Stacey DePass

Quick Facts:

Name Stacey DePass
Nickname None
Gender Female
Date of Birth 12-May-1973
Age in 2022 49
Birth Place Canada
Country Canada
Nationality Canadian
Height 1.52 (m)
Weight Unknown (KGs)
Profession Canadian Voice Actress

Stacey DePass, a voice actor and actress from Canada, is best known for playing Lily in the 2013–2017 television series Zerby Derby. She has also appeared in numerous TV shows, including Ollie’s Pack, Corn & Peg, and Doomsday Brothers.

Mostly DePass uses her voice in the TV series as she is the voice artist but she also plays some movies physically. Her voice can be heard in the animated popular TV series Hotel Transylvania.

Early Years

DePass was born on May 12th, 1973, with the horoscope sign of the Taurus. She was raised by her parents in Toronto, Ontario. She had the opportunity to obtain an education while growing up, but she hasn’t mentioned it.

In order to protect her privacy, she has also kept the identities and contact details of her parents a secret. She does, however, have a brother who goes by the name of Adam. DePass is known as “The Bobroom.” You may also like to know about Natalie Guercio.

Career as a Writer

Stacey is well-known in the entertainment industry as a writer. So far, she has earned five writing credits.

She has written for The Bobroom, Sketchcom, 6teen, corn and peg, and other publications.

We could get to see more of her writing ability in the future.

What is the Net Worth of Stacey DePass?

Stacey DePass is thought to be extremely wealthy, estimated to be worth $1 million. She has 108 acting credits listed on her IMDb page and is a seasoned performer. She has worked as a voice actress on numerous shows, video games, and animations, which has brought in a sizable number of money for her.

Also she has  established herself as a writer and makes a good living from it. In addition, DePass is the owner of a clothing company called Siddhiwear.

She is living a lovely life with her husband Harris and her child thanks to all of her good wealth.

Organization – Siddhiwear

DePass is a businessman and entrepreneur who is the owner of the apparel line Siddhiwear. You can dress yourself in a variety of outfits, from head to toe, including hats and masks.

Light Weight clothes from Siddhiwear
source: Instagram @staceydepass

She started this company with her brother Adam with the idea of offering a comfortable, environmentally friendly fabric that could be used both on and off the mat. It is intended for individuals who practice yoga, dance, jog, and other forms of exercise.

Relationship and child

Jeremy Harris and Stacey DePass have been wed for a considerable amount of time. The couple has not concealed their connection, but they have nevertheless kept their dating life private.

Stacey DePass’s daughter and her husband Jeremy Harris
source: Instagram @staceydepass

When Stacey and Jeremy first met and began dating is unknown, however on January 12, 2006, the couple exchanged vows in a sacred ceremony that was held in a private setting with their closest family members.

She has a kid from her relationship with Jeremy, and the two adore her dearly. They are doing everything they can to meet all of their daughter’s demands and requirements and to provide her a good childhood.

Right now, the couple and their child are enjoying a happy life.

Who is the Husband of Stacey DePass?

Jeremy, DePass’s husband, is an award-winning actor who has starred in a number of TV shows and motion pictures, including Liberty Street, I Know My Son Is Alive, and A Prayer in the Dark. He is a voice actor and writer, just like his wife.

And he completed his schooling at Toronto’s George Brown College and has since been active in stage and theater productions. He changed his course, though, and is now a voice actor who has contributed to television shows and computer games. Harri also served as an announcer for CBC radio programs and television’s Documentary networks.

Aside from this, he has worked as a producer, writer, and in advertisements and endorsements. Jeremy has 18 acting credits to his name during the course of his career.

Nomination, Award, And Recognition For Jeremy

Harris, a street performer in Liberty, puts a lot of effort into his films and artwork. He has won numerous awards and honors for his remarkable acting abilities.

Harris was nominated for a Gemini award in 2008 for his function in Ruby Gloom. He received nominations and recognition for his role as Duggie Sparks in the film. Vice magazine gave his film Black and White high marks.

DePass As An Actress And Voice Actor

DePass is a voice actor best known for lending her voice to TV shows like Bitmoji TV, The Dog and Pony Shows, and Bakugan: Battle Planet. Her voice was also used in animated television shows and video games.

Stacey DePass holding Nikki Wong’s picture of whom she voices over
source: people pill

She has participated physically in the programs Bob and Doug, Detentionaire, Looped, and others in addition to lending her voice. She has 108 acting credits to her name during the course of her career.

Brooke D’Orsay and Stacey DePass

Like Stacey, Brooke D’Orsay is a voice actress, and the two of them have collaborated on the animated television series 6teen.

Brooke D’Orsay, co-voice artist of Stacey DePass
source: The movie database

While Stacey provides voiceover for the character of Niki Wong, Brooke plays the part of Caitlin Cooke. They have a bad relationship on the show and are frequently shown arguing.

In reality, Brooke and Stacey are close friends and have a healthy connection, thus this is not the case.

Stacey DePass Practices Yoga

Hinduism and Hindu civilizations have had a significant impact on Stacey DePass. She has Hinduism symbols sewn onto her clothing. Similar to this, she practices yoga and identifies as a yogini in her Instagram account.

She has been practicing yoga for a while, and she claims that it has helped her stay calm and physically and psychologically fit.

Has a passion for hockey

It seems that DePass enjoys playing hockey in her spare time. She’s been seen carrying a hockey bag and a stick.

Stacey DePass carrying a hockey stick
source: Instagram @staceydepass

With the comment “What Canadian females do for love!!,” she also tweeted a photo of herself carrying hockey equipment.

The Dog

Stacey owns a puppy and enjoys playing with it. She has the kind of disposition that has a soft spot for adorable animals.

Stacey DePass’s pet dog
source: Instagram @staceydepass

She has shared photos of her English setter dog on social media, who is a light black hue. The actress hasn’t yet announced its name, though.

What is the height and weight of Stacey DePass?

DePass has a personality and appearance that are as as attractive and expressive as their voice. Her eyes are dark brown, and she has long blonde hair.

Regarding appearance, the voice actor is tall at 4 feet, 12 inches (1.52 m), and he or she has kept a healthy weight of about 47 kg (103.67 lbs). Her other important measurements are 41-3-3 and 37 inches.

Social Media

DePass is accessible on Instagram and Twitter and has a social media account there. Stacey doesn’t talk about her personal life very often on social media. Her Instagram profile does not contain many posts regarding her life.

@staceydepass is the username of her Instagram account, which as of this writing has 338 followers. The voice actress also occasionally tweets under the handle @Stacey_DePass , where she has amassed 448 followers so far. You may also like to know about Desiree DaCosta.

FAQs about Stacey DePass

  1. What is the Net Worth of Stacey DePass?

The Net Worth of Stacey DePass is $3 Million.

  1. What is the Height of Stacey DePass?

The height of Stacey DePass is 1.52.

  1. Where is the birthplace of Stacey DePass?

The birthplace of Stacey DePass is Canada

  1. What is the Date of Birth of Stacey DePass?

The birthday of Stacey DePass is on 12-May-1973.

  1. Is Stacey DePass Married?

The marital status of Stacey DePass is: Yet to update.