Richard Roat

Quick Facts

Birth Name Richard Roat
Nickname Richard
Date of Birth July 3, 1933.
Age (as of 2022) 89 years
Language English
Profession Actor
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Popular for Working on many American TV shows
School Hall High School in West Hartford, CT
Alma Mater State university
Education Graduate
Place of Birth Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Net worth $3.5 million USD
Height 6 feet tall
Weight 80 KG
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Richard Roat was a California-born TV and movie actor who was born on July 3, 1933, and is now 89 years old. From 1961 to 2009, he stayed active in the entertainment sector. After 2009, he avoided being photographed.

Richard Roat was renowned for contributing to some of the top American films and television programs. The Golden Girls, Days of our Lives, Murphy’s Law, and many other well-known shows helped him establish himself as a legendary performer in the business. Richard is no longer between him and this point. He passed away while still living, at the age of 89.

Who was Friends actor Richard Roat?

Actor Richard Roat had a long career in Hollywood. He has performed in numerous films, TV series, and plays. He passed away on August 5, 2022. His family member released his obituary information to the media almost a month after he passed away.

A prominent actor named Richard Roat has passed away, his family members told one international news outlet. No one in Richard’s family has revealed the primary cause of his passing, though. However, we think that he passed away at the age of 89 from an old age ailment.

Age & Birth Information

He is a well-known actor and performer who excels in humor, drama, action, and acting. His birthday is July 3, 1933. American city of Hartford is where Richard was born. He used to enjoy playing the violin and listening to music when he was younger. He loved sports and was a fan of the football clubs the Lakers and the Angels.

Richard continued to attend West Hartford, Connecticut’s Hall High School. One of his closest pals from school was Peter Gaulton. Throughout their time in school, they both had a blast. On his Obituary page, Peter Gaulton paid respect to his best buddy.

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Family & Parents

He has not given his fan any information on Richard Roat’s family life. But throughout our investigation, we learned the identity of a member of his family. According to Nancy J. Arntzen, she is Richard’s relative. She identified herself as his in-sister. law’s David Roat, the brother of Richards, is Nancy’s husband. Alexander Arntzen is the name of the son that Nancy and David share.

Richard Roat with his brother and Nephew(Source: Newsunzip)

Nancy announced on Instagram that Richard Roat passed away on August 5, 2022, in the afternoon. Mrs. Nancy described Richard as a man with a brilliant mind while appreciating him.

Who is the wife of Richard Roat?

Richard Roat with his wife(Source: Newsunzip)

For the previous 50 years, Richard Roat had been wed to Kathy Roat. Since their marriage, he and Kathy have enjoyed wonderful love affairs. Richard and his wife never opted to have children because he got married in his 50s. With Kathy, Richard wasn’t conceiving any children. His wife Kathy Roat used to work alongside him as a partner in their entertainment tax preparation company. We’ve provided a photo of Richard’s wife above.

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Do you know the performing career of Richard?

Before making his public debut as a successful artist, Richard Roat had numerous odd jobs. In 1961, he continued to supervise the stage at the New York Cort Theatre. In 1962, he began working as stage manager for the John Golden Theatre in New York. He performed in theater plays while working as a stage manager.

Richard transitioned to working in movies and TV series after gaining a lot of acting skills. In the television series “Car 54, Where are You?” in 1962, he played the part of a character named Garlfield. He later continued to play various roles for TV program directors.

Richard Roat made his acting debut in 1964 by playing a little part in the film “Babu 73.” Richard later made another appearance in the position of District Attorney in the 1972 film “House Made of Dawn” after acting in numerous TV episodes. Richard’s work as an actor in TV series has added to his list of accomplishments. He collected 134 acting credits over the course of his protracted acting career. Richard has spent the previous 50 years operating his entertainment tax preparation firm in addition to being an actor.


The Doctors (TV Series) 1963-1964
House Made of Dawn 1972
From Here to Eternity (TV Series) 1980
Sunset Beat (TV Series) 1990
Days of Our Lives (TV Series) 1985-1991
The New Adventures of Superman (TV Series) 1994
Friends (TV Series) 2000
Rock Me, Baby (TV Series) 2004
Cold Case (TV Series) 2006
24 (TV Series) 2009

Would you like to know how much the renowned An Actor makes?

Mr. Richard led a wealthy life after participating in more than 100 performing ventures and having a side business. He had a million dollars. He experienced a lot of blessings in his life. Richard had a staggering US net worth of $3.5 million.

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Some Interesting Facts

  • Richard used to travel with his wife and his brother’s family to many stunning locations.
  • IMDb has information on every film and television project starring Richard.
  • He always donned a cap when he was older and went outside in the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did actor Richard Roat die?

Richard died on 5th August 2022 when he was present in Orange County, California.

Who is Richard Roat?

Richard was an eminent actor from America who died on 5th August 2022.

How old was Richard Roat?

Richard was only 89 years old when he died.

When was Richard Roat born?

Richard was born on July 3, 1933.