Seranthony Dominguez

“It sounds simple telling people to work hard and never quit. But to really execute and demonstrate those principles takes discipline and faith.”

If it weren’t for his immense discipline, Seranthony Dominguez wouldn’t be where he is today.

In baseball, he is not a new name; the media has proved that he is here to stay. Dominguez is a trending baseball pitcher hailing from the Dominican Republic.

He has played for the Major League Baseball teaming with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Seranthony has been in some controversy about his return in 2022, which the article will cover.

But before binging into reading all of that, here are some quick facts about the player.

Quick Facts

Full Name Seranthony Ambioris Domínguez Taveras
Date Of Birth November 25, 1994
Place Of Birth Esperanza, Dominican Republic
Nick/Pet Name Seranthony Dominguez
Religion Not known
Nationality Dominican
Ethnic Belonging Hispanic
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Number Of Siblings Not known
Education Not Known
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Age 27 years old
Height ‎6’1″/ 185 cm
Weight 225 lb/102 kg
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Shoe Size Not available
Body Measurement Not known
Figure Athletic
Marital Status Not Known
Girlfriend Not Known
Children Not Known
Occupation Baseball Pitcher
Net worth $500,000
Salary $564,000
Active Since 2011
Pets Not Known
Current works Philadelphia Phillies
Social Handle Instagram
Merch Trading Card, Signed Baseball
Last Update July, 2022

Seranthony Dominguez | Height, Weight, and Age

Dominguez will be 27 years old in 2022 because he was born on November 25, 1994. In case you didn’t know, November 25th is the UN’s International Day for the Abolition of Violence Against Women.

Dominguez has a height of six feet and one inch and a weight of about 185 pounds.

Dominguez’s BMI reading is 24.8 kilograms per square meter. As a result, it falls within his healthy and typical range.

Seranthony exercises and maintains a healthy diet to balance this index, and this is no joke.


Similarly, Seranthony has dark eyes, dark hair, and a tanned skin. In the western portion of the world, most people aim for a tanned appearance because it signifies an active lifestyle.

Additionally, he has a distinctive beard style; this player like beards that are about medium length.

Dominguez has a beautiful grin and teeth that are excellent and white. He looks best in red, but he also looks great in black.

Seranthony is a Sagittarius, according to the day of his birth. Sagittarians are laid-back, flirtatious, hard workers, and empathic toward everyone.

Seranthony Dominguez | Family & Early Years

Dominguez represents the Dominican Republic in the American legal system. He was raised in his nation and always desired to stand out in something significant like this.

His mother’s and father’s names are unknown, but they are the origin of Dominguez’s unusual last name.

Seranthony Ambioris Domnguez Taveras is his full name. Sadly, there is no information available concerning his siblings.

He claimed that his parents must have heard Dominguez’s unusual name on television and chose it for him when the interviewer inquired about it.

Most people believe that this footballer obtained his name because his parents may have misheard Sir-Anthony as Seranthony.

Days of Childhood

Seranthony must have lived the most of his youth without technology because he was born in the 1990s.

Even though television and video games were quite popular back then, kids spent more time outdoors than they do today.

Since Dominican families are often conservative, kind, and protective, Dominguez would typically have to consult his parents before engaging in some outdoor activities like camping or outings. One practice that is widespread in Hispanic nations is asking for permission.

Enjoy Life

When it comes to his romantic relationships, Dominguez seems to be a pretty secretive person. Regarding his romantic state, he is far from speculations and debates. In the media, he has also avoided discussing specifics of his relationship or personal life.


We will fill in Seranthony’s educational history once we have it as it isn’t currently available.

Additionally, we couldn’t discover any evidence of his playing baseball in his country of origin. But it had to come from someplace to be this skilled.

We presume that his foundation for playing in the Phillies’ minor leagues was his extensive practice schedule.

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Seranthony Dominguez: Career in the Minor Leagues

In 2011, Dominguez made his international baseball debut by signing a free agency contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. The overall contract value for Phillies was $25,000 USD.

The following year, Seranthony pitched for the DSL Phillies for an entire season, going 4-4 with a 3.48 ERA and 40 strikeouts in 67.1 innings across 15 games.

In the same way, Dominguez switched back to the DSL in 2013 and amassed 4-6 greatest figures, 2.96 ERA, 58 strikeouts in 76 innings, and 14 starts.

Continuing, He pitched for the Class-Short-Season Williamsport Crosscutters and the Class-A Lakewood Blue Claws in 2016.

Seranthony became unstoppable as a result of the chain scores from both sides. In 13 starts, they had a combined 6-3 record, 2.34 ERA, 65 strikeouts, and 65.1 innings pitched.

He represented Clearwater in the 2017 Florida State League Mid-Season All-Star game.

