Sara Calaway

Quick Facts About Sara Calaway

Full name Sara Cherie Frank
Nickname Sara
Birthdate July 21, 1977
Birthplace Long Beach, California, United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian white
Horoscope Cancer
Age 44 Years Old
Father’s name Carol Eugene Frank
Mother’s name Karen S. Frank
Marital status Married
Husband The Undertaker, aka Mark Calaway (m. July 21, 2000 – div. 2007)

Jason Schnuit (m. 2009)

Children Two daughters (Chasey Calaway and Gracie Calaway)
Height 5 feet 10 inches (155.448 cm)
Body type Athletic
Eye color Light brown
Hair color Dark brown
Profession Wrestling valet; wrestler
Debut 2001
Active years 2001 and 2002
Affiliations WWF/WWE
Worked for The Undertaker; The Undertaker and Kane as a double tag team holder
Salary Not known
Net worth $200 thousand
Social media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update July, 2022

Every happy human being has one thing in common, i.e., the ability to accept life’s dynamicity. Sara Calaway has seen a lot of transition in her life, from massive fame received through her former husband to private life with no media reach.

In the early and middle of the 2000s, Sara Calway was widely recognized as The Undertaker’s wife. However, they are no longer wed.

She has, in fact, happily married another person. She is still referred to as Calaway, which is Mark, a.k.a. Undertakerlast ,’s name. Former American wrestling ring girl Sara Calway. She also had a brief career as a wrestler.

A wrestling valet is a stunning female manager who performs the duties of an attendant. In-ring performances by American wrestling valets are also possible. She has served as The Undertaker’s wrestling valet in the past. She also appeared alongside him on multiple occasions inside the ring.

Let’s now take a closer look at Sara Calaway’s personal and professional history, covering everything from her first marriage and divorce to her net worth and current husband.

Early life and family of Sara Calaway

The American actress Sara Calaway, whose real name is Sara Cherie Frank, was born on July 21, 1977, in California. Carol Eugene Frank and Karen S. Frank were her parents. She was raised in the Californian city of Long Beach.

The Californian wrestler kept most of her life and academic history a secret, even during her heyday in the business.

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Salary of Sara Calaway (WWE)

King of the Ring gave the ex-wife of WWE superstar Undertaker her big-break in 2001. World Wrestling Entertainment hosts the professional wrestling pay-per-view series King of the Ring (WWE).

She also took part in WWE Raw as a wrestler. Sara worked as a tag team partner for Charly Caruso during the conflict.

Sara Calaway and her ex-husband Mark made an appearance together in WWE Unscripted in 2004. It is a book that WWE has released.

In addition, Sara managed Mark W. Calaway, a.k.a. The Undertaker, her ex-husband. When The Undertaker and Kane (Glenn Thomas Jacobs) were the tag team champions, she also oversaw Kane’s management.

WWE’s side ventures

Sara worked as a valet and was connected to several WWE initiatives. She appeared in the Summer Slam WWE Pay-Per-View Network Event in 2001. In a same vein, from 2001 to 2002, She competed in the WWE competition known as WWE SmackDown Live.

Sara Calaway had additionally taken part in the quick film WWF Divas: Sex on the Beach. She also appeared in the sport-action movie WWE: Undertaker – This Is My Yard, which was based on the wrestler.

With WWE side ventures like Brothers of Destruction, WWE: Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain, and WWE: Allied Powers – The Greatest Tag Teams, Sara Calaway has a history of involvement.

In wrestling, a valet is a supporting figure connected with a wrestler for a variety of reasons. Typically, it describes a woman who is visually alluring and is with a wrestler.

She gained a lot of fame and sponsorships as a valet. But it also attracted a lot of stalkers, particularly those who were at odds with the Undertaker.

Watch the video of the Undertaker and his valet Sara entering in the following paragraphs.

Diamond Dallas Page, another American professional wrestler, chased Sara Calaway during that memorable WWE performance.

In reality, he recorded Sara without getting her permission. Without a doubt, he did it to rile up The Undertaker. The stalker initially kept his identity a secret.

However, Diamond Dallas and Undertaker got into a nasty fight when he admitted fault. On the August 20, 2001, WWE Raw program, the animosities were resolved.

Additionally, WWE used Sara Calaway in storylines to depict The Undertaker’s personal and familial lives.

After that, Sara disappeared for the remainder of 2001. But in 2002, she was famous for WWE side projects.


Sara decided to take matters into her own hands despite the fact that Diamond Page genuinely wanted to wrestle The Undertaker.

As was previously said, Diamond showed no interest in Sara and expressed regret for the stalking. He only did it, after all, to stand out and be “the biggest dog in the yard.”

Sara, though, invited the visitor to a match. Because Sara had never engaged in combat before, it was unexpected. Sara had the power to remove Diamond Page from fans’ attention.

Sara was able to convince her stalker to stop following her, nevertheless, with Mark’s assistance. This resulted in her receiving even more respect along with recognition.

As a result, Sara gained sponsorships and interviews and established her own brand.

