Ruby Jerins

Ruby Jerins is the well-known American actress who played Caroline Hawkins in the motion picture Remember Me. Her best-performing films, including Nurse Jackie (2009), Shutter Island (2010), and Louder Than Bombs, helped her gain recognition and notoriety (2015).

Ruby Jerins has acquired the DNA of her parents Alana Jerins and Edger Jerins due to her upbringing in a famous family. The stunning actress as a consequence gained enormous name recognition and popularity for her parts and films. So let’s go on to learn more about Ruby in depth.

Quick Facts


Ruby Jerins. Source: Instagram

The stunning actress was born in New York City, United States, on April 10, 1998. She was raised with her brother Sterling Jerins and was born to Edgar Jerins and mother Alana Jerins. The whole Jerins family also has ties to Hollywood and the glamorous entertainment industry. While Ruby’s mother is an actress, her father is an artist. In a similar vein, her sister Sterling is a Hollywood actress and model.

Where did Ruby Jerins receive her education?

Ruby finished her elementary education at a private institution. She did, however, continue on to LaGuardia Arts High School, where she received her diploma. She also holds a degree from a university.

How did Ruby Jerins start her movie career?

Ruby’s career began with the release of her first film, “The Wedding.” When she first featured in the movie in 2001, she was just three years old. Similar to this, she once more played Mary in the 2004 film “Water.” Everyone loves to use her as a kid actress in their movies since her acting abilities were so natural.

Ruby, however, has been cast as “Zoe” in the 2007 short film “Zoe Day.” She was also given the role of Rachel Laedis in the psychological thriller film “Shutter Island,” which helped her advance her Hollywood career.

She also played Caroline Hawkins in the 2010 box office sensation “Remember Me,” and she was cast as Melaine in the film “Louder Than Bombs.”

How did Ruby Jerins start her career on TV?

Ruby Jerins had great success in the entertainment business. She thus had countless offers from TV programs as well. Ruby made her first appearance on television in the 2006 television series “Guiding Light,” as Katie. She also played Princess Amendola on the comedy series “Saturday Night Live” the following year.

The process of her obtaining more senior positions and responsibilities has also increased with every star casting. When she made an appearance in the comedy-drama series “Nurse Jackie,” the woman attracted a lot of attention.

Ruby Jerins from Remember me Source : Instagram

She did a great job of defining Grace Peyton as her role. Ruby made an appearance in seven episodes out of the series’ 70 total.

What is the relationship status of Ruby Jerins?

As of 2022, Ruby Jerins’s relationship status is single. The stunning actress appears to have prioritized her work. But regrettably, she also exposes herself to many controversies and speculations. She has kept her connection and crush a secret as a result. When we discover somebody who entered Ruby’s life, we will undoubtedly update her.

What is the net worth of Ruby Jerins?

According to several web sources, Ruby Jerins’ projected net worth as of 2022 ranges from $1 million to $3 million. Her acting profession has allowed her to accumulate and keep considerable wealth. The actress is only 23 years old, so she still has a long way to go before she can become more successful and wealthy in her life.

What are the body dimensions of Ruby Jerins?

Ruby Jerins Figure Source : Instagram

Miss Jerins, a stunning actress, is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 57 kg. She has a curvy, attractive physique that measures 32, 27 and 33 inches. Ruby also has stunning features, including dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Is Ruby Jerins socially active?

One of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood is present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She now has almost 12.7K Instagram followers under the handle @rubyulla and more than 3.1K Twitter followers under the handle @RJerins. Additionally, Ruby has an untrusted Facebook account. She only has 730 followers there as of now.

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