Shannon Lanier

It is extremely disheartening to see racism prevail in the United States in 2020, with many issues like George Floyd’s death to the hand of a police officer looming in the media. Journalist cum television anchor Shannon Lanier was one of the millions who was disappointed with the racist behavior by the American cop and remained vocal on the issue ever since.

Lanier might be a household name at CW39, but he isn’t limited to just that. His Twitter bio introduces himself as a veteran television host, social media influencer, and an author. So, today we bring you close to the net worth, career, and married life of the charismatic journalist.

An Early Life of Shannon LaNier

Shannon LaNier’s preference to maintain a low profile in his personal life is nothing new. The host of the Global television network never provided any information regarding his upbringing or family history. We do, however, know that he always aspired to be on television as a journalist covering the most recent events in the world, and luckily he succeeded in his goal to the letter.

Shannon LaNier is a news anchor at CW39. Source: WMUK

In terms of schooling, Shannon LaNier earned an MA and BS in Media Management and Electronic Media Production from Kent State University in 2003. When not working, he enjoys visiting new places with his family and spending time outdoors. You may also like to know about Christa Miller.

Shannon LaNier’s Absurd Career and Net Worth

With his writing for television and books, Shannon LaNier doesn’t need to worry about money. In particular, as of June 2022, he had a startling net worth of $1 million. He joined the network in October 2018 and is now a Morning Show Anchor for CW39, a Tribune Media company. He hosts a live 3-hour morning program for the network that airs on other local stations in Houston.

Shannon LaNier amasses a staggering net worth of $1 million. Source: Twitter

In addition to CW39, LaNier serves as the primary host of the daily International Arise News program called “Arise Entertainment 360.” In addition, he has worked as a correspondent for RNN-T, Fios1 News, since 2016. Like that, he previously gained experience from organizations like Black Enterprise, RNN-TV, and CBS News. Shannon began his career as a young adult by landing his first television job on the Emmy Award-winning chat show “Real Exchange.”

In addition to her work in front of the camera, LaNier is a published novelist. Jefferson’s Children: The Story of One American Family, one of his best novels, chronicles his quest to learn the truth about Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings.

Happy Married Life of Shannon LaNier

While Shannon LaNier uses television to inform the public of all that is occurring in the world, he is quite private about his personal life. It’s interesting to note that he had the good fortune to translate his career achievement into his successful marriage. He got married to Chandra, his longtime college sweetheart. On his official Instagram account, he frequently posts photos of himself and his devoted wife.

Shannon LaNier is married to wife Chandra. Source: Instagram

LaNier and his wife Chandra formed a family with three children, and he couldn’t be happier with his personal life. Madison LaNier, McKenzie LaNier, and Carter LaNier are the names of the couple’s three gorgeous daughters. The five members of Shannon’s happy family live in her opulent Houston mansion-style home. You may also like to know about Susan Li.