Sara Calaway, once The Undertaker’s spouse

On June 21, 2000, Sara wed WWE icon The Undertaker, real name Mark Williams Calaway. On Sara’s 23rd birthday, they were married. Sara Calaway, a native of California, later achieved fame.

The two connected at a gathering in San Diego. They began dating and finally got married. And The Undertaker deserves praise for turning Sara into a well-known face in the WWE world.

They spent seven years together. While they were together, the couple never stopped showing each other their love. Along with their romantic connections, they also had professional ones, which strengthened and made clearer their link.

Sara’s relationship with Mark’s parents, the late Frank Compton Calaway and Betty Catherine Truby, was particularly special during their marriage.

In 2007, Sara Calaway and Mark Calaway divorced.

According to the speculations, Mark had a love relationship with his future wife, Michelle McCool, since 2006. Sara Calaway and Mark Calaway were still wed at the time. If those reports are true then Mark’s betrayal must be the cause of their breakup.

The Tattoo Order

Typically, people get tattoos of the people they love. The name of The Undertaker’s ex-wife Sara Cherie Frank was also inked on his neck and across his throat.

He’s demonstrating his desire for Sara in the early stages of their relationship with this action. However, following their divorce in 2007, he made the decision to remove Sara’s name from his body.

The WWE legend had ‘Sara’ tattooed as a wedding present for his recentlywed wife. However, a chain pattern that hides Sara’s name is now worn around his neck. Additionally, the word only contained four characters, which made Mark Calaway’s modifying task simple.

The Undertaker’s daughters, Sara and Mark W. Calaway

Chasey and Gracie Calaway are Mark and Sara’s two gorgeous daughters. Gracie was born on May 15, 2005, while Chasey was born on November 21, 2002.

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The stepmother of the Calaway girls, Michelle McCool Calaway, and the girls have a lovely relationship. In fact, they are frequently seen together.

More information on The Undertaker’s wives

Everyone is familiar with the face of The Undertaker. Some know him through seeing him wrestle, while others are familiar with him from articles and news about him. He is actually one of the most adored WWE stars.

Three times, The Undertaker has been married. His first union was with Jodi Lynn Calaway in 1989. At the time of his first marriage, he was only 24 years old. In the end, the marriage failed, and the couple divorced in 1999. Gunner is their son who they share.

With Sara Cherie Frank, the legendary wrestler had a second love. After seven years of marriage, they decided to call it quits.

Since more than ten years ago, The Undertaker and Michelle McCool have been a happy couple. The couple tied the wedding in 2010.

The Undertaker’s biography is available at Undertaker Net Worth: Bio, Salary, Endorsements, House, Cars, Lifestyle.

‘Save the animals fund’ charity by Mark Calaway and Sara Calaway.

Mark W. Calaway and Sara Calaway, the perfect pair of once, committed to a project jointly outside WWE. Save the animals Fund at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences was the chosen initiative.

The project tries to accommodate the treatment of large-breed dogs financially. They launched the endeavor with kindness, without a question. The project runs even today as per the sources.

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Sara Calaway — Current husband

Sara Calaway is happily married to Jason Schuit. The couple tied the wedding in 2009.

Jason Schnuit is an actor who has appeared in a few movies. His major works are The Bounty Huntress, Close Enough to Touch, Hidden Passion, Anna Nicole Smith Exposed, and Final Examination.

He met with Sara Cherie Frank for the first time in 2008. Eventually, they fell in love and started dating. Likewise, the couple got engaged at the end of 2008.

Similarly, the couple officially got married in December 2007. However, their wedding was a covert ceremony in Sara’s hometown, Long Beach, California.

In addition to that, the couple lives a private life out of media access. They do not have children together as of now.

Sara Calaway – Salary and Net Worth

The former wrestling valet and one-time performer Sara Calaway made excellent money while working with WWE. However, she never divulged her precise pay.

Sara’s net worth is believed to be $200 thousand.

Her ex husband, on the other hand, had made and still makes tremendous money. The Undertaker has a net worth of $17 million.

He earns not just from WWE but also from movies, partnerships, business investments, video games, and many other sources. As a result, he lives a very affluent life with his wife, Michelle McCool.

Her current husband, Jason Schnuit, also has a net worth of $1 million. In conclusion, Sara Calaway is living a pleasant and very luxurious life with her husband, Jason.

Sara Calaway – Social Media Presence

Sara Calaway does not run social media accounts as of now. However, you can follow Sara Calaway via these hashtags.



Common Queries about Sara Calaway:

What happened to Undertaker’s wife, Sara?

The Undertaker, aka Mark Williams Calaway and Sara Cherie Frank, got divorced in 2007. Hence, Sara is no longer The Undertaker‘s wife.

Sara is, in fact, fine and healthy. Moreover, she is happily married to an actor, Jason Schuit. The couple lives a private and joyous life.

What does Sara Calaway do now?

The former wrestling valet and one-time wrestler Sara Cherie Frank, popularly known as Sara Calaway, has not disclosed her current profession. Likewise, she has not indulged in any WWE projects lately.

When did Sara Calaway and Mark Calaway’s divorce become official?

Sara Calaway and Mark Calaway‘s divorce received legitimacy on April 25, 2007. However, their marriage was facing grudges since 2006.

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