Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell is a professional ice hockey player who played in the National Hockey League. He has served as a left-winger for many prominent NHL teams. Moreover, the athlete started his journey in league with the Nashville Predators.

He also played for the Philadelphia Flyers in 2007. Before playing for the Nashville team again, he was a part of the Columbus Blue Jackets. He eventually retired after playing a season for the Predators. Furthermore, Hartnell is from Canada and represents the Canadian National Team.

Quick Facts about Scott Hartnell :

Full Name Scott Wesley Hartnell
Birth Date April 18, 1982
Birth Place Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Nick Name Bird Dog
Religion Christian
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Education Not Available
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Bill Hartnell
Mother’s Name Joy Hartnell
Siblings Three
Age 40 Years Old
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 215 lb (98 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Build Athletic
Profession NHL Player
Recent Team Nashville Predators
Position Left Winger
Active Years 2000-2018
Marital Status Married
Wife Katie Hartnell
Kids Two: Wesley and Molly Hartnell
Net Worth $30 million
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Merch Flyers Classic Signed PuckFlyers Autographed Photo 
Last Update August, 2022

Early Life, Family, And Education | Scott Hartnell

In Canada’s Saskatchewan province, Regina, Scott Wesley Hartnell was born. Bill and Joy Hartnell are his parents.

Additionally, he had parents who were both educators at a reputable school in Lloydminister, Alberta. Bill also taught his son how to play ice hockey aside from that.

The NHL player recalls that he was a wonderful father and coach. Bill never encouraged his youngster to play the sport.

He also advised Scott to always enjoy himself when playing. The athlete attributes his achievement to his father as a result.

He is also appreciative of his father, who gave him a supportive atmosphere in which to develop as a player.

Hartnell also picked up generosity and optimism from his father, who loved to include everyone.

As a school supervisor, he included special needs children in hockey games and other events. He consequently taught his children morals and values.

The left-winger is also the youngest of four children. Kyla Hartnell, his older sister, is his name.

He and her are the authors of the children’s book HartnellDown. Young children are encouraged by the book to get back up after falling.

The ice hockey player from Canada played for many clubs while attending school there. Not to mention, he was very successful and played in junior leagues.

After that, he played for two seasons while attending Prince Albert Campus. After that, he made the decision to consider his possibilities in the 2000 NHL Draft.

What is Scott Hartnell’s age? Height, Age, And Weight

By March 2022, the NHL player would have reached the age of [compute years datestring= “04/18/1982”].

He is quite fit and takes great care of his health as a former athlete. He is therefore in excellent shape despite being close to 40. 6 feet 2 inches is how tall the left winger is.

In addition, he weighs 215 lb, or 98 kg. In addition, Scott Hartnell has light skin, long, bushy hair, and dark brown hair.

Not to mention, he also has eyes that are dark brown. He also goes by the nickname “Bird Dog” due to the way he plays on the rink.

NHL Career of Scott Hartnell

Junior League Profession

The left winger played in the Junior League before beginning his career in the National Hockey League.

He participated in the Lloydminster Blazers of the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL).

The athlete was also a member of the Prince Albert Raiders of the Western Hockey League.

He was also the WHL’s Most Valuable Player.

In the Top Prospect Game, he was chosen by the CHL to compete against the best player of all time, Bobby Orr. You may also like to know about  Scott Hastings

Nashville Predators NHL Career

He participated in the 2000 NHL Draft after enjoying success in the junior levels. He was taken by the Predators as the sixth overall pick in the first round.

Also he was the league’s youngest player ever to represent Nashville. In the 2000 season, Hartnell was again the youngest player.

Scott Hartnell is Playing For The Nashville Predators

In a matchup against the Pittsburgh Penguins played in Japan, he made his Predators debut on the left wing.

The player demonstrated to the team his full potential and value. However, during the NHL lockout, his game-winning plays came to an end.

He nevertheless participated in ice hockey for a Norwegian squad. He also assisted them in winning the Norwegian Championship.

finally, He established records for the fastest two goals scored by an individual and career penalty minutes during his final season with the Predators.

After that, he broke his foot, which caused him to miss a significant portion of the season. You may also like to know about Scotty James

Pennsylvania Flyers

The Predators traded the left winger to the Flyers for the 2007 campaign. Soon later, he agreed to a $6 million, six-year deal with the organization.

He got off to a poor start with the squad, and it wasn’t until the 16th season that he got his first goal.

