Sophia Umansky

Sophia Umansky has grabbed the fame for being the daughter of the famous American actress Kyle RichardsHer mother has risen her fame through the movies like Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The North Pole, The Watcher in the Woods, and many others.

Sophia Umansky mother is also well known as the reel character Lindsey Wallace in the movie Halloween Kill. “Halloween Kills” is a direct sequel to “Halloween”. Though she has gained her popularity through her mother she is also a television star by the profession.

Quick Facts

Birth Date January 18,2000
Full Name Sophia Umansky
Birth Name Sophia
Profession Actress
Nationality American


Kyle Richards’ daughter was born on January 18, 2000, in the Californian city of Los Angeles. The hub of the country’s film and television industries is Los Angeles, a huge city in Southern California.

She was born into a wealthy household because both her mother and father are well-known figures. Her early years were extremely carefree.

How much is Umansky Net Worth?

A total of $650,000 is Sophia Umansky’s net worth. Because of her prosperous work as a television personality, she has access to a lot of resources. She does not operate a business of her own or undertake any other activities that would allow her to earn money aside from her work.

Kyle Richards, her mother, has a $100 million total net worth. She has amassed the sum of money thanks to her illustrious career as an accomplished American actress.

Who is Sophia Boyfriend?

Unmasky, a television actress, is one of the newer, up-and-coming stars who has maintained a presence in the spotlight since a young age and prefers to maintain a low-key position.

Sophia Umansky with her partner. Instagram user sophiakylieee, source of image

Although she is now seeing her partner, she prefers to keep details about him private. She prefers to keep her romances and affairs private until they become official. She does, however, post adorable and affectionate images of herself and her lover on Instagram.

TV shows by Umansky

Umansky is a rising star in the American film industry despite having appeared in two television series. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured her in the cast. It has broadcast eleven seasons and is the sixth installment in the Real Housewives franchise. It focuses on the personal and professional lives of numerous women living in Beverly Hills, California.

The show was created by Evolution Media and debuted on October 14, 2010. Since this was Umansky’s first television series, many viewers liked her role.

She participates in Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen as well. It is an American late-night discussion program focused on pop culture that debuted on July 16, 2009 and is hosted by Andy Cohen.

Is Umansky a pet lover?

Umansky is a dog-obsessed actor from the United States. She enjoys spending time with her dogs and taking pictures of them to share on social media, as shown on her Instagram. Kholo is the name of her dog, whom she dresses in various amusing outfits to take pictures of.

Sophia Umansky shows her concern for her beloved kholo through pictures. Sophia Kylieee on Instagram

She recently shared photographs on her Instagram account with the remark, “Sorry to hear about Kholo’s passing.

Rip Khlo

After Kholo passed away, she started spending time with her other dog, Joiesshepherd, and taking him for walks.

What is Sophia Education Level?

The Windward School is where Sophia finished her high school education. It is an independent school recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges that is located in the Mar Vista district of Los Angeles, California.

She also attended George Washington University, a private research university in Washington with federal charter.

What is Sophia height and Weight?

The personality of Sophia Umansky is quite endearing and seductive. She is a decent height as well. She is 167 cm tall, or 5 feet 7 inches, and weighs about 48 kilograms.

And she has a sharp nose and black eyes, which have enhanced her superb looks and beauty. And she has an athletic body type and has worked hard to keep it well-fitted at a young age because she works in the glamour industry. The horned goat constellation Capricornus is whence Umansky’s zodiac sign, Capricorn, gets its name.

Mauricio Umansky’s child

Sophia Umansky is the daughter of Mauricio Umansky, a well-known real estate broker. He is the founder and CEO of The Agency, a $1 billion brokerage that makes use of cutting-edge marketing techniques and top-notch technology.

Alexia Umansky and Farrah Aldjufrie, two sisters, are also a blessing to her. Living with them is Farrah, who is Umansky’s mother’s half-sister. Her Instagram posts demonstrate how well she gets along with her sisters.

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Bond between Umansky and Mauricio

According to an Instagram post by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, she and her father have a close relationship. According to the caption she uses for the images she posts with her father, she loves him without conditions.

Sophia Umansky snuggled up to her father Mauricio Umansky and dozed off on his chest. Instagram username: sophiakylieee

On her father’s birthday, she uploaded a picture of herself and her father when she was just five years old, with the caption:

Salutations to Dad, @mumansky18. I cherish you more than you can possibly imagine.

Mauricio Unmasky’s father’s wealth

Mauricio, a real estate agent, is worth $100 million. His work as a real estate agent has earned him a respectable quantity of money. He is well recognized as Kyle Richards’ husband in addition to being a reality television personality.

He is enjoying a lavish lifestyle in the United States with his wife and daughter. And He does not, however, own a private company that increases his wealth.

Kyle was Umansky’s mother’s first spouse

The Watcher in the Woods actress was previously wed to Guraish Aldjufrie. He works as a real estate tycoon in Indonesia. Although they were married in 1988, they struggled for a while to maintain their union as husband and wife.

After having one child, they made the decision to dissolve their marriage in 1992. A miscommunication between them was the cause of their divorce.

Marriage of Umansky’s parents

In 1996, Kyle Richards, an actress, and real estate agent Mauricio Umansky were wed. After divorcing her first husband, Guraish, for four years, Kyle got married a second time.

Since getting married and remaining in the United States with their kids, the gorgeous pair has been enjoying each other’s company as husband and wife.

Kyle Richards’ well-known TV programs

Kyle, the actress from The North Pole, has appeared in a variety of TV shows, including ER, Little House on the Prairie, Carter Country, Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher, Down to Earth, and The Celebrity Apprentice.

In the American television series Down to Earth, she is also known as the fictional Elizabeth “Lissy” Preston. The focus of the series was the persona Lissy of Kyle.

A couple who embarks on a new life on a Devon farm is the subject of this lighthearted BBC One television drama series, which debuted in 2000. Early episodes of the show were based on a collection of novels by Faith Addis that chronicled their actual relocation from London to Devon.

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