Scarlett Gartmann

Quick Facts

Full Name Scarlett Gartmann
First Name Scarlett
Last Name Gartmann
Profession Model
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Scorpio
Marital Status Married
Spouse Marco Reus
No Of Children 1
Date of Birth October 24, 1993
Age 28 years
Married Date 2019
Social Media Instagram

German professional footballer Marco Reus is wed to Scarlett Gartmann. Both the German national team and Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund are led by him. Scarlett works as a model for a living. German footballer Marco is an accomplished and well-known individual. Early on, he had a passion in football, and through time, he has been more successful. His junior career started in 1994, and his senior career started in 2006. With his team, he has taken part in and won several games. Additionally, he has demonstrated his abilities countless times when playing for his country.

What is nick name of Scarlett Gartmann?

The moniker Marco has been given by his teammates is really funny to hear, and the explanation for it is even funnier.

Scarlett Gartmann with her horse(Source: Instagram)

He consequently received the nickname Woody Woodpecker in honor of the animated figure.

His nickname was given to him because his teammates noticed that, especially when he sprints, Marco’s head movement is similar to Woody’s.

What is relationship status of Scarlett?

Marco and Scarlett have been together for a very long time. The couple got married in late 2019 after dating for a long time. A daughter was born to them in March of this year. In December 2015, the two started dating, and they have been together since since. Although there isn’t much known about their relationship, such as how and when they first met, they appear to be content with one another and show no signs of separation.

Scarlett Gartmann with her husband and daughter(Source: Instagram)

The couple wants to give their daughter privacy so she can enjoy childhood without becoming the subject of media attention. Her face is also hidden in the pictures, and nobody knows who she is. Both of them avoid talking about their daughter. The ceremony was lovely and small. The same year that they got married, their daughter was born. While Marco looked fantastic in a black tux, Scarlett looked stunning in her white gown.

Past Relationship

Before meeting Scarlett, Marco was in a relationship with German TV personality Carolin Bohs.

Picture of Scarlett Gartmann(Source: Instagram)

They dated for more than four years. They started dating in 2009 and broke up in 2013, however they opted to remain friends.

The highest traffic fine

According to reports, Marco received one of the highest driving fines in German history, totaling 500,000 pounds.

He was punished for operating a vehicle without a license. He had previously received five penalties for speeding without a license. Even he, he claimed, does not fully understand the reason behind his acts. Before being caught in the act, he appeared in a number of car and diesel advertisements. He disclosed that he had acquired a driver’s license later that year.

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What is net worth of Scarlett?

Scarlett’s net worth is unknown, however, she must earn a lot of money from her modeling profession.

Twenty million dollars is thought to be Marco’s net worth.