Srikanth Kidambi

Quick Facts

Full Name Srikanth Nammalwar Kidambi
Known as Srikanth Kidambi
Nickname Sri
Birth Date 7th February 1993
Birth Place Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur region, India
Residence Hyderabad, India
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity N/A
Education N/A
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name Kittu Kidambi
Mother’s Name Radha Kidambi
Siblings 1(Nandagopal Kidambi)
Age 29 years old
Height 5’10” (178 cm)
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs.)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Body type Athletic
Profession Badminton Player
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Beginning of Professional Career 2011
Retirement N/A
Playing style Right-handed (one-handed backhand)
Sports team National Team Member
Coach Pullela Gopichand
Honors Commonwealth Medal, Padma Award, Superseries titles, Arjuna Award(2015), CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Sports (2018)
Victory Super Series titles, Highest ranked badminton player (2018), Indonesia Open Super Series Premier Title (2017), Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold (2015)
Net Worth Rs.38 crore (Salary: $484,426)
Prize Money N/A
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter
Badminton Merch  Yonex RacketsShuttlecocks
Last Update August, 2022

Between history made and history created, there seems to be little distinction. Depending on the sport, Western nations tend to be more progressive than South Asian nations.

But modifications appear to be made sooner or later.

Srikanth Kidambi, an Indian badminton player, made multiple international badminton records in this instance.

Initially, Kidambi was really interested in the directory, but his zeal led him to represent his nation in international badminton competitions later on.

They took part in the Olympics in addition to being the first Indians to lead the international rankings.

Srikanth has also won a number of major accolades and honours.

To learn more about Srikanth Kidambi, read on for additional details beginning with the following brief facts:

Childhood and Family

On February 7, Srikanth Kidambi, one of the best badminton players, celebrates his birthday. In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur area, he was born in 1993.

He also comes from the farming family of Kittu and Radha Kidambi, who speak Telugu. Nandagopal Kidambi, his older brother, is a badminton player.

Prior to playing badminton, Kidambi adored movies and stories. His original aspiration was to work as an Indian film director.

He still tells his buddies to listen to his made-up stories as a result. After retiring from badminton, Sri still has hopes of working as a directory.

Srikanth with his elder brother Nandagopal.(Source=Instagram)


Kidambi is from a farming background, and cricket is commonly popular among Indians. As a result, Kidambi’s father permits both of his sons to participate in sports like badminton.

In other cases, parents have to decide between academics and sports, but since their kids are passionate about sports, they give them their fullest support.

Importantly, Kidambi’s mother Radha once advised her sons to put 100% of their effort into whatever they choose to do, including reading books.

She plainly implies that in order to prevent drowning, we shouldn’t put our legs in two different boats.

How does Srikanth Kidambi Start His Career?

After all, Nandagopal, the brother of Srikanth, forced Srikant to take up the sport. It began soon after a brand-new municipal stadium was built close to their residence in 2000.

Rugged older brother forced him into sports, but Srikant was not concerned with his diet or workout routine.

Nandagopal eventually arrived at the Andhra Pradesh Sports Authority within the year. He then departed for Visakhapatanam.

But eventually, Srikanth got better, and within a few months, they were discovered in Visakhapatanam.

In actuality, Srikanth was transferred to the academy simply because his brother was already there, as is customary among Asians.

Thus, Srikanth is extremely appreciative to his brother Nandagopal for helping him pursue a badminton career.

Srikanth Kidamb playing in action.(Source=Instagram)

Real Involvement

As was previously said, Srikanth wasn’t all that interested in pursuing a badminton career.

After enrolling at the Gopichand Academy, he realized that everyone there took their matches very seriously.

Badminton was the focus of athletes’ intense attention. Srikanth understood why he should not give his all after travelling so far.

As a result, he began his career as a player in the singles, doubles, and mixed categories.

This led to him winning bronze in the mixed doubles and silver overall at the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games held on the Isle of Man.

As soon as the situation changed, Srikanth began to rule the youth national circuit.

In the singles and doubles divisions of the All India Junior International Badminton Championship in Pune, he won gold.

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Glory of Srikanth Kidambi

Actually, it was Pullela Gopichand, the proprietor of the Gopichand Academy, who saw Srikanth’s lack of commitment and focus.

Similar to this, Gopichand instructed him to sharpen his concentrate on the game, particularly in singles, as a trainee.

Srikanth discovered that he needed to pay more attention to the lines and flanks than to the court’s centre.

It took some getting used to, but once he started winning singles, success came easily to him.

Srikanth won his first singles and doubles titles at the All India International Badminton Championships in Pune simultaneously after commencing to compete internationally in 2011.

He won his first singles championship at the Maldives International Challenge less than a year later.

Additionally, Srikanth won his first singles gold at the Senior National Badminton Championships in 2013 by defeating Parupali Kashyap.

Similar to this, in January 2014, he finished second at the Indian Grand Prix Gold. At the Shed Modi International in 2015, Parupali Kashyap defeated him after coming back.

But a year later, he won the competition and atoned for that loss.

Srikanth also won two gold medals at the South Asian Games in Guwahati in 2016 in the Men’s Singles and Team competitions.

The Indian Men’s team in Hyderabad had to settle for bronze that same year after losing in the semifinals. He was unbeaten at the Asian Team Championship, on the other hand.

Similar to that, he won the Men’s team gold medal in the 2019 South Asian Games in Kathmandu, Nepal.

But at the Asian Team Championships in Manila in 2020, the Indians had to compete in Seattle once more for bronze.

Rise and Shine

First Indian to win four Super Series titles in a year

Kidambi Srikanth defeated Kenta Nishimoto of Japan to become the first Indian and only fourth male shuttle to win four Super Series championships in a single year.

Amazingly, he won the French Open Super Series championships after defeating Nishimoto 21-14, 21-13.

Shrikanth won the Australian Open Super Series, the Indonesia Super Series Premier, and the Denmark Open Series Premier in the same year.

Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, and Chen Long were the other players to win men’s singles championships in four Super Series events in addition to Shrikanth.

He achieved back-to-back Super Series victories in Denmark, France, Indonesia, and Australia in June 2017.

Prior to Shrinkanth, only Lee Chong Wei had achieved such a feat.

Srikanth Kidamb posing with his award.(Source=Instagram)

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Playing Style

Shrinkanth from Guntur, who is only 29 years old, has always played aggressively.

His jump-smashes are fascinating to watch, which is exactly why his pleasure is so alluring.

His ability to argue a point, though, has advanced and developed in his signature energy.

Shrikanth had previously implied his full authority, but more lately, he actively created openings for assault.

Similar to the Denmark Open, the champion didn’t assault nonstop; instead, he or she played with the other player, opened up angles, and then leaped and smashed.

In addition to his talent, Srikanth has occasionally been praised for his patience.

He seemed to be more concentrated on his strokes and really ready to end the game with more patience and serenity. Shrikanth was less interested in it, as it related more to deceptive shoots.

They are concentrating especially on his fitness and talents, Indonesian coach Mulyo Handoyo said later following his arrival.

They were also interested in longevity, though. He has begun shown a talent for deceptive playing despite being new to it.

Even the head national coach Pullela Gopichand insisted repeatedly that young shuttler players like Shrikant were still developing.

Sparks on him are easily transforming into a steady light with such intentions.

Awards and Achievements

On April 17, 2018, Commonwealth medallists Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu attended a press conference in Hyderabad.

The Padma Shri was presented to Kidambi Srikanth at the Padma Awards ceremony on March 20, 2018, at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.

Srikanth Kidambi competed in the men’s singles final of the Yonex-Sunrise India Open 2019 in New Delhi and defeated Danish player Victor Axelsen to earn a silver medal.

Furthermore, Shrikanth made headlines for becoming the only Indian to win four Super Series championships.

In addition, he defeated Japan’s Kenta Nishimoto in the men’s final of the French Open badminton competition in Paris.

In conclusion, Shrikanth was voted first in April 2018 as well.

How was the Networth Value of Srikanth Kidamb?

Srikanth Kidambi, who topped the list in 2018, has consistently ranked among the Top 10 badminton players.

He is one of the wealthiest badminton players in the world as a result. According to BWF’s official websites, Srikanth makes around $484,426 year, of which $484,332 comes only from single titles.

Additionally, he appeared on the Forbes Magazine list in 2017 at position 83. He reportedly cost the Awade Warriors 31 lakhs to buy.

As a result of all Premier Badminton League teams purchasing him for 51 lakhs for the 2017–18 season, he also became the highest-paid Indian male player.

Meanwhile, he was acquired by Bengaluru Raptors for 80 lakhs in time for the 2018–19 season.

Srikanth has also benefited from long-standing endorsement contracts, such as a hefty 35 crore, four-year deal with the Chinese sportswear company Li-Ning.

He joined the Yonex competitor in 2016 and the Li-Nang brand in 2014.

Not to add that he owns a sizable collection of vehicles, including Mahindras and SUVs.

Social Media

Facebook has 231k fans.

Instagram: 139k followers

Twitter: 1.1M followers

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