Steve Balboni

Quick Facts | Steve Balboni

Full Name Stephen Charles Balboni
Birth Date January 16, 1957
Birth Place Brockton, Massachusetts
Age 65 years old
Nickname Bye-bye
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Education Manchester Memorial High School
Eckerd College
Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name Unknown
Shirt number  36, 66
Height 6 feet 3 inches/190 cm
Weight 102 kg/225 lb
Build Muscular
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Position First Baseman and Designated Hitter
League MLB, MiLB, CCBL
Past Teams New York Yankees, Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers
Marital Status Married
Spouse Eve Balboni
Children Three Children
Profession Baseball Player
Net Worth $10 million
Social Media None
Merch  Autographed Baseball Card, Rookie Card
Last Update  July, 2022

Steve Balboni is an American professional baseball player who played for the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers. Furthermore, Balboni played baseball as a first baseman and a designated hitter.

Likewise, Balboni hails from Brockton, Massachusetts. Moreover, he is married to his long-time partner and beautiful wife.  Balboni retired from professional baseball on October 2, 1993. During his retirement, he was a player for the Texas Rangers.

Tag along to read about his early life, wife, career, and the famous “Curse of the Balboni.” As we look at his life in detail, let’s quickly glance at some quick facts about him.

Who exactly is Steve Balboni? Childhood, Education, and Family

Steve Balboni, AKA Bye-bye, was born Stephen Charles Balboni on January 16, 1957. He was also born in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Despite the fact that Balboni is a well-known character, information about his parents is scant. From a young age, Balboni was destined for greatness. He used to play baseball at school and with his pals.

Balboni also attended Machester Memorial High School as a student. He also played baseball in high school at Manchester High School. During his high school years, Balboni showed good prospects. His ability to hit the ball with accuracy and power was observed.

Balboni also graduated from Manchester High School and had various university options. He decided to attend Eckerd College.

Balboni had to relocate to attend Eckerd College. He relocated from New Hampshire to Florida to further his career.

Balboni took a risk at such a young age because fulfilling aspirations requires dedication and sacrifice. Steve Balboni began his college education at Eckerd College. Similarly, he began playing college baseball for Eckerd College. The college currently competes in the NCAA II and is a member of the Sunshine State Conference.

Steve Balboni’s Height | Age, Height, and Physical Appearance

On January 16, 1957, Balboni was born. He is currently 65 years old.

Balboni was born on January 16, therefore he is a Capricorn. Capricorns are recognized for their fast thinking and discipline. Similarly, one of their most valuable characteristics is their devotion to a person or organization.

How tall is the ex-baseball player? We can fairly assume that he has a height that everyone envies.

Steve Balboni stands an impressive 6 feet and 3 inches tall. Because of his height, he can amass immense strength and strike the baseball with violence.

Balboni also has an ideal weight of 102 kg. Steve Balboni, on the other hand, had black hair and eyes.

Balboni’s Baseball Career

Steve Balboni’s baseball career is a fascinating one. Balboni had grown up