Ruth Madoff

The 81-year-old widow of American fraudster Bernie Madoff, who orchestrated a Ponzi scheme in which more than $64 billion was at stake, is Ruth Madoff (born May 18, 1941). After it was revealed that Bernie was the main brains behind the plot, he was given a 150-year sentence; he passed away on April 14, 2021, at a jail in Butler, North Carolina.

Quick Facts

Real Name Ruth Madoff.
In Limelight Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street (2023).
Profession Accountant.
Age 81.
Birth Date May 18, 1941.
Birth Place New York City, U.S.
Lives in Connecticut.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Taurus.
Ethnicities Caucasian.
Parents Father: Saul Alpern.
Mother: Sara Alpern.
Sister Joan Roman.
Love Life
Marital Status Widow.
Husband Bernie Madoff.
Kids Mark Madoff.
Andrew Madoff.
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 53.6.
Pounds: 118.1 lbs.
Height feet: 5′ 4.6″.
centimeters: 164 cm.
meters: 1.64 m.
Eyes Grey.
Hair Blonde.
School Far Rockaway High School.
College New York University.
Queens College.
Worked At Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities.
Net worth $1.73 Million.

Ruth Madoff’s Bio | Meet Bernie Madoff’s Wife

After the Netflix series “MADOFF: The Monster of Wall Street” trailer appeared on YouTube in 2022, people started discussing about the Madoff family once more, demonstrating the popularity of the largest financial scam in American history. More than 477k people watched the trailer.

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Finally, “Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street” premiered on Netflix on January 4. You can understand how Madoff robbed billions of dollars with the aid of a select group of people from this excellent documentary made by Academy Award nominee Joe Berlinger.

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We wrote this post so that you may learn everything you need to know about Ruth, who also plays a significant role in this case.

Where is Ruth Madoff from?

Ruth Madoff (age 81) was born to Sara Alpern and Saul Madoff in New York City, United States, on May 18, 1941. She attended Far Rockaway High School with her sister Joan Roman and received A+ grades every semester. She enrolled in Queens College in 1959 and earned a psychology bachelor’s degree.

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She abandoned her studies because she got married and had children in the interim. She made the decision to pick up her studies again in 1990 and enrolled at New York University, where she received a Master of Science in Nutrition.

When did Ruth and Bernie Madoff first meet?

Ruth and Bernard reportedly grew up next to each other. Despite the fact that Bernie was three years her senior, they were inseparable while they were students at the same school, Far Rockaway High. They fled together in 1959, and five years later, they had their first child, Mark. Andrew was born two years later, in 2006, as their second child.

Bernie-Madoff-with-his-wife-and-kids. (Source: Instagram)

The profits from the Ponzi scam allowed the Madoff family to live in the lap of luxury. Some accounts claim that Ruth and Bern were spending $57,000 each month. She even spent years managing the finances for Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. But the Madoff couple’s conflicts began to progressively worsen. Ruth decided not to seek a divorce despite the fact that records showed Bernard had deceived her regularly.

In an interview, Ruth admitted that once their deception was uncovered, she and her husband attempted suicide on December 25, 2008, but nothing occurred and they both awoke feeling good the next morning.

Mark, their older son, committed suicide in his New York apartment because he could not bear the disgrace. All of Bernie’s possessions were seized, including his jewels, Manhattan apartment, stake in BLM Air Charter, Palm Beach house, and yacht. Ruth was given just $2.5 million.

What has become of Ruth Madoff?

After Bernie’s conviction, Ruth reportedly briefly resided in Boca Raton with her sister before moving in with her son’s first wife in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, according to Daily Mail.

For the first few years, she attempted to avoid notice by coloring her hair. She has chosen to pay USD 594,000 to her grandchildren. Additionally, sources claimed that Ruth had to notify her trustee Irving Picard if she had to spend more than $100.


Ques: When was Ruth Madoff born?

Ans: May 18, 1941.

Ques: What is Ruth Madoff’s age?

Ans: 81 (in 2022).

Ques: What are the names of Ruth Madoff’s kids?

Ans: Mark and Andrew.

Ques: Has Ruth Madoff remarried?

Ans: No.

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