However, his past mediocre career was eclipsed by the 2008–09 season’s success.

The player scored two hat-tricks nine days apart and set career highs in all offensive categories. In addition, he helped the Philadelphia Flyers reach their first Stanley Cup Final in 1997.

Scott Hartnell made a stupid play against Tampa Bay in his 2008 game, yet he still presented himself as a folk hero. He threw a glove, and thanks!

Ryan Malone of Tampa apparently threw in his glove to divert them as he moved in for the touchdown during play.

Malone was unable to stand by while the glove passed him.

Scott Hartnell is Playing For The Philadelphia Flyers

Scott had some trouble at the beginning of the 2010–11 season, but he soon got it together.

During a match against the Washington Capitals, he scored his 200th goal.

His time with the Flyers went downhill after that, though.

One of his poorest hockey league seasons was the 2012–13 campaign.

In 25 of the 32 games the athlete participated, he failed to score. Additionally, he missed 16 games as a result of an injury.

Cleveland Blue Jackets

The Flyers traded Hartnell to the Jackets after a poor campaign. The athlete was a productive member of the squad, scoring 28 goals in his rookie campaign.

He went back to Nashville, though, since the Jackets were searching for more cap room.

The left winger signed a $1 million deal with the Predators and played for them for a season. On October 1, 2018, he announced his retirement from ice hockey after 17 seasons in the NHL.

Brief Career Statistics

Let’s look at Scott Hartnell’s summary career statistics.

Career 1249 327 380 707 66 81.4 1809 2777 54 15:38 51.1 51.1

Scott Hartnell | The TV Guide

In addition to participating in the games and representing his team, Hartnell works as a broadcaster and commentator.

In fact, he began working as an analyst for the NHL Network in 2018, originally doing a lot of guest spots.

He has indeed made appearances on numerous NHL programs, including NHL Tonight.

As he begins, Elliotte Friedman, a Sportsnet hockey reporter, was the one who helped him get started in the broadcasting environment.

As his enthusiasm in the process grew in the beginning, he even asked his former Flyers teammate Jody Shelley for advice.

Jody was later employed by FOX Sports Ohio as a color analyst during Columbus Blue Jackets broadcasts.

Following that, Hartnell began juggling his studio job with his pre-game duties for the NHL Network.

He recently started working with NBC Sports Philadelphia, where he presided over the Flyers’ season-opening game against the Penguins.

To further explain, Hartnell has started working with Taryn Hatcher and Katie Emmer.

Dion Phaneuf and Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell has played in quiet games throughout his career, excluding his time spent alongside Dion Phaneuf.

The media gave the impression that their fights, which occurred only three times in the NHL, occurred frequently.

Scott and Dion actually have a lot in common. To provide an example, they are both top draft picks from the WHL. In a same vein, they began in the Western Conference before moving on to the Eastern Conference.

They never got along despite being two divisive characters in the ice ring. They initially made a comeback in the 2012 NHL All-Star Game.

Prior to moving to his bench, Hartnell had assisted a goal for his team during the game and spoken to Dion.

Scott had another commotion not less than a week later.

Similar to how their most recent altercation occurred in 2018, Phaneuf was playing for the Ottawa Senators and Hartnell was back with the Nashville Predators.

Scott does refer to his friendship with Dion as “bad blood.” But there are no blatant animosities between them.

“He led by example. He played on various top teams and was a significant catalyst. I battled with each other approximately six times, so there was always some ill will.
S. Hartnell

Making Negativity Out of Criticism

Scott frequently tripped while on the ice as a player. The #HartnellDown began trending on Twitter when an analyst decided to count how many times he fell.

The athlete joined the Twitter users in the counting rather than taking offense.

Additionally, he began marketing products with the tagline and donated the profits to charity.

He also established the Hartnell Down Foundation, which helps communities, kids, and hockey.

In addition, he gave $1,000 to charity for each mention of #HartnellDown during the 2012 All-Star game.

Injury to Scott Hartnell

Throughout his career, Hartnell has fallen numerous times and suffered injuries. A brief discussion is made of a few of his professional injuries.

Scott Hartnell initially experienced a broken nose in July 2008, which forced him to miss two professional games.

In addition, Hartnell missed four to five days of work on February 3, 2009 because of a damaged shoulder.

He had again missed two games in the interim.

Moving on, on September 19, 2012, Hartnell had surgery for a bruised knee and missed a few days of action. He thus missed a game.

