Stephen Curry and WNBA Players Association receive NAACP’s Jackie Robinson Sports Award

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and WNBA Players Association will be receiving NAACP’s Robinson Sports Award.

They will be honored specifically for their contributions to their communities, civil rights, and social justice. The largest and oldest civil rights organization in the United States is the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). The NAACP was founded in New York City in part as a response to racism against African Americans by an interracial group of activists.

The NAACP now concentrates on issues like as voting rights protection, health care inequity, and the criminal justice system. The Jackie Robinson Sports Award is given by the NAACP to athletes who use their artistic talents to advance social justice.

Stephen Curry for Pandemic Awareness and Social Justice

Stephen Curry of GSW will receive the NAACP Jackie Robinson Sports Award this year in honor of his contributions off the court. He is being recognized with this honor for his ongoing commitment to youth, women’s, and social justice concerns. Moreover, for his initiatives to spread awareness of the coronavirus pandemic.

Civil rights leaders are praising his advocacy for the aforementioned topics and his discussion of the COVID during his interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The Jackie Robinson Sports Award is given to him as a result of his tireless efforts. I’ll use a Maya Angelou quotation to sum up Steph and his style of leadership: I’ve discovered that people quickly forget both the things you say and the things you do.

But the way you made them feel will always be remembered,'” Warriors general manager Bob Myers told the Associated Press. “Steph has undoubtedly brought joy to many in the Bay Area and around the globe.”

“His dedication to social activity and his support of women are two more facets of who he is as a person. For everything he does both on and off the court, Myers continued, “I’m honored to know him.

Curry’s colleague Kelly Oubre Jr. remarked, “He has a good platform, and he uses it to the best of his ability.” “He’s a wonderful person,”

Thank you, Stephen, for the honor and commendation.

“Receiving this award has been both humbling and honoring. Regarding what you do in the community and what you say about the things you believe, it came as a surprise.

In terms of accountability to change, it’s about our collective effort, not just mine but everyone else’s around me, Curry added. “You really don’t do it for the recognition; you do it more for the work that you’re doing.

that this is an excellent chance to continue discussing issues that are crucial. And remember Jackie Robinson’s legacy, the things he stood for, and the change he was able to bring about.

And the boundaries he was able to overcome and the dialogues he was able to continue,” Curry continued. “So I’m grateful for the recognition and the honor, and it gives me more inspiration and energy to start making the changes that are necessary for the Black community nationwide,” said the speaker.

I appreciate the recognition and the award, and it gives me more motivation and vigor to keep working to improve conditions for the Black community nationwide. Congratulations to @StephenCurry30 on receiving the Jackie Robinson Award from the @NAACP.

March 19, 2021, Golden State Warriors (@warriors)

Steph Curry’s former colleague and NBA star Shaun Livingston also expresses his admiration for her success.

@StephenCurry30 @WNBA: BIG LOVE

— Shaun Livingston on March 19, 2021 (@ShaunLivingston).

Rick Welts, the Warriors’ chief operating officer, also congratulates him on the honor.

Another incredible honor for a remarkable person. Congrats @StephenCurry30 on adding the prestigious Jackie Robinson Award to your impressive resume.

— Rick Welts on March 18, 2021 (@RickWelts)

Stephen has consistently advocated for gender equality and supported the WNBA’s mission for social justice, Black lives, and Black culture.

The WNBA players are now honored with the award by the NAACP in recognition of their achievements.

The honor was also given to the WNBA Players Association.

The WNBA Players Association was honored by the NAACP for their concerted efforts to advance social and racial justice.

The WNBA players’ protest, which includes standing for the national anthem while chanting “Black Lives Matter,” has drawn applause. additionally for voicing opposition to Jacob Blake’s shooting in August.

In a statement given to the AP, WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert said, “I am extremely pleased of the WNBA players for this well-deserved acknowledgment of their continuous engagement and commitment for social justice and equality.”

They serve as incredible role models for the upcoming generation of players and leaders, and their platforms extend beyond basketball.

You can ‘Count’ on more from the players as the WNBA Social Justice Council continues its crucial work. The WNBA players have also received accolades from Steph for their efforts. “The recognition of the WNBA and everything they have stood for.

And that recognition is certainly merited given how they’ve used their platform to be fearless, courageous, and to advocate for change whenever possible,” Curry remarked.

“A shoutout to them and all that they’ve done and are continuing to do in terms of leadership and using their voice,” the speaker said. “They are game-changers and leaders in terms of leveraging their collective voice and effect on and off the court.”

Steve Kerr, the coach of the Warriors and a frequent public speaker, respects the WNBA players’ activism.

I adore what the WNBA athletes have accomplished.

They’ve really taken the lead with innovation and cohesion in many crucial causes, including political causes but also social injustice issues, said Kerr.

They have spoken up, and they have done it in a really innovative and forceful way, he continued.

Curry and WNBA players get the NAACP’s Jackie Robinson award.

by Janie McCapping

— AP Sports, March 18, 2021 (@AP Sports).

Additional news:

Prior winners of the prize include Jim Brown, The Harlem Globetrotters, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and others.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Sugar Ray Leonard are among the others.

Stacey Abrams, a Georgia politician and advocate for voting rights, will present the honor on March 26 during a virtual ceremony. At 5 p.m. PT on Saturday, March 27, BET will air the virtual show.

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