Sara James

Quick Facts

Real Name Sara James.
In Limelight America’s Got Talent (2022).
Profession Singer.
Age 14 years old.
Birth Date June 10, 2008.
Birth Place Slubice, Poland.
Lives in Poland.
Gender Female.
Nationality Polish.
Zodiac Gemini.
Ethnicities Mixed.
Parents Father: John James.
Mother: Arleta Dancewicz.
Siblings Brother: One.
Sister: Michelle James.
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Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 47.
Pounds: 103.6 lbs.
Height feet: 5′.
centimeters: 152.4 cm.
meters: 1.52 m.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Black.
Qualification Attending School.
Television America’s Got Talent.
The Voice Kids Poland (season 4).
Songs Somebody.
Nie Jest Za Pozno.
My Wave.
Jak Co Roku.
Czarny Mlyn.
Na Sam Szczyt.
Magia Jest W Nas.
Pumping Blood.
Way Back Home.
Just Like Me.
Penny on the Radio.
Merry Xmas Everybody.
Boys Like You.

Sara James, a 14-year-old Polish vocalist who was a participant on the renowned American program “America’s Got Talent Season 17,” became well-known. James was born on June 10, 2008.

Sara James, an America’s Got Talent contestant

When she entered the audition room, the judges urged her to introduce herself. Simon Cowell disclosed that his family were Polish after she said she was from Poland, and Howie Mandel then said that he, too, was a native of Poland.

Simon then enquired as to Sara’s motivation for considering competing in AGT despite his Polish nationality. James responded, “When I was a kid, I was always watching the videos on YouTube of the show, and I was so impressed by it,” in response to Cowell’s query. And they claimed that everything was coming true in America. The wishes are being fulfilled. So I see whether it is the case. After a little more chit-chat, Sara started singing “Lovely,” a popular song by Billie Eilish.

Hearing the teen girl’s voice astounded everyone in the audience. On the set, everyone began to applaud for Sara. The fact that the girl sang so brilliantly caught the judges off guard as well.

Furthermore, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel all applauded after James’ performance was over. The first to respond was Simon, who replied, “I recall the first time I came to America. I’ll never forget that time, which was around 20 years ago. And I want to make sure that you always remember this moment. As soon as Cowell finished speaking, he punched the golden buzzer, allowing James to enter the live show immediately.

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In Slubice, Poland, on June 10, 2008, Sara James, then 14 years old, was born to her parents, John James and Arleta Dancewicz. She is the oldest of her parents’ four children, and she also has a Michelle-named younger brother and infant sister.

Sara James with her mother(Source: Instagram)

Being a skilled vocalist, Sara’s father had a big impact on her life. Sara was inspired by her wonderful voice and made the decision to pursue singing as well. She competed in the well-known children’s singing reality show “The Voice Kids” in 2021 after years of rehearsal (Polish series 4). She breezed through the audition process with ease, and her performance was outstanding. Additionally, Sara won that season’s competition.

Professional Life

James’ fame skyrocketed after he took first place in the kids’ singing competition. Thousands of people began following her social media account. Today, Sara’s Instagram account has more than 252k followers.

James started posting her songs to a YouTube page under her own shortly after “The Voice Kids.” The most well-known tracks by this endearing Polish singer include “Merry Christmas Everyone,” “Nie Jest Za Pozno,” “Jak Co Roku,” “Way Back Home,” and “Penny on the Radio.”

Sara James(Source: Polish News)

“My Wave,” one of Sara’s most recent tracks, is accessible on significant streaming services including Spotify, YouTube, Wynk, etc. Without a doubt, James has a great career ahead of her, and it will be intriguing to watch how her time at AGT develops.

Net worth & Source of Income

Sara is paid for her work as a singer. She also participates in numerous live performances and events. She currently resides in Slubice, Poland, with her family. Sara James’ estimated net worth is between $800K and $950K. (approx.).

Some Interesting Facts

  • Sara has also worked with a lot of well-known musicians and vocalists.
  • She is a social media influencer and model as well.
  • Her official Instagram page has more than 287K followers as of June 2022.
  • Additionally, Sara has a YouTube channel with more than 44.2K subscribers.
  • Sara Egwu-James is her full name.


How old is Sara James?

Her age is 14.

Which country does Sara James, an AGT contestant, belong to?


Who on Instagram goes by the name Sara James?

sara james.

What is the mother of Sara James’ name?

Arleta Dancewicz.

Who is Sara James’ father?

Yes, it’s John James.

How about the song Sara James sang on America’s Got Talent?

Billie Eilish’s song “Lovely.”

What number of siblings does Sara James have?

Michelle James has a brother and a sister.

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