Samantha Taffer

Samantha Taffer is a famous American TV personality and TV series actress who got big fame for being the daughter of Jon Taffer, a famous American entrepreneur, and TV reality show star.

Samantha Taffer was born in 1989, in The United States of America. She is very famous for her role in the TV series Bar Rescue.

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1989
Full Name Samantha Taffer
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Ethnicity White


Beautiful woman Nicole Taffer and Jon Taffer, Samantha’s parents, have her. During her formative years, she was watched over by her parents.

Her father is also a well-known, prosperous American businessman and TV series actor. In a similar vein, her mother is a prominent TV personality in addition to being a wealthy businesswoman.

Who is Samantha father?

Actress bar rescue Jon Taffer, also known by his full name Jonathan Peter Taffer, is Samantha’s father. On November 7, 1954, he was born.

Jon is a well-known, accomplished American businessman and TV actor. He appeared in numerous TV shows, including Bar Rescue, Gym Rescue, Marriage Rescue, and others, in a variety of roles. He is a prosperous businessman as well. In addition to having two director credits on his IMDb page, Jon also has one for archive footage. His profile also includes a brief biography, a list of his honors and nominations, and other personal information.

What is Samantha Height and Weight?

With her curling black hair and enticing dark eyes, Samantha Taffer appears stunning. She has a fair skin and an oval face shape. Additionally, she weighs 56 kgs and is 5 feet, 7 inches tall (173 cm) in height (124 lbs). Taffer has a flawless, thin body.

Who is Samantha mother?

Mother of Samanta Nicole Taffer is a well-known TV personality in addition to being a successful businesswoman. On February 16, 1973, she was born. After marrying Samantha’s father Jon Taffer, Nicole developed a significant spark. She became well-known because to her Bar Rescue performance.

Nicole, Samanta’s mother, also has a profile on IMDb with her brief bio and other information. She also received one credit for self-performance and one credit for Additional Crew.

What is Samantha Education Level?

Because Samantha has withheld information on where she received her education and what she has studied, it is still unknown what Samantha’s academic background is.

She must have attended and finished his educational program in his native America. It is unclear, though, if he went to college or only finished high school.

Is Samantha Married?

Samantha Taffer is a married woman who cohabitates with the charming Cody Hanley. After marrying Samantha, he gained some notoriety. On September 13, 2015, they exchanged vows formally.

The lovely pair had been dating before they were married. But they haven’t disclosed anything about their prior relationships.

Photograph of Samantha Taffer and Cody Hanley as a couple (Source: celebschitchat)

Samantha and Cody had a wonderful union. She looked stunning in her white mermaid gown, and Cody’s tuxedo was flawless. Their immediate families, musketeers, and cousins were present at the form.


lovely woman Rhett Hanley’s adorable mother is Samantha. On May 21, 2019, she gave birth to a cute kid. In the year 2022, Rhett reached the age of three.

Additionally, he is developing under the loving and attentive guidance of his parents. Rhett comes from a wealthy family, therefore he always gets what he wants.

Career Beginning

Taffer started her job as a general manager at the well-known Chilly Willy’s Pub in her hometown not long after finishing her undergraduate studies. From 2010 until 2014, she spent four years working there.

She worked as a General Market Sales Representative for Republic National Distributing Company after leaving Chilly Pub. She also started her acting career by playing a part in the TV reality series Bar Rescue.

Samantha In Bar Rescue

Samantha and her parents had major roles in the American TV reality series Bar Rescue. Gordon Ramsay, a British chef, was portrayed by her father Jon. Neal Gallagher was the show’s director.

How to manage a business like bars and pubs is the series’ principal theme. According to the tale, the male lead of the television series, Jon, uses his intellect and experiences to turn a failing pub into a successful enterprise.

Eight seasons and 230 episodes make up the whole run of the show. On July 17, 2011, the first episode of the television program Fringe aired. The Bar Rescue team stated that the show would terminate permanently on September 13, 2020. Click to know about Holly Anna Ramsay, daughter of British chef Gordon Ramsay.

How much is Samantha Net Worth?

Samantha Taffer’s principal source of income is performing because she is a successful businesswoman and TV series actress. Her acting profession has brought in a sizable sum of money for her.

Rhett Hanley and her father Jon are shown in a photo. (Twitter: @jontaffer)

Finding Samantha’s monthly pay is a little challenging. But Samantha’s entire net worth is thought to be around $11 million. Knowing both her total net worth and her husband’s net worth, she appears to reside in a mansion. Speaking of Samantha’s father Jon Taffer’s net worth, he is a wealthy individual thanks to his success as an actor and businessman in TV reality series. His estimated $14 million net worth includes all of his assets.

Similarly, Samantha’s mother Nicole Taffer is also a successful entrepreneur and actress who has earned a lot of amounts of money from her acting career. Her overall net worth is thought to be over $1 million.

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Is Samantha a Pet Lover?

Actress Samantha is among those folks who adore and care a lot about pet animals. She always sends nice sentiments and feelings towards animals.

Photo of Samantha with her husband and dog (Source: Twitter @SamiT727)

Samantha is also raising two dogs with her. It looks quite lovely with its light brown hue body. She used to play with her dog in his free time. But he has not divulged the name of her dog yet.


Samantha has never been in any form of speculations or controversy. She wants to keep herself away from all the needless attention which is why there are no rumors about her yet.

And she also keeps her personal life private and doesn’t share many details about his family and personal life. She is also quite humble by nature which makes her a rumor-free personality.

On social media

One of those folks that avoids discussing certain topics in public is Samantha Taffer. The majority of her private life has been kept secret.

She also doesn’t have any Facebook profiles that have been confirmed. But @Samantha Taffer is the handle of her Twitter account. She is also visible on Instagram with the username @samantha th1007. There are not many followers on her social media but it is increasing day by day. Additionally, she has made her Instagram account private.

Furthermore, she has about 1k followers, above six hundred followings, and above 1.4k posts on her Instagram. Additionally, there are above 1.1k followers, about 200 following, and above 3k tweets on her Twitter account.

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