Sean Kyle Swayze

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1962
Full Name Sean Kyle Swayze
Birth Name Sean Kyle Swayze
Profession Celebrity Brother, Actor
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City Texas,
Birth Country United States
Father Name Patsy Yvonne Helen Swayze
Father Profession Engineer
Mother Name Jesse Wayne Swayze
Mother Profession Dance instructor
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jami Swayze
No Of Children Cassie Swayze
Networth 500000
Sibilings 4- Don Swayze, Bambi Swayze, Vickie Lynn Swayze, Patrick Swayze
Education Waltrip High School

Sean Kyle Swayze is an actor who is best known as the youngest brother of American late actor, Patrick Swayze. But sadly, he has died on 14 September 2009 of cancer at the age of 57.

Patrick gained fame with his appearances in various films during the 1980s. Further, he was named as the Sexiest Man Alive in 1991 by People Magazines.

Who is Sean Swayze Married?

Sean, who is 59 years old, currently prefers to have a fairly simple life. He also avoids the spotlight for the most part. However, it is discovered that he is married. Yes, that’s accurate.

Pictured with their grandchildren are Sean Kyle Swayze and his wife Jami Swayze.
Facebook user Jami Swayze,

According to his Facebook page, Kyle Swayze has been wed to Jami Swayze since November 12th, 1988. Consequently, they have been happily married for almost 32 years. They had one child together, Cassie Swayze, and two grandchildren through their daughter’s relationship.

On the other side, prior to passing away in 2009, his late brother Patrick had been wed to Liza Niemi for over 34 years. They were not parents together. Albert DePrisco, a millionaire jeweler, is Niemi’s new husband at this time. They have been a couple since 2014.

Feud with His Brother’s Widow, Liza Niemi

After Patrick Swayze’s death in 2015, the Swayze family entered the public eye. Due to his disagreement with his late brother Patrick’s life partner, American actress Lisa Niemi, Sean became the focus of the argument back in 2015.

When Lisa accused her ex-mother Patsy of accusing her after her husband passed away, Sean and Lisa’s issues began. Kyle Swayze, however, refuted all of her justifications and asserted that she was free to pursue any form of gain.

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi were wed for 34 years in the photo.
Oprah Magazines as the source

Niemi was also given permission to sell Mercedes and Rancho Bizarro, which belonged to Patrick. He gave his wife Lisa the honor of naming his property while he was battling cancer.

What is the Net Worth of Sean?

Sean is an actor, just like his older brother, but he is not a well-known figure in the media. In movies like The 4th Stage, Lost In The Woods, and Letters From A Killer, he has appeared in supporting roles. His estimated net worth is therefore $500,000.

Picture: Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing as Johnny Castle
Origin: The Sun

Patrick Swayze, who was older than him, had an astounding net worth of $40 million at the time of his passing. Dirty Dancing (1987), Ghost (1990), and Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar are a few of his well-known film and television roles (1995).

Family members

American actor Sean Kyle Swayze was born in Texas in 1962. He is the youngest child of Jesse Wayne Swayze, an engineer, and Patsy Swayze, a dance instructor.

Kyle has four siblings in all, however only two of them are still living. They are two older siblings, Vickie and Bambi Swayze, and two older brothers, Patrick and Donald Swayze. But regrettably, Vickie, his older sister, passed away in 1994.

Early Years

Sean Kyle Swayze, who is currently 59 years old, was born in October 1962. He is a native of Houston, Texas. His mother, Yvonne Helen “Patsy” Swayze, also referred to as Patsy Swayze, and his father, Jesse Wayne Swayze, are his parents.

And His mother was also a well-known dancer, choreographer, and teacher. His father, though, worked as an engineering draftsman. Similar to this, he has four siblings: brothers Patrick and Don Swayze, sisters Bora Song “Bambi” and Vickie Lynn, and.

Career and Professional Life

Sean Kyle Swayze is well-known as the celebrity brother of Patrick and Don Swayze and the celebrity child of Patsy Swayze. He is also an actress himself, to boot. He is an actor and dancer, but he is not as well known as his older brother Patrick. It was as a result of his preference for working off-screen.

He is well-known for working in the transport division on the set of Letters from a Killer and for sharing a little part with his late brother in the same movie. He also contributed to Lost in the Woods and the Ariana Grande-starring television series Sam and Cat.

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His mother experienced a stroke when she was 86 years old, living from February 7, 1927, to September 16, 2013. His mother was a well-known dancer, dance teacher, and film choreographer who worked on a variety of films, such as Liar’s Moon, Urban Cowboy, and Hope Floats. In the 1960s, his mother also established and took the helm of the Swayze School of Dance and the Houston Jazz Ballet Company.

In a similar vein, his mother is credited with developing and guiding his older brother Patrick toward his lead role in Dirty Dancing in 1987. Additionally, all five Swayze siblings pursued careers in acting and dancing like their famous mother.


He gained notoriety as a result of a scandal involving the late brother’s wife. It all began when Lisa Niemi, the widow of her late brother Patrick, claimed that his mother Pasty had insulted her following Patrick’s passing.

He refuted all of the allegations, though, and made it clear that his brother’s widow would do anything for money. He added that nobody was preventing his late brother’s wife from getting access to his deceased brother’s properties.

As he mentioned, shortly after his brother passed away, his brother’s widow sold those properties, and soon after, in 2014, she wed jewelry billionaire Albert DePrisco.

What is the Height and Weight of Sean?

Sean Kyle Swayze’s height, weight, chest, waist, and hip measurements, as well as his dress and shoe sizes, are all unknown. This celebrity sister has brown hair and blue eyes.

Use of social media

On social networking sites like Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, etc., Sean Kyle Swayze doesn’t appear to have a personal account.