Samantha Spiro

Facts of Samantha Spiro

Full Name Samantha Spiro
Height 167cm
Nationality English
Date of Birth 1968/6/20
Birth Country England
Birth Place MillHill, Lodon
Sexual Orientation Straight

Samantha Spiro is an acting professional based in the United Kingdom who has been a part of many popular movies and TV series. She has played the role of Melessa Tarly in the Games of Thrones as well as Mrs. Figg in Harry Potter.

Spiro blessed her parents with her arrival on the 20th of June, 1968. She was raised in Radlett, Hertfordshire, in a Jewish family. Interested in acting from the age of 10 after watching Androcles and the Lion at the Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park, she pursued many acting classes, which have helped her in her career field.

Career Highlights

Being passionate in acting, Samantha Spiro enrolled in acting workshops and plays. Her first job was with the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Open Air Theatre. She also appeared there in the play The Boys from Syracuse.

Spiro played Lady Macbeth alongside Billy Boyd and Joseph Millson in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Fans might still remember her from one of her most well-known roles. Spiro additionally took part in Emmanuelle, Dick, Funny Girl, Cleo, Camping, and Mike Leigh’s Two Thousand Years, among other theater productions.

Later, she made her screen debut in the TV show The Bill as Cherie. She then has 57 acting credits to her name during the course of her career. Several of her well-known films and TV shows include The Larkins, Games of Thrones, Sex Education, Harry Potter, and Sex Education. You may also like to know about London Elise Kress.

Educational Qualification

Spiro was certain of her path because she became interested in performing at a young age. In order to get acting experience, she enrolled in the National Youth Theatre, and afterwards transferred to the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

She developed an interest in the arts during her time at Brancofft University. She attended the institution from 1982 to 1985 before returning in 2016 for a masterclass in arts and drama.

What is the Net Worth of Samantha Spiro ?

A $1 million estimate for Samantha Spiro’s net worth has been made. She has achieved this enormous amount of wealth via her perseverance and commitment to her professional career.

Spiro has worked on a number of successful and well-known films and television shows, such as Harry Potter, Sex Education, Game of Thrones, The Larkins, and others.

On the other hand, her husband Mark Leadbetter is a successful actor who also makes a good living. She is enjoying a luxurious and exotic lifestyle thanks to her wealth, as evidenced by the photos on her Instagram wall.

Status of Relationships

Samantha Spiro and Mark Leadbetter enjoy a happy marriage. After dating for a while as boyfriend and girlfriend, the couple exchanged vows in 2002.

Samantha Spiro with her husband Mark Leadbetter.
Source: MyLondon

In one of the theaters where she used to perform, Samantha and Mark first met. The couple said that they fell in love at first sight and that they liked each other immediately after meeting.

They have now been married for more than 20 years and have never had a public argument. They have two kids together and are content with their marriage.

Mark Leadbetter’s husband

The same as Spiro herself, Mark Leadbetter is a successful actor. He likewise began his acting career in theaters before moving on to appear in films and television shows.

Mark has a total of 27 acting credits during his career. He has appeared in a number of films and TV shows, including Primeval, Doctors, A Thousand Kisses Deep, the Murder Investigation team, and others.

Happy With Children

Spiro and Mark have two children together, who have been in a relationship for about 20 years. Two girls were born into the family.

Samantha Spiro with her daughter Harriet Leadbetter.
Source: Instagram @samspirospiro

On July 27, 2004, Harriet Leadbetter, her oldest child, was born. She inherited her mother’s beauty, and she uses the Instagram account @harrietleadbetter, which has more than 500 followers.

Heidi, Spiro’s youngest child, was born on November 7, 2006. Samantha and Mark manage to make time in their busy schedules to spend quality time with their kids. They frequently appear in public and travel to many lovely places together.

Return Of Samantha Spiro In The Fourth Season Of Sex Education

The cast for the fourth season of Sex Education has been revealed and filming has begun. The fourth season will depict Otis and Eric’s transition to their new school.

Many actresses, including Samantha, will make their comebacks in this season. She portrays Maureen Groff, a character who struggled with numerous issues.

As Melessa Tarly In The Popular Series Games Of Throne

One of the most watched programs, Games of Thrones, has a total of eight seasons and a large fan base. It is a fantasy drama that David Benioff and D. B. Weiss made for HBO.

Game of Thrones S06E06 : Sam, Gilly, and his mother Lady Melessa Tarly.

Samantha has played Melessa Tarly, who is portrayed as Randyll Tarly, the Lord of Horn Hill and head of House Tarly. In the series, she has a kind disposition.

In the well-liked television series Harry Potter, as Miss Figg

Who hasn’t heard of Harry Potter? There is no need to introduce the film series. Samantha participated in the Harry Potter series.

She portrayed the part of the order of the phoenix member Arabella Doreen Figg. She used to reside close to the Potter family so that Albus Dumbledore could hire her to watch Harry. In the film series, she is portrayed as the cat dealer.

Pet Lover

Samantha, the actress from The Sex Education, adores animals and enjoys having them in her home, especially dogs. Up to this point, she had several dogs. Her Instagram feed is filled with posts about how much she loves dogs.

Samantha Spiro’s pet dog Mowgli.
Source: Instagram @samspirospiro

On October 9, 2015, she celebrated the fifteenth birthday of Mowgli, a black dog she had owned. Additionally, she has uploaded images of additional dogs that she has trained.


Samantha has a few favorite things that she enjoys a lot. When she has leisure, she enjoys cooking and listening to music. Spiro prefers Italian cuisine and pizza over everything else, even her own home-cooked meals.

Similarly, she enjoys visiting Norway and Denmark because they are both stunning locations. The hues that appeal to her the most are red and orange.

The Height And Physical Features Of Samantha Spiro

Spiro, the Me Before You actor, is a tall woman standing at 5 feet, 6 inches, or 167 centimeters. She has always weighed about 60 kg, or 132 lbs. Her hip and waist measurements are 25 and 34, respectively.

Spiro has a thin build and is wearing a dress that is size 5 (US). She also has brown eyes and naturally black hair. Sprio enjoys staying physically healthy and works out every day to keep herself in shape.

Instagram presence

Spiro is very social media active and frequently shares her lovely moments with her friends, family, and followers. She has turned on her accounts on popular social media sites including Twitter and Instagram.

Her Instagram account is @samspirospiro which has more than 8k followers. Her personal life can be seen on her Instagram wall. Similarly, she tweets under the username @samanthaspiro and has successfully amassed more than 6k followers which is comparatively lesser than her Instagram.

She is not accessible on any other social networking sites except from this. You may also like to know about Joely Collins.