Rose Lenore Sophia Blake

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 2,2000
Full Name Rose Lenore Sophia Blake
Profession model
Nationality American
Birth City Los Angeles, California

Rose Lenore Sophia Blake is a celebrity daughter. She came into the limelight because of her father. Her father, Robert Blake, is a famous retired American actor who is mostly known for his amazing roles in several movies and TV series.

Rose was born on June 2, 2000, in Los Angeles, California, United States. She holds an American nationality and belongs to a Gemini Zodiac sign by birth.

How was Rose Eary Years?

Rose, the famous family’s daughter, had a terrible upbringing. She had a lot of problems from a young age. She was depressed and anxious from a young age. Despite being born in a famous family’s home, she never had the opportunity to lead a contented life.

She also has a very outgoing and self-assured personality. She is currently a successful woman in the United States, leading a contented and healthy life.

What is Rose educational level?

The famous daughter has a very passionate and industrious nature. She has a strong desire to learn new things. She hasn’t yet disclosed any information about her education, but based on what is known about her personality, it is safe to assume that she was a model student throughout her academic career.

Also, she has also mentioned that she cheered in high school. Rose is well-known for her stunning Instagram photos, and she intends to pursue a career in acting.

How much is Rose Net Worth?

Value Rose Lenore Sophia has not made her wealth public on any of her social media platforms. She has been living by herself in her own mansion since since her father was accused of killing her mother. She may, however, have enough money for her regular days, judging by her luxurious lifestyle and Instagram pictures.

Her father’s prior net worth, which accounted for all of his assets and royalties, was $3 million. Rose is currently living a contented and opulent life, having already moved on from her previous experience.

Parents Information

Regarding Rose’s parents, she was a daughter of the late Bonny Lee Bakley and Robert Blake. His second wife, Bonny, tied the knot in 2000. After their marriage, the couple’s relationship was not very excellent.

Furthermore, throughout the first year of their marriage, they frequently misunderstood one other and fought. Rose’s parents did not show her any love or support, despite the fact that it is widely believed that parents are the main support system for their children’s achievement.

What is Rose Relationships Status?

If we go deeply into Rose Lenore Sophia Blake’s private life, we will discover that she is most likely dating Jonah Li-Paz. The couple, who is incredibly in love with one another, frequently posts their stunning photos on social media.

The lovely duo also looks adorable together. Jonah has been Rose’s boyfriend for a considerable amount of time. The two had never disclosed their first encounter or the beginning of their relationship.

Who is Rose Father?

Robert, a former actor, was born in New Jersey, USA. Michael James Vincenzo Gubitosi was his real name. Along with his parents and two brothers, he was raised in the country.

Rose Lenore image Robert Blake, the father of Sophia Blake, is pictured in a photo shoot. (People, image source)

His family also relocated to Los Angeles in quest of a better way of life and career prospects. Robert developed a passion for acting at a young age and has always aspired to become a successful actor.

Robert’s Father Career Highlights

Robert, an American actor, settled in Los Angeles and started working as a movie extra. When he was only five years old, he started his acting career. Robert made his acting debut in the MGM film Bridal Suite, as Toto.

Additionally, he was chosen by MGM to star in their comedy series Our Gang, which is made up of brief subjects, because people frequently comment on his attractive face cut from his infancy. He also played the injured young boy Tooky in the movie Andy Hardy’s Double Life.

After he portrayed the main character in the American detective television series Baretta, he also began receiving more frames. He also enlisted in the army in 1950, which caused him to take a brief break from acting in movies.

He made cameos in a number of well-known movies after leaving the army, including Town Without Pity, Ensign Pulver, and The Greatest Story Ever Told.

How was Rose Mother  murder?

It hurt to recount the horrifying story of Rose’s mother being murdered. The revelation that Rose’s own father, Robert, killed Rose’s mother, Bonny, is extremely disturbing. For the Rose family, it was a nightmare and a terrible day.

Furthermore, Bonny’s passing may have occurred on May 4, 2001, when Robert and Bonny went to Vitello’s Restaurant in Studio City for dinner. While Bonny was seated in the automobile, which was parked just around the corner from the restaurant, she was shot in the head.

Additionally, on April 18, 2002, Robert was ultimately detained on suspicion of killing his own wife.

Is Rose active on social Media?

Internet Rose Lenore Sophia Blake enjoys being active on social media platforms like Instagram. She has a sizable fan base on her social media platforms, and she frequently uses them to communicate with them.

In addition, she frequently spends her free time on social media. With 137 posts, he has amassed over 26.7k followers on her Instagram account @rose.lenore. She frequently uploads her beautiful photos to Instagram.

She is not currently active on Twitter or Facebook, but if anything changes regarding her Twitter or Facebook accounts, we’ll let you know.

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What is Rose Height and Weight?

Lenore Rose Sophia Blake is a stunning woman, but it’s unknown what her height and weight are. She hasn’t revealed anything about how she looks physically.

Rose Lenore Sophia Blake posing for a photo shoot (Image source: Instagram)

She is described as having an average weight and standing at a good height based on her personality. And she is even more stunning and beautiful because of her black hair, black eyes, and sharp nose.

She hasn’t, however, disclosed any information regarding her body measurements to date.

Success Of Rose Father

Robert, a well-known actor, put a lot of effort and devotion into his career. Through his remarkable acting abilities, he has made significant contributions to the American cinema industry.

Additionally, Robert has received numerous accolades throughout his acting career. In recognition of his performance as Anthony Baretta in the television series Baretta, he has received one of the prestigious Emmy Awards. In addition, the Young Artist Foundation gave him the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work on Our Gang.

Whare are Rose Hobbies and Interest?

Rose enjoys being outdoors and is an energetic person. He likes to spend time with his loved ones and friends. He frequently enjoys visiting new locations and meeting new people.

Rose Lenore image Sophia Blake mugging for pictures (Image source: Instagram)

She also has a strong curiosity for the cultures, traditions, and ways of life of other people.

Family Of Rose

Although Rose, an American model, is her parents’ only child, she is fortunate to have five half-siblings. She has tight relationships with her sisters Delinah Blake, Holly Lee Gawron, and Jeri Lee Lewis as well as her brothers Glenn Paul Gawron and Noah Blake.

Additionally, she was still in her childhood when her mother died and her father was arrested. Her half-sibling Delinah and her husband Sherman Oaks raised, cared for, and reared her.


Rose has always been a reserved individual who prefers to keep her sensitive information to herself and avoids flashing it on social media. Her warm disposition, though, keeps her out of disputes.

Furthermore, she has never engaged in contentious activity that could get her into trouble.