Roxanne Tunis

Quick Facts

Birth Date April 13,1930
Full Name Roxanne Tunis
Birth Name Roxanne Tunis
Profession Actress, Stuntwoman
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City Scranton, Pennsylvania
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aries
Marital Status Single
No Of Children Kimber Eastwood (born in 1964)
Networth 400000
Religion Christian

American actress, Roxanne Tunis is best known for her portrayal of a cashier in the action crime drama series, Blue City. She performed as the stunt woman in the Western television drama series, Rawhide.

Additionally, Tunis was featured as the dancer in the musical crime drama film West Side Story.

Roxanne was born on April 13, 1930, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. She holds American citizenship and hails from a white ethnic background.

Aside from this, what’s going in her personal life? Is she married to someone or not? Let’s take a glimpse of Tunis’ romantic affair in the following sections.

Who Is the Husband of Roxanne Tunis?

The 91-year-old actress and singer Roxanne keeps her personal affairs very private. Tunis has not disclosed to the media her current romantic situation.

As of 20222, Roxanne appears to be living alone and without having any relationships. She chooses to keep the specifics of her private life out of the public eye, in contrast to other celebrities.

Connection to Clint Eastwood

Actress Roxanne from Blue City had an extramarital affair with Clint Eastwood. The two of them exchanged glances in Rawhide’s second season.

Photograph of Roxanne Tunis
from Pinterest

The couple became close friends after their initial meeting in 1959. They started dating after falling in love.

Tunis and Eastwood persisted in their romance despite Clint having an extramarital connection with his first wife, Maggie Johnson, at the time. Later, Eastwood requested a divorce from Johnson, but she refused to grant it.

Although everything was going well, Roxanne and Clint ended their 14-year romance. Clint became ill with hepatitis a few months later and ended up in the hospital. Eastwood handed Tunis millions of dollars over a period of sixty years after the breakup in exchange for his silence in the media.

Has a Lovely Daughter

Kimber Eastwood, a precious child of Roxanne and Clint, was born out of their passionate relationship. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on June 17, 1964. Their daughter is currently pursuing her passion for acting as an actress and producer.

Kimber, their stunning daughter, married three times throughout her life. She currently resides with Shawn Midkiff, her third husband. On October 18, 2014, the two got married, but they haven’t yet had kids together.

Picture of Roxanne Tunis (center) with Kimber Eastwood, Kimber’s kid, and Shawn Midkiff, Kimber’s husband.
The Epoch Times as a source

On November 7, 1983, Kimber wed her first spouse, a gardener and former marine named Anthony Gaddie. Unfortunately, their separation was the result of some miscommunication.

Nevertheless, on February 21, 1984, they gave birth to a beautiful son, Clinton Eastwood Gaddie.

Kimber rekindled her romance with Douglas McCartney following the divorce. After dating for a while, the pair decided to get married. The couple exchanged wedding vows in a private ceremony in 1990. Sadly, according to the reports, their marriage also terminated because of insurmountable differences.

Ex-partner of Tunis, Eastwood’s other marriages, and dating history

Clint, Roxanne’s ex-boyfriend, wed Margaret Neville Johnson, a bikini model, on December 19, 1953. The bride was 22 years old when they got married, and the guy was 23.

Clint Eastwood, a former companion of Roxanne Tunis, is pictured with his wife, Maggie Johnson. Kyle and Alison Eastwood, the couple’s kids, were with them.
from Pinterest

Kyle Eastwood, born on May 19, 1968, and Alison Eastwood, were the couple’s two adorably cute children (born on 22nd May 1972). Their two children are also employed as musicians and actors.

Their union eventually fell apart after Johnson learned about her husband’s extramarital activities. Because of Clint’s sexual relationships with other women, she was mentally disturbed. On November 19, 1984, they decided to get a divorce after 31 years of marriage.

On March 31, 1996, twelve years after the divorce, Eastwood wed Dina Ruiz, a news reporter and TV host. However, the couple filed for divorce on December 22, 2014. But as of right now, the separation’s cause is unknown. Their now-actress Morgan Eastwood, who was born on December 12, 1996, was given to Dina.

In addition, Clint, Tunis’ ex-partner, had a relationship with Sondra Locke, an actress and director. However, their romance was short-lived, and they broke up after Locke discovered that Eastwood had multiple extramarital affairs. Even yet, in 1989, she sued Eastwood for palimony.

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Jacelyn Reeves, an American flight attendant, was another person that Clint dated. The pair eventually split up, making the relationship quite brief. In addition, they have two children together. Scott Eastwood, who was born in 1986, and Kathryn Eastwood were both born to Reeves (born in 1988).

During the 1990s, Eastwood also engaged in a close relationship with the actress Frances Fisher. Frances gained notoriety for her part in the film Titanic. Francesca Eastwood was born to Fisher and Eastwood in 1993, but soon after the birth of their daughter, for an unknown reason, they split up.

Additionally, Eastwood started dating Christina Sandra, a restaurant hostess who is 33 years younger than Clint. From 2012 until 2014, he was rumored to have been dating photographer Erica Tomlinson-Fisher.

What is the net worth of Tunis?

Tunis, an American actress, has not disclosed her precise net worth. But according to estimates, as of 2022, she has a net worth of about $400,000. She works in a profession that pays well.