Samuel Nowlin Reeves

Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr. was born on September 13, 1942, in Honolulu, Oahu, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, USA. He was a student of geology in the 1960s.

He is most famous as the father of actor Keanu Reeves. And He was a Hawaiian-Chinese farmer. He was born and spend his childhood and lived most of his life in Honolulu.

When Samuel Reeves Jr. died, exactly?

On September 13, 1942, Samuel was born in the US territory of Hawaii. He passed away on January 26, 2018, in Hawaii’s Honolulu on the island of Oahu.

Samuel Reeves Jr.’s parents, spouse, and kids

The parents of Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr. are Momilani Sarah (Victor) Abrahams and Samuel Nowlin Reeves Sr. Victor Kauluwehionalani Reeves and Gill Moler Reeves are his two brothers.

His first wife, Patricia Taylor, whom he married in 1964 and lived in Beirut, was the first of his three spouses. In 1966, Patricia and Samuel got divorced. Kim Reeves and Keanu Reeves’ daughter Patricia traveled to Canada.

After that, he wed Morita, his second wife, and in 1980, they had a daughter they called Emma Rose. He remarried after divorcing his second spouse, Morita, once more.

Personal And Solitary Life

Early in the 1960s, Samuel, a Hawaiian-Chinese farmer, enrolled at the American University in Lebanon to study geology. Due to his debt and drug use behavior, he had difficulty being a farmer. He began a company importing cocaine and heroin from Mexico around 1990.

He was alienated from his wife and children and had battled addiction his entire life.

In prison, he obtained his GED. He was given a ten-year term in 1992 for distributing heroin at Hilo International Airport, serving two of those years.

actor Keanu Reeves’ father

The father of Keanu Reeves, a well-known Canadian actor, was Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr. John Wick is Keanu’s most well-known role.

Keanu is a well-known actor and model who was born in Lebanon in 1964 but spent a lot of time traveling as a youngster. He lived in Hawaii, Sydney, and New York as a result of his parents’ divorce before settling down in Toronto with his grandparents.

Net Worth Of Samuel’s Son Keanu Reeves

Acting and directing are the main sources of income for Keanu Reeves. His acting career is his primary source of income, and he is worth $350 million USD.

His two most precious possessions are a “West Coast Chopper” bike that is worth $50,000 and a “Harley Davidson” cycle that he purchased for $28,000.