Shohei Ono

Highly recognized as one of the dominant judoka competitors in Japan, Shohei Ono today stands with a net worth of around $2.1 million. Not to mention, he is also equally famous all over the world.

Likewise, Ono has won one Olympic gold medal and is the only judoka to be internationally unbeaten since 2015. Additionally, his awards were all bagged from the lightweight (-73 kg) division.

Similarly, Ono is recognized for his unique and classic techniques. The 30 years old specializes in the osoto-gari, large outer-reap leg throw followed by his uchimata, inner-thigh throw.

Because of the unforeseen virus, the three-time world champion has to wait another 15 months before defending the title.

But rest assured, Japan’s most promising Judo candidate remains optimistic amid the crisis. Instead, he uses this time to reflect on himself and what it really means to represent his country while wearing the Hinomaru.

Moreover, for Ono, the time does not really matter. As he stated,

“It will always be about delivering the best, the biggest, and the strongest performance at that time and place.”

Nonetheless, today we will discuss Shohei Ono’s net worth and how Ono earns and spends.

Before we start our article, let us have an instant glance at the quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Shohei Ono (大野将平, Ōno Shōhei)
Date of Birth 3 February 1992
Birth Place Yamaguchi, Japan
Nick Name Not Available
Religion Christianity
Nationality Japanese
Ethnicity Asian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age 30 years old
Height 173 cm (5’8″)
Weight 73 kg (161 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Fumiko Ono
Siblings Tetsuya Ono
Education Tenri University
Trained By Saburo Tosa
Yusuke Kanamaru
Masaki Yoshimi
Marital Status Unmarried
Wife No
Kids No
Profession Judoka
Weight Division Lightweight
Country Japan
Fighting Out of Nara
First Olympic Win 2016 Rio De Janeiro
Achievements Three World Championship
One time Olympic gold medalist
Unbeaten Internationally since 2015
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $2.3 Million
Merch Judo Gi, Judo Equipments
Last Update July, 2022

Net Worth & Income for Shohei Ono

With his numerous accomplishments to date, Ono has gained enormous fame in addition to wealth. Shohei has amassed a $2.1 million net worth to date.

Unfortunately, his pay and earnings are still below average.

It hasn’t prevented many, though, from thinking that Ono might actually be wealthy—not obscenely so, but enough to live a luxury life and indulge in daily BBQ—despite not being filthy rich.

Like other well-known Judokas, Ono’s Instagram accounts are stocked with pricey meals. Many responded by speculating that it might be due of their sponsor or agreements with large corporations.

The majority of athletes in Japan are employed by major corporations, according to a Reddit member.

Hence, the generous income and profitable employment, albeit still insufficient to be referred to as “rolling in cash.”

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The Value of Shohei Ono in Different Currencies

His net worth of $2.1 million is shown here in several foreign currencies. His actual earnings and income are unclear, hence his net worth may vary slightly.

Shohei Ono Net Worth | Clothes

Ono had already finished college when he initially earned his Olympic medal. Ono was a typical young man, therefore in many ways his sense of style was weak.

He nevertheless took the time to comprehend and made an effort to meet every standard of beauty set by the outside world.

Ono claims that his favorite items of apparel are his judogi and t-shirt. In addition, the t-shirt is his go-to outfit every day, just as the judogi, which he describes to as his “work uniform.”

Ono must also stick to plain t-shirts for his wardrobe and doesn’t give much thought to brands.

Shohei Ono Lifestyle and Net Worth

Ono is very secretive about his life and dislikes discussing it in front of other people. He does, however, live an active lifestyle. Ono too decided to follow his love as a career and made a good living doing so.

But everyone has a few slip-ups now and then. Early in 2013, Ono and a few of his seniors slapped some freshmen and got into trouble while Ono was a student.

Eating Pattern

Shohei Ono broached the subject of his diet during an interview, and as an athlete, he is undoubtedly aware of his eating patterns. It appears that fruits and light snacks make up the majority of his diet.

His typical snack fare includes bananas, candies, and Castella, a well-known Japanese sponge cake. Additionally, he prioritizes rice and noodles when he is training.

In terms of his favorite dish, he adores meat, particularly steak.

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A quick look at Shohei Ono

Shohei Ono was first exposed to judo because he is a Japanese judoka. He was, nonetheless, inspired by his uncle to begin Judo.

Similar to this, Ono began practicing judo at the age of seven. Not to mention, Shohei has drawn much inspiration from his mother.

Shohei loves his mother and has always wanted to do everything in his power to make her proud, and he knows there is still much work to be done.

Ono Shohei “I will use every obstacle in my path to the Tokyo Olympics as motivation.”

Ono is one of the Juko that is searched for the most online as well. 2013 saw Ono achieve success after taking home the prized Grand Slam.

But since 2015, Ono has not suffered a defeat abroad. He is without a doubt the best judoka in the world right now.

Some of his titles earned are listed below.

  • Three World Championship
  • 2018 Asian Games Winner
  • Five times gold medalist in IJF Grand Slams
  • Two times gold medal in IJF Grand Prix
  • One time Olympic gold medalist (2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro)
  • Unbeaten Internationally since 2015.

Social Media

Shohei Ono is currently active on Instagram and Twitter. Similarly, Shohei (@ono0203) has 205k followers.

Besides, Shohei (@大野 将平) has 32.4k followers in Twitter and has made 1,777 tweets so far.


  • “It doesn’t matter if it’s this year or next year because making adjustments is what athletes do.”
  • “Judo practice is tough and painful, but it’s also hard not being able to practice.” 
  • “I have been able to reflect and realize once more just how amazing it is to compete while wearing the Hinomaru, which should be obvious.” 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Ono’s rank?

Ono is a fifth-degree black belt in Judo.

When did Ono start judo?

Ono started judo from the age of seven.

What is Shohei Ono currently involved in?

Currently, Shohei Ono is involved in the Tokyo Olympics and has bagged a golden-score victory over Georgia’s Lasha Shavdatuashvili.