The Phillies added Dominguez to their 40-man roster as soon as he established his identity to everyone. He was also informed that he will be turned into a relief pitcher, though.

In addition, the team propelled him to the triple-A Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs at the start of 2018.

Seranthony never stopped mesmerizing the spectators and the other players; in this way, he steadily won accolades, supporters, and admirers.

MLB Career of Seranthony Dominguez

Seranthony made his MLB debut with the Phillies and played the same night he was elevated.

In the end, Dominguez became the only major league reliever in baseball history to have recorded at least two outs as a personal best. And In addition, he does not allow any runs, hits, or walks during his first five major-league appearances.

In addition to that, Seranthony made history by becoming the first pitcher to never give up a run, hit, or walk. It happened during his first six baseball appearances.

Seranthony began to reveal aspects of himself that were unexpected in a similar manner. Obviously, but, in a positive manner!

By this point, he was breaking records. Unfortunately, there was a record for the lowest as well, in addition to the highest.

Additionally, Dominguez’s strikeout and ground-ball rates placed him in the top 25 in major league baseball (minimum 50 innings).

Jack Meyer (1955) had the most saves of any rookie reliever for the Philadelphia Phillies with 16.

In addition, he qualified for Baseball America’s 2018 MLB All-Rookie Team and was selected for Baseball Digest’s Rookie All-Star team.

Seranthony’s major and minor league statistics are available on the website The Baseball Cube, which you can access as well.

Injury to Seranthony Dominguez

In 2019, Dominguez struck out 29 batters, or 10.6 per nine innings, but the game was cut short. This was brought on by his injury.

Sadly, Seranthony’s right elbow’s damaged ulnar collateral ligament caused him to suffer serious injuries. It is the substantial elbow triangular band. He was immediately placed on the injured list by the team.

In actuality, he didn’t get surgery until a year after the Phillies placed him on the injured list. The procedure, known as a “Tommy John,” essentially replaces the tendon.

Similar to this, a tendon fragment from another portion of the patient’s body is removed and implanted where necessary. In the course of their careers, many pitchers undergo this surgery.

Following the procedure, Dominguez was placed on the disabled list for 60 days and took a vacation from playing to recover.

After his injury, upon his recovery, and trade rumors

According to certain rumors, Seranthony could join his team, the Phillies, again in September. He is not going to switch teams.

The right-header was seen at Citizens Bank Park towards the end of July since the team was trying to figure out where he was at this point and whether or not the Tommy John surgery had improved his health.

Almost a year later, according to Zolecki, Seranthony’s fastball velocity ranges from 93 to 94 mph. On June 5, 2019, he made a regular-season toss against the San Diego Pardes at a speed of roughly 96 mph.

He received a one-year, $727,500 contract offer from the Phillies in December. Although his comeback is not guaranteed, it would be a fantastic addition to the Phillies bullpen if he did.

He might be seen making pitches for a team at crucial times.

Report on Seranthony Dominguez’s scouting

According to the scouting reports, Seranthony is a right-handed powerful thrower with a curve and change-up.

He needs to exert more authority and be more reliable. But he enjoys doing hard labor. He could end up in the Bullpen.

Career Stats

2019 Phillies 27 0 11 29 3 0 0 1.46 4.01
2018 Phillies 53 0 19 74 2 5 16 0.93 2.95
Career 80 0 30 103 5 5 16 1.09 3.27

Seranthony Dominguez | Career Highlights & Awards

  • Rookie of the Year – 2011
  • MLB All-Rookie Team – 2018
  • Baseball Digest’s Rookie All-Star team – 2018

Seranthony Dominguez | Net Worth

Dominguez is listed among a few other baseball players who have higher earnings.

Speaking of his career income, he has made a decent amount of money, about $1,019,710 from his whole MLB career.

Seranthony supposedly makes around $564,000 as his yearly salary from Philadelphia Phillies as a pitcher.

Additionally, Dominguez has a predictable net worth of above $500,000. It’s not the end for this player as he is supposed to make a lot more in his future.

Dominguez has just started his MLB career, and there is a major rumor of him returning in 2022 for the Phillies.

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Seranthony Dominguez | Social Life

Instagram: 3,748 Followers

Some FAQs

Does Dominguez take medicinal marijuana before heading in for games?

There is absolutely no record of Seranthony taking any medicinal marijuana to boost performance.

Even though most players have been terminated due to it, recently, there has been some movement about it.

What is the jersey number of Seranthony Dominguez?

Dominguez wears the jersey number 58. he used the number while playing with Philadelphia Phillies.

Is Dominguez retired?

The professional baseball pitcher is not retired. He is still playing for Philadelphia Phillies.

Which Position does Seranthony play for?

Seranthony plays for the pitcher position.