Roberto Zincone

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REAL NAME Roberto Zincone
BIRTHDAY Not Disclosed
MARRIED/HUSBAND Ex Wife: Malin Akerman
NET WORTH In Thousands

Drummer Roberto Zincone rose to prominence after marrying well-known actress Malin Akerman. Zincone is known for his work in Hollywood. Roberto Zincone and Malin Akerman had been married for six years. In addition, Roberto used to play the drums for the band his wife used to be a part of.

Wiki/Bio of Roberto Zincone: Age, Parents, and Education

The specifics of Roberto Zincone’s birth are shrouded in secret because they have never been made public. He was born in Italy. Roberto has not disclosed any details on the circumstances of his birth, hence it is unknown how old he is.

Roberto Zincone was born in Italy.
Image Source: Roberto Zincone’s Facebook @RobertoZincone

He is, however, a person of multiple races, according to ancestry study. The general public has not been given much information about Roberto Zincone. It is unknown where the drummer’s family originated from. You may also like to know about Bonnie Brown.

Career of Roberto Zincone

As the drummer for the band, The Petalstones gave Roberto Zincone his start in the music business. Additionally, he plays drums in another rock group named Ashdown where he is a member. He has numerous songs that are important, including Poison, Take It or Leave It, and Free. Throughout his career, Roberto has dabbled with acting on occasion. He appeared in the theatrical releases of Wanderlust and Bye Bye Sally (2009).

However, he had have musical skills that are all his own. He is most known as a drummer during his stint with The Pedalstones. He has, however, also provided the drumming for bands like Ashdown and performers like Kelly Fauth.

Both Roberto Zincone and his ex-wife Malin Akerman have played drums for The Petalstones, a rock band. He made a brief appearance in the 2009 film Bye Bye Sally. Three more years passed before he made an appearance as a drummer in the movie Wanderlust. For The Elysium Band, Zincone portrayed the role of the drummer.

What is the Net Worth of Roberto Zincone?

The estimated $700,000 net worth of Roberto Zincone. This applies to both his money and profits as well as his investments. The main source of his financial security is his work as a drummer.

Roberto Zincone’s net worth is estimated to be $700000.
Image Source: Roberto Zincone’s Facebook @RobertoZincone

Zincone has amassed considerable fortune as a result of his multiple sources of income, yet he opts to live a rather simple lifestyle. Speaking his ex-wife Malin has a $10 million net worth as of the year 2022, but her annual salary has not been made public.

The Marriage of Roberto Zincone and Malin Akerman

The relationship between Roberto Zincone and Malin Akerman was first made public due to their marriage. When Roberto was playing drums for The Pedalstones in 2003, Malin Akerman and Roberto first met.

Roberto Zincone with his ex-wife Malin Akerman.
Image Source: Getty Images

Malin was the lead vocalist of the band, and she and the rest of the band frequently hung together after practices. The only means of communication between the two was a dictionary because Roberto did not speak English. Although the couple had been engaged since 2005, they weren’t able to publicly declare their love for one another and get married in Sorrento, Italy, until 2007.

The child and divorce of Malin Akerman and Roberto Zincone

Instead of having a minister officiate their marriage, Roberto Zincone and Malin Akerman chose to write their own vows. Sebastian Zincone, the couple’s first and only child, was born on April 16, 2013. They just have him. However, just a few months after the birth of Malin Akerman and Roberto’s kid, on November 13, Roberto and Malin made the decision to end their marriage. Shortly thereafter, they filed for divorce.

Malin Akerman with her husband.
Image Source: Malin Akerman’s Instagram @malinakerman

Malin wed Jack Donnelly after divorcing Roberto Zincone in 2018. Roberto has shied away from the public and hasn’t revealed whether or not he’s dating anyone.

Malin Akerman, Roberto Zincone’s ex-girlfriend, who?

Akerman is a Swedish-Canadian actress, singer, and model best known for appearing in a number of Canadian projects. Malin Akerman’s appearances in numerous movies and TV shows are largely responsible for her notoriety.

Malin Akerman is posing for the photo.
Image Source: Malin Akerman’s Instagram @malinakerman

She originally came to the attention of the general public when she won the Canadian Ford Supermodel competition. In addition, Malin performs as the lead vocalist for the rock group Ozono, formerly known as The PetalStones.

Malin Akerman, a former spouse of Roberto Zincone, was raised

On May 12, 1978, Malin Akerman was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Malin’s ancestry can be located in a number of locations (Swedish, Scottish, and German). Magnus Akerman, an insurance agent, and Pia Sundstrom, an aerobics instructor and part-time model, are the parents of Malin.

She attended a variety of schools for her schooling, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in St. Catharines, Ontario, being one of them. Despite growing up in a Buddhist home, she attended Catholic school. She made the decision to pursue a profession in child psychology at the age of 18. She started acting in catalog shoots and television advertisements to pay for her York University degree.

Body Stats of Roberto Zincone

Roberto Zoncone is a middle-height man of around 5 feet 8 inches. His eyes are a grayish tone, and he has dark hair. In addition, he keeps his physique strong and healthy. Russ Hemmis and Francois Allaux are well-known ex-husbands.

Roberto Zoncone has a height of about 5 feet 8 inches.
Image Source: Roberto Zincone’s Facebook @RobertoZincone

Actress Malin Akerman is tall, standing at 5 feet 7 inches. 52 kilos are on her physique. She has blue eyes and light-colored hair. Her body is 34 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 35 inches tall.

Social Media

No social media platform, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all others, is used by Roberto Zincone. Malin, his ex-wife, also routinely updates her accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She has 108 thousand Twitter followers and 1.4 million Facebook fans. On Instagram, she has 520 thousand followers. You may also like to know about Santiago Arana.