Stephanie Cozart Burton biography: age, height, birthday, partner, net worth

Stephanie Cozart Burton is a professional makeup artist and wife of American actor LeVar burton.

Quick Facts

Full Name Stephine Cozart Burton
Height 170cm
Date of Birth 1953/11/10
Birth Country America
Birth Place indiana
Horoscope scorpio
Sexual Orientation straight

Wiki & Biography

Professional makeup artist Stephaine Stephanie Cozart Burton is well-known. She was born in the United States on November 10, 1953, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is the American actor Levar Burton’s wife. They married and have been married for nearly three decades.

She has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Honors for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Make-Up for a Series and has received Daytime Creative Arts awards. She is even known as an actress, having worked in the entertainment sector on a few occasions.

Who is Stephaine Husband?

Levar Burton, an American actor, television host, filmmaker, and novelist, is married to Stephaine Cozart Burton. They’ve been married for nearly two decades and a half. On October 3, 1953, they married. They planned a lovely wedding ceremony and haven’t looked back since, up until today. They both post pictures of themselves having fun on social media.

picture of Stephanie Cozart Burton picture source @stephaniecozartburton

This lovely couple even had two children, and they are now living a very happy life. They continue to talk about each other on social media.

Where did  Stephaine grew up?

Cozart was born and raised in the United States, in the city of Fort Wayne. She has always had a strong interest in makeup and later learned to make it and took classes to reach her goals. She studied makeup at the Joe Blasco Makeup School in Hollywood, California, where she learned professional makeup techniques and participated in a variety of training programs in the areas of makeup, makeup art, corrective beauty, prosthetics, and special effects.

Stephaine  studied film at UCLA and Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, and as a result, she was able to continue her acting career. Despite the fact that she did not actively participate in the performing industry, she has produced a number of notable works.

Relationships in the Past

When it came to Stephaine Cozart Burton’s relationship, it was claimed that she had been dating John Matuszak for quite some time prior to her marriage. There isn’t any further information regarding her previous relationships.

Because her relationship status cannot be determined only on hearsay, she had only been in a relationship with one person prior to her marriage. She has only been with her husband since their marriage, and their relationship is still going strong.


Cozart was reared by her mother Michaela, who worked as a hairdresser in the industry and later motivated her daughter to pursue a career as a makeup artist. Her mother raised her as a single mother after her parents divorced when she was a child. Her mother encouraged and pushed her to pursue a career as a cosmetics artist.

Cozart now lives with her husband and two children, Mica Burton and Eian Burton. They appear to be in love. On social media, we can see her sharing moments and images with her family. Her children are as intelligent as she is.


How was Stephaine Makeup Career?

She began performing makeup professionally after completing her makeup training. She worked as a makeup artist on a number of films and television shows. She’s worked with a number of celebrities, doing their makeup for film series and award shows. Aisha Tyler, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and many others are among the cast members.

She received numerous honors as a result of her incredible makeup skills, hard work, and dedication. She’s a master at mixing colors and wielding makeup brushes like a wand. She is well-known for her work and continues to receive accolades from a slew of other celebs.

How was Stephaine career in Acting?

She always wanted to continue and improve her acting skills, in addition to her interest in makeup. She has appeared in numerous television, film, serial, and fashion projects over her acting career. Ghost, White Men Can’t Jump, They’re Off, and A Low Dirty Shame are among her works.

Stephanie Cozart Burton portrait picture source Instagram: @stephaniecozartburton

Her television credits include The Talk on CBS and Whose Line Is It Anyway on the CW. Despite the fact that she hasn’t done much, her small works have helped her recognize others.

She’s even done commercials for McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Chrysler, Kodak, Walmart 7up, and a slew of other well-known businesses. For her efforts, she received a lot of praise. She is not now active in this field because her schedule is very limited due to her beauty and fashion-related job.

How much is Stephaine Net Worth?

Stephanie Cozart Burton has amassed a significant sum of money as a result of her hard work, devotion, and patience. She was able to amass such wealth through working as a makeup artist on a variety of commercials, films, and television shows.

In 2022, it is anticipated that she will have amassed a net worth of $6 million, which includes all of her assets and royalties. She will be able to earn more money in the future because she continues to work as a makeup artist.

How Active Is Stephaine in social media?

Cozart appears to be active on social media, although she has struggled to attract a large number of followers. She primarily discusses her makeup art and makeup. Stephaine also discusses her employees, clients, and family members. She shares her happy moments with them as well as pet-related posts. Her content appears to be highly fascinating and appealing to anyone who like make-up. She also includes some culinary photos.

Her social media accounts are not yet confirmed, but you can follow her on Instagram at @stephaniecozartburton for further information and updates.

Is Stephaine a pet owner?

Cozart appears to be a very content pet mother of two dogs. She has two adorable black-furred puppies and a gray/white-furred puppy. She frequently updates her social media accounts with pictures of her dog. Stephaine  has enjoyed a lot of adorable and joyful moments with her puppies. She even remembered her pet dog’s birthday.

Her daughter even owns a horse that she rides. Their family appears to enjoy animals and spends a lot of time with them.

What is the address of Stephaine residence?

Cozart is currently residing in the United States, although her exact address is not available due to security concerns. She has preserved her anonymity in order to protect her family from violence.

They were able to build their ideal home thanks to all of their hard work. She lives in the United States with her husband and children, as well as their pets, and serves as an example of an ideal family.


Stephanie Cozart Burton is a celebrity who is free of controversies. She is well-known solely for the positive aspects of her personality. She has never been involved in any sort of scandal because she is recognized for her humble and nice character.

What are Stephaine Interests and Hobbies?

Cozart is well-known for her passion for performing makeup and style. She has even chosen to become a professional in the fields in which she is interested, but she is also interested in art, as evidenced by her sharing art ideas and artwork on social media. Her passion for art is undeniable.

She also enjoys cooking and occasionally posts her dishes on social media. Stephaine has demonstrated a keen interest in the kitchen. She primarily promotes nutritious recipes, which is why her fans benefit from her material because it is so practical.

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