cigarettes in one day. Later, in 1994, his daughter convinced him to stop smoking.
  • On June 2, 2012, at the age of 79, he received a diagnosis of esophageal cancer and passed away as a result of the disease’s consequences.

Net Worth and Career Highlights of Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson has a $100k net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He made his riches by contributing to multiple top-notch film productions.

Richard Dawson had a net worth of $100,000.
Photo Source: Closer Weekly

Dawson initially wanted to be a boxer, but he struggled in the entertainment industry and eventually came to fame. He fled his family when he was 14 and joined the British Merchant Navy, where he started boxing. Each seafaring match used to bring in about $5,000 for him.

He started out as Dickie Dawson when he started his career as an entertainer. When he appeared on the BBC show’s Benny Hill Showcase, he was only 21 years old. He gradually transitioned to other endeavors and achieved success after appearing on the game show Family Feud (1976–1985 and 1994–1995).

The relationship history of Richard Dawson: marriage, divorce, and kids

The actress and former wife of the Family Feud contestant was Diana Dors. At the age of 52, his ex-lover passed away from cancer as well.

Richard Dawson raised three children.
Photo Source: Good Housekeeping

The late couple had two sons, Mark (born in 1960) and Gary, before divorcing (b. 1967). Dawson had custody of their children following their divorce. He was not only a loving parent but also a wonderful grandpa to his four grandchildren.

While working on Family Feud, Dawson met Gretchen Johnson, his second wife. She participated in the competition as a guest.

In 1991, the couple was married. Shannon Nicole Dawson, a girl, was born to them.

Information on the parents, siblings, academic career, and death of Richard Dawson

On November 20, 1932, Colin Lionel Emm gave birth to Richard Dawson in Gosport, Hampshire, England. He was reared by Josephine Lucy Emm and his father, Arthur Emm. John Leslie Emm was the name of his brother.

Dawson had a brother named John Leslie Emm.
Photo Source: CNN

Regarding his education, Dawson acknowledged that the Second World War had an impact. Bob Crane, who co-stars in Hogan’s Heroes, described how he and his brother John fled England as kids during World War II to avoid being bombed in one of the interviews. His attendance at school was greatly affected by that incident. He only attended school on a regular basis for two years.

At the age of 79, Dawson passed away in Los Angeles, California, on June 2, 2012, as a result of complications from esophageal cancer. Los Angeles’ Westwood Memorial Park served as the location of his burial. You may also like to know about Bailey Sarian.

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