Sara Moreno

Sara Moreno is one of the renowned names in the gymnastic world. Bewildering with passion and dedication, she hit the heights of achievements elegantly.

She won gold medals at the European solo aerobic gymnastics championship and world championship within a year. She is simply sleek and agile.

To go by her profile, Sara is a five-time World Champion, two-time World Games Champion, four-time European Champion, and a European Games Champion.

Irrespective of excelling in such a fanciful arena as a gymnast, Sara possesses a warm and good-natured attitude. She is not clinched to winning but enjoying every competition like a pro. The only motto she takes by heart.

Let’s get to know her better with the help of this article. But first, let’s dive into the quick facts.

 Quick Facts 

Name Sara Moreno
Birth Date October 4, 1989
Birth Place Valencia, Spain
Discipline Aerobic Gymnastics
Nickname Unknown
Nationality Spanish
Religion Christianity
Age 32 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height 160 cm (5 feet 2 inches)
Weight 121.25 lb
Hobbies Dance and Gymnastic
Hair Color Honey Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Profession Gymnast, Physical Education Teacher
Education Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
Club Moncada Aerobic Club
Associated team The Absolute national team
Coach Sara Lleonart
Marital Status Married
Husband’s Name Pedro Esperanca Canilhas
Net Worth  $1 million – $5 million
Merch Gymnastics Mat
Social Media Instagram
Last Update July, 2022

Early Life, Family, and Education | Sara Moreno

After speaking with her doctor, Moreno became intrigued by the sport. She was told by the doctor to try dancing or gymnastics because she had big feet. As a result, she decided against ballet dance and went for gymnastics.

Additionally, there is a gymnastics academy in Moncada, Spain. On the other side, her coach eventually assigned her to an aerobics team.

Jose A. Moreno is Sara’s father, and Angelica is her mother. The athlete is also the sole child of her parents. The athlete also has a Yorkshire Terrier dog at home.

Spaniard Gymnast In 2012, Sara graduated with a Master’s in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. She is currently attempting to obtain a Ph.D. She previously spent the last year and a half working for the Moncada Sports Foundation.

Her coach, Lleonart, refines the Moncada Club days by working as a Physical Education teacher in the mornings. The club’s president, on the other hand, is Sara Moreno.

Sara Moreno | Body Composition and Dimensions

On October 4, 1989, Sara Moreno, a gymnastics superstar, was born in Valencia. Sara Moreno is 32 years old right now. The athlete’s body is in fantastic shape. She stands 5 feet 2.99 inches (160 cm) tall and weighs 121.25 pounds.

Career of Sara Moreno

When Moreno was seven years old, he first took up the sport. Her skills quickly set her apart from the competition. Before going pro and earning two junior world titles, she was the 2003 Spanish Champion in the children’s class.

She was always influenced by popular Brazilian beauty Elena Diana Neagu. And She started Rhythmic Gymnastics in 1997 and Competitional Fitness in 1998.

She also won the European Championship in 2003. In 2002, she also joined Aerobic Gymnastics. Sara practices with the Moncada Aerobic Club in her birthplace and has been a part of the Spanish national team since 2004.

She also participated in her first national championship in 2004 and, at the age of 14, had already earned a spot in the Junior World Cup in Paris.

Increased Fame

The Spanish gymnast admits that transitioning from a subordinate to a supervisor was difficult for her and that it took her two years to get used to it. She immediately participated in competitions alongside the gymnasts she admired.

She finally took part in a brand-new European championship in Elvas, Portugal. The crowd in Cali helped Sara Moreno have her best competition experience.

It was her first time performing in front of a crowd that size, with about 18,000 people in the audience. A challenge like that, in her opinion, would be the best thing that ever happened to a gymnast.

Additionally, at the age of 26, she was emphasizing success.

European champion, World Games champion in a pair, and two world titles overall (one in solo and two in combination). At the European Games in Baku, she and her partner took first place.

Couples contest

In a battle that included 36 gymnasts from throughout Europe, Sara Moreno won the championship with 21,500 points, defeating the Austrian Lubov Gazov (21,450) and the Hungarian Dora Hegyi.

When she was just twelve years old, Moreno also participated in the 2011 European Championships. Sara and Vicente Lli also came in sixth place in the paired competition final.

Additionally, Sara Moreno and Vicente Ll, two gymnasts from Valencia, have elevated aerobic gymnastics during their years of competition.

She has won 11 Spanish Championships in addition to two World Championships and two European Championships. Additionally, they had established a reputation for themselves as a gymnastics team, winning almost all of the events that year.

In addition, they won nine Spanish Championships, two European Championships, and three World Championships.

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Sara Moreno | Accident

The gymnast had an injury in 2013, and it took her a while to recover. She did, however, provide the best outcomes in Cali and even at the European Championships that year.

The athlete also started getting ready to compete at the top level in the upcoming European Championship. Sara was unable to compete in the Spanish Championship and the World Cup in Japan owing to two injuries.

Sara Moreno | Honors and Awards

The gold medal Sara Morena received in the couple’s competition at the 2017 European Championships in Ancona, Italy, was her most noteworthy accomplishment.

At the 2012 World Championships, she won her second valuable medal in the Single Women’s competition. Infanta Elena, Duchess of Lugo, presided over the ceremony in Madrid’s Cofods theater. Additionally, Sara Moreno received recognition at the occasion.

Legislators like Jose Ignacio Wert, the Minister of Education, Culture, and Sports, and others joined her. Miguel Cardenal, the CSD’s president, and Ana Muoz, the organization’s general director of sports.

She was awarded Spain’s Royal Order of Sports Merit in November 2013. The Royal Order of Sports Merit medal was given to Sara Moreno, Vicente Ll of Valencia, and Iván Parejo of Barcelona by the Higher Sports Council.

Sara Moreno | Marriage and Relationships

They dated for a whole five years before Pedro Esperanca Canilhas proposed to her. Hip-hop dancer and YouTube celebrity Pedro Esperanca Canilhas is another. In 2018 AD, he asked Sara Moreno to marry him. She happily agreed without any hesitation!

Additionally, they got hitched on August 1st, 2021.

Sara Moreno likes to remain anonymous, despite recent gold victories at world championships and the European Games. She detests being the focus of attention and is well known in Moncada, Spain. She would much rather people learned about aerobic gymnastics than herself, to add to that.

Sara Moreno: Salary

Over the past 1.5 years, Sara Moreno has worked with the Moncada Sports Foundation.

She also runs training sessions at the Moncada Club and teaches physical education in the mornings. These are therefore her main sources of income, followed by the money she makes from her vocation as a gymnast.

It is estimated that Moreno is valued between $1 million and $5 million.

Sara appears to take her loved ones on luxurious holidays quite frequently. She clearly loves to travel and discover new places, as evidenced by her Instagram. Sara, a famous gymnast, has a strong affinity with animals, particularly dogs.

Aside from that, she frequently spends out near the ocean and seems to love beaches.

The social media presence of Sara Moreno

Sara Moreno has been using Instagram since October 26, 2012, and she currently has over 7.3k followers. For the time being, you won’t be able to find her on Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter.

She also posts about her friends, family, coworkers, pets, competitions, weddings, and even old pictures. Sara’s images from her trips and sporting events astound her followers. And we hope that she will continue to entice admirers with her posts.

She frequently posts photos of herself and her husband, setting the bar high for successful relationships.

Sara Moreno | Frequently Asked Questions 

What was Sara’s first international medal?

Sara Moreno won her first global medal in Aerobics in France in 2004, which she was delighted about because she had never won an international competition before.

Who is Sara’s favorite from the gymnastic world?

Kieran Gorman of Australia, Marcela Lopez of Brazil, Yuriko Ito of Japan, and Ana Maçanita of Portugal were Sara Moreno’s top gymnasts in Aerobics. Dora Hegyi, on the other hand, is her current favorite gymnast.

Which is Sara Moreno’s favorite and the most precious medal?

Sara’s medal in Individual Women at the 2012 World Championships is precious to her. She usually trains hard, but in 2012, her mental and physical preparation was in top form.