Sandra Walker

Quick Facts

Full Name Sandra Walker
Birth Name Sandra Walker
Profession Celebrity Partner
Nationality British
Birth Country United Kingdom
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Eamonn Walker
No Of Children 3 including Jahdine Walker and Deke Walker

A large number of people get stardom or make headlines because they’re connected with celebrities or superstars. So is the case with Sandra Walker, who came to fame because of her long-term marital relationship with Eamonn Walker, a film, TV, and theater actor.

Besides being a celebrity wife, Sandra is a professional writer. She was born somewhere in the United Kingdom but the actual birthplace and date remain private whereas her 58 years old partner, Eamonn was born in London to a Grenadian father and a Trinidadian mother, on 12 June 1962.

Sandra Walker: Childhood

Sandra Walker’s childhood is shrouded in mystery. There is no information available regarding Eamonn Walker’s wife, her childhood days, or her date and location of birth. It is unclear to which country she belongs, as well as the names and locations of her parents.

More information about her siblings and other family members is unavailable.

Married Life with Husband, Eamonn Walker

Sandra has been happily married to Eamonn Walker, a well-known British actor, for for three decades. There have been no reports of divorce or disagreement between the two since their marriage.


Sandra Walker’s husband, Eamonn Walker, is shown with actress Gabrielle Union at an event.

The Zimbo Walker duo keeps their personal lives very discreet. As a result, there are no further details about when they officially became wife and husband. According to some stories, these lovely lovebirds dated for a long time before eventually committing to each other. However, because the couple rarely attends events together, none of the facts about their relationship can be validated. Furthermore, the Chicago Fire actor rarely discusses his marriage in interviews. The actor has spoken about his family and children on occasion, but he has rarely mentioned his wife.

Professional life

Sandra Walker is Eamonn Walker’s first and only wife. She is still his wife, and the couple has three children. Sandra’s past occupation before to her marriage to Eamonn Walker has not been revealed.

Similarly, Sandra is photographed on the red carpet with her husband Eamonn, and their public image is that of a loving and well-liked pair. She is most likely not working at the time and is a stay-at-home mom who takes care of her home and family.

Her children are most likely grown. She appears to have been a loving wife and mother. She is a novelist who writes.

Similarly, her husband is a fantastic actor who has taken on some incredible roles and performances. He has appeared in films such as Oz, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Lord of War, and others. He will most likely appear in a film adaptation of his wife’s novel. Eamonn, an award-winning actor, stated:

“I’m shy, and I can hide behind my acting to learn the truth about myself because it’s cathartic.” But I don’t read reviews.”

He also said once:

“Throughout my career, even as a young actor, people have always expressed an interest in seeing my Othello. I believe they could see a little of him in me.”

How many kids does they have?

Sandra had three children with her life partner, Eamonn, as a result of their long marriage. The couple has twins named Jahdine Walker and Deke Walker, but the identity of the next child is unknown.

Eamonn Walker poses with his Chicago Fire co-stars.
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Mr. and Mrs. Walker avoid making public appearances in their family’s company due to their desire for solitude. It is unclear where the children are currently based. Walker’s children, on the other hand, lived in London for a long time while the actor worked in the United States.

What is the Net Worth of Sandra Walker?

Sandra Walker’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000, albeit this has not been officially proven. She has worked as an author, therefore she may be able to earn a decent living.

Sandra is also one of the well-known billionaire wives. As a result, we might presume she lives a luxury lifestyle and enjoys everything this planet has to offer.

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Sandra’s Husband, Eamonn’s Wealth and Properties

Her husband, Eamonn, on the other hand, is an English film and television actor with a net worth of $2 million as of 2021. His acting career is his primary source of income, and he has amassed considerable money as a result of his appearances in numerous TV shows and films over the years.

Dr. Mathison was portrayed by Eamonn Walker in Unbreakable.
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Walker has been working in this sector since 1985. He has appeared in a number of TV episodes and films, including Unbreakable (2000), Oz (1997), Lord of War (2005), ER (2006), and Justice League (2007). (2006-2007). As a result, he gained a lot of reputation as well as a lot of income from that time.

He starred as Dr. Mathison in the 2000 film Unbreakable, which grossed $248.1 million worldwide. And his depicted films like Tears of the Sun earned $86.5 million, while Lord of War grossed $72.6 million worldwide. He now plays Wallace Boden in the NBC TV program Chicago Fire (2012-present), alongside David Eigenberg and Joe Minoso.

Sandra Walker: Social Media

Sandra is no longer active on social media. She does not have any social media accounts, such as Instagram or Facebook. Twitter.