Sophia Nomvete

Quick Facts

Birth Name Sophia Nomvete Cox
Name Sophia Nomvete
Nickname Sophia
Date of Birth June 24, 1990
Age (as of 2022) 32 years
Language English
Profession Actress
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality British
Ethnicity Afro-Iranian
Popular for Working in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
School Local academy
Alma Mater Arts Educational Schools in London.
Education Graduate in Arts
Place of Birth London
Net worth $850k USD
Height 5 feet 6 Inches
Weight 74 KG
Social Media Twitter, InstagramFacebook

Sophia Nomvete, a theatrical and acting professional from the United Kingdom, was born on June 24, 1990, at the age of 32. She is an actress of African and Iranian origin who made her acting debut in television and movies after a successful career in the theatre. She has collaborated with numerous directors of theater productions, including Luke Sheppard, Erica Whyman, and Rob Hastie.

Sophia Nomvete’s well-known stage productions include “The Wizard of Oz,” “Miss Littlewood,” “The Heresy of Love,” and numerous others.

Who is an Actress Sophia Nomvete?

Sophia Nomvete has received representation in the performing industry as a preeminent actress. Sophia, who is 32 years old, portrayed Princess Disa in the “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” series on Amazon Prime. She has received a lot of attention from the audience for playing the Princess.

Sophia Nomvete is a Stage Actress(Source: Instagram)

She has discussed her persona as Princess Disa. She has said that she is honored to play Princess Disa, a female dwarf with the fortitude to overcome any obstacles.

Can you guess the Sophia Noverte’s age, a fascinating personality?

Sophia Nomverte, a theater performer, had previously said in her resume that she was born and reared in London. She revealed her date of birth as June 24, 1990. Since she was in her teens, the versatile actress has been a fan of stage productions and theatrical plays. She then made the decision to pursue a degree in acting and the arts.

Childhood Image of Sophia Nomvete with her mother(Source: Instagram)

Sophia finished her studies with a BA Honors in Musical Theatre, which helped her attain significant success in her life. She graduated from London’s Arts Educational Schools with a BA in 2006. Sophia, a graduate in the arts, was given the chance to represent READ College as she advanced in her successful profession. She has promoted the work of READ by serving as an ambassador for both Access to The Arts and READ.

Family & Parents

Sophia Nomvete continued to belong to the spiritual family of Christians. She was raised by her Nomvete family as a beautiful young lady. With her two brothers, Mr. Thandanantu Sebastian Nomvete and Mr. Sandile Nomvete, she enjoys the opportunity of sharing a great deal of love. Sophia’s single mother reared her and her two brothers. When Sophia was a young child, her father abandoned the family.

Sophia and her mother(Source: Instagram)

On Instagram, she claimed that her mother had taught her Persian. Iranian lady is her mother. Her father, though, is of African origin.

Happy birthday to my amazing mother! Even though I’ve stated it before, I must again emphasize how much of a hero you are to me. You raised me alone, acting like two parents, after I left Iran and entered a completely different Western environment.

I’ll always be grateful to you for teaching me the Persian language and for raising me to be brave, fearless, and confident.

We are all very fortunate to have you in our lives, and it’s everything I could have wished for Corah. utter affection and embraces. #HappyBirthdayMum

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Relationship Status

Sophia Nomvete with her husband(Source: Instagram)

Let’s go on to what Sophia Nomvete says to her admirers about her husband. She claimed that on October 15, 2015, she and her future husband Daniel Cox became engaged. They both then tied a knot after that. On August 29, 2019, their daughter Corah Cox was born.

Husband of Sophia with their daughter(Source: Instagram)

On October 29, 2020, Sophia’s husband posted a photo of their daughter for the first time on Instagram. Fans of Sophia can view a large number of images of her and her spouse on her Instagram. However, she has never discussed Daniel’s job since they started dating. Daniel is a wholly British man, which is what we learned about him.

Do you know about the performing career of Sophia?

Sophia started working with theater performers in 2007. She has performed in shows at the Nuffield Theatre, Sheffield Crucible, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Royal Shakespeare Company, Regents Park Theatre, and other venues over the course of her lengthy acting career. Many theatrical directors continue to discuss her performance in the play “Vice Versa” as Dexter. She performed this role quite well.

Sophia Nomvete as a Princess Disa on a Movie(Source: Instagram)

She eventually had the opportunity to work as an actress in a TV special called “The Tempest” in 2018 after putting on so many live theatrical performances. Then, in 2019, she played Captain HeyHo in the Swashbuckle TV series. And in 2022, she received a great deal of media attention for playing one of her most well-known parts. In “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” she has been portraying Princess Disa, a dwarf.

Would you like to know how much the renowned An Actress makes?

Sophia Nomverte is thought to have had a net worth of $850k USD as of 2022. In 2022, her career was improved by giving her additional jobs and opportunities. Her net worth will undoubtedly surpass $1 million USD in 2023.

She worked hard in numerous theater roles to increase her current net worth. She has achieved financial success in her acting career.

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Some Interesting Facts

  • On Instagram, she follows pastors who are Christians.
  • On Instagram, Sophia has 5333 followers.
  • She frequently shares photos from her self-portrait sessions on social media.
  • Sophia uses eyeglasses since her vision is poor.
  • She sticks to a diet plan to manage her weight.
  • Additionally, she has provided voiceovers for animated films.

Frequently Ask Question

Sophia Nomvete, is she a dwarf?

No, in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, she portrayed the role of a dwarf princess.

Is Sophia Nomvete is single?

She is wed to Daniel Cox, her spouse.

Who is Sophia Nomvete?

Princess Disa was portrayed by actress Sophia in “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.”

What is Sophia Nomvete’s height?

Sophia seems to stand at 5 feet, 6 inches tall.

What is Sophia Nomvete’s zodiac sign?

The star sign of actress Sophia is Cancer.

What is Sophia Nomvete’s age?

Only 32 years old, Sophia.

When was Sophia Nomvete born?

On June 24, 1990, the actress was conceived.