Additionally, on April 25, 2016, Hartnell experienced a charley horse, and on July 24, 2017, he suffered a thigh injury.

He missed a total of three games while he was there.

Over the course of his whole career, Scott Hartnell had missed a total of nine games.

Children, Marriage, and Divorce

The NHL player is wed to Katie Hartnell, a respected schoolteacher.

Additionally, the couple dated for some time before getting hitched on July 22, 2017.

The pair is completely discreet about their personal lives, though.

Scott Hartnell With His Wife, Kate, On Their Wedding Day

As a result, not much is known about their personal history or marriage. Nevertheless, they got married on a stunning beach.

Together, they enjoyed the lovely day with their families, friends, and loved ones.

In addition, they are parents to two cherished kids.

Wesley Hartnell, the couple’s first child, was born in May 2018.

In addition, Molly Hartnell, their daughter, was born in May 2020.


Lisa Renneke was the former Flyers’ first wife. The divorce between the former couple was difficult and contentious.

Additionally, his marital issues had a negative impact on his gaming. He said in an interview that it was difficult to watch someone you love undergo a complete transformation.

He claimed she called him and his family every derogatory name known to man. Rumors circulated that Lisa had relationships with Scott’s teammates.

However, they didn’t end up being successful. But such rumors had a significant impact on their union. As a result, they formally split up in 2006.

The sportsman congratulated his ex-wife on the divorce a few years later. In the real world, where you have to pay your own costs, he welcomed her.

Michael Richards, another of his former teammates, also counseled Lisa to find employment and quit stealing money from others.

What is the Net Worth of Scott Hartnell?

Throughout his whole career in the NHL, the athlete has accumulated an astounding amount of wealth.

The player has made nearly $57 million in salary throughout the course of his career. Many think Hartnell is worth more than his $30 million estimated net worth, despite reports to the contrary.

In addition, he made $5 million yearly in 2015.

With the Flyers, he had a lucrative contract worth $25.2 million.

He then agreed to a six-year, $28.5 million contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets. In addition, he agreed to a $1 million yearly deal with the Nashville Predators.

In addition, he receives a respectable income through sponsorships and endorsements.

He is sponsored by numerous well-known brands and businesses.

In addition, Hartnell recently constructed his own home in Kelowna.

Use of social media:

On social media, the hockey player is highly active. Furthermore, he has 39.9k followers on  Instagram .

He frequently posts images of his friends and family on his Instagram. He has also uploaded gorgeous pictures of his children.

In addition, he has photos of himself on the ice and with his teammates.

The athlete started playing a new sport after retiring. He occasionally enjoys playing golf. The former athlete enjoys taking pictures with his beloved cat.

In addition, he has 310.6k followers on  Twitter. On this account, he is comparatively more active.

He tweets and shares a lot of material and events relating to the NHL. In accordance with this, he made an appearance on NBC Sports’ Pre Game Live and discussed the hockey league.

Other than that, he adores being a father. Hartnell just posted a sweet video of his son scoring his very first goal.

He appreciates passing along to his children the sport he grew to love. In addition, he enjoys spending time with his family and treasures these occasions.

Several FAQs:

Do Scott Hartnell and Sheena Parveen date each other?

As the two were frequently seen drinking drinks and hanging out, Scott Hartnell was thought to be Sheena Parveen’s boyfriend in 2013. But neither party acknowledged their relationship.

Who plays for Scott Hartnell’s team?

Scott Hartnell is not currently a member of any teams. He ended his playing career on October 1st, 2018, after 17 seasons. He was chosen in the 2000 NHL Draft by the Nashville Predators.

In addition, prior to playing for the Columbus Jackets, he was a left wing with the Philadelphia Flyers. After playing with the predators for a season, he eventually went back and retired.

What is the playoff beard on Scott Hartnell?

In order to match their hair color to the jerseys during the playoff games in 2014, Scott Hartnell and Jakub Voracek had their beards colored black.

How much is the children’s book “Falling Down” by Scott Hartnell?

The cost of “Hartnell Down,” a children’s book about Scott Hartnell falling over, is $19.

Why was Scott Hartnell’s Hogan T-shirt made by fans?

Hartnell made fun of a Penguins fan who was seated immediately behind the Flyers bench during a match between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins while wearing a Hulk Hogan costume.

For this reason, the Flyers organization made a special T-shirt that featured Hartnell’s “Hogan” gesture and distributed it to each fan present for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.