Sophie Nélisse

Quick Facts

Birth Date March 27,2000
Full Name Sophie Nlisse
Birth Name Sophie Nlisse
Profession actress
Nationality Canadian
Birth City Windsor, Ontario,
Birth Country Canada
Father Name Hugues Nelisse
Father Profession engineer
Mother Name Pauline Belhumeu
Mother Profession teacher
Horoscope Aries
Marital Status Dating
Net worth 1.5
Instagram Click Here

On March 27, 2000, Sophie Nélisse was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her films The Book Thief, Yellowjackets, and 47 Meters Down Uncaged have gained her widespread recognition. She is also well-known for playing Gilly Hopkins in The Great Gilly Hopkins and Liesel Meminger in The Book Thief.

It’s interesting to note that she has a long list of accolades.


Parents Pauline Belhumeur (mother) and Instagram welcomed Nélisse into the world (father). Her father is an engineer, and her mother was a teacher until she quit in 2013.

Sophie Nelisse with her mother and siblings(Source: Instagram)

Nélisse is unquestionably close with her parents and siblings because she spends a lot of time with them. She has a sister and a brother. Nélisse, an actress who underwent a kidney transplant, has two siblings. His sibling is Vincent Nelisse, and Isabella Nelisse is their younger sister.

Her younger sister is also a well-known actress who has been in numerous films. Wait Till Helen Comes, a movie Nélisse and her sister collaborated on, was released in 2016.


Another well-known actress is Isabella Nelisse, who was born on December 3, 2003, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Sophie Nelisse with her sister(Source: Instagram)

She gained notoriety with the release of Whitewash (2013) and The Tale (2018). She made her acting debut in Mama, playing the part of Lilly.

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Education Background

Nelisse, who played Nelisse in Pawn Sacrifice, graduated from Windsor’s High School in June 2017. Nelisse dropped out of high school to focus on her gymnastics training because she wanted to compete in the 2016 Olympics.

She was unable to compete in the Olympic event due to her acting, though.

Height & Weight

Sophie Nelisse height(Source: Instagram)

nearby actress Nelisse is 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall and weighs about 48 kg (106 lbs) in total. Her chest is 32 inches, and she has a 24 inch waist.

Sophie has an hourglass-shaped body that is flawless. She has gorgeous sunny blue eyes and blonde hair that has been colored.

Does Nelisse Have a Date?

At the moment, Canadian photographer Clovis Henrard and Sophie Nélisse are dating. The lovebirds first connected on Instagram in February 2020, while they were in quarantine.

On Valentine’s Day, Nélisse expressed her love for her lover by posting numerous photos of them together on social media. They got even closer and loved each other even more after the quarantine.

How was Henrard and Nelisse’s first date?

During their first date, Nelisse, an actress from Ésimésac, made a very amusing movement. She published a photo on December 30, 2020, with the following quote:

Fun fact: When I was returning from the bathroom after our first date, I tripped over the stairs because I couldn’t stop ogling over how adorable he was rather than concentrating on raising my feet high enough to reach the third step. Before you ask, yes, he did see me fall.

Sophie Nelisse with her boyfriend(Source: Instagram)

They have been together and fully savoring their romantic relationship from their first date.

On Screen Romance

In addition to her fantastic love life, Nelisse was formerly thought to be dating The Book Thief co-star Nico Liersch. The couple allegedly had a romantic connection, according to speculations.

They both agreed that they were merely extremely close friends, though. Instead of this, Nelisse is not the subject of any rumors or disputes.


Down 47 Meters Nelisse, a naked actress, has received numerous accolades in a variety of professions.

She won the 2013 Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Performance by a Youth in a Lead or Supporting Role – Female for the movie The Book Thief, for which she is well-known.

Nelisse has also received accolades from the Hollywood Film Awards, the Jutra Awards, and the Nevada Film Critics Society.

Lover of animals

Nelisse, a transplant actress, clearly loves animals as evidenced by the numerous photos on her Instagram account. She shared an image that included an elephant, horses, cats, and dogs.

Sophie Nelisse with her pet(Source: Instagram)

The cat that Sophie Nélisse keeps as a pet. Source: Sophie Nélisse’s Instagram account, She only keeps a dog and a cat as pets, though. She said she adores her animals more than anything. She walks with them and always goes swimming with them.

Professional Life

Actress Nelisse, who starred in Mean Dreams, was more interested in weightlifting and gymnastics than acting when she was younger.

She and her parents moved to Montreal when she was four years old, where she began gymnastics and, with the help of her mother, began training for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Additionally, she joined a talent agency and began working there in order to make money and cover the cost of her gymnastics instruction.

She was busy with her training at the age of eleven, therefore she wasn’t taking the career very seriously and also had a lot of tryouts before landing the acting role, and she gradually cut back on her gymnastics practice.

Sophie did, however, join Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson in The Book Thief in 2013 and was cast as Liesel Meminger. As a result of the positive reviews she received after this, her third film, she decided to give acting her full attention and fully gave up gymnastics.

leisure pursuits

Without a doubt, Sophie Nélisse shares Jean-Luc Bilodeau’s love of travel. She enjoys spending her free time with her friends and traveling.

On top of that, her Instagram features a lot of highlights from trip journals from throughout the world. In contrast to this, Nélisse enjoys swimming, gymnastics, playing the guitar, and going on excursions. She enjoys picture shoots as well, as evidenced by the numerous images posted to her Instagram account.

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How much money does Sophie Nelisse worth?

Nelisse, an actress most known for her role in the opioid, has a similar $1.5 million net worth as Dominik Garcia-Loredo.

She had to face financial challenges before beginning her acting career, therefore she was never very wealthy. But now that you see her, she has all she ever wanted. She earned this substantial sum of money through her labor of love for her profession. She is presently residing in her own home in Canada.

On Social Media

On social media, actress Nelisse from Yellowjackets has a sizable following. Approximately 286k people follow her on Instagram as Sophie Nélisse. On her Instagram, she primarily shares images of her daily activities, friends, siblings, and travel.

Nelisse has more than 22.2k followers on her Twitter account @Sophie Nélisse, where she is active as well. She does not, however, have a name-specific Facebook page or tik to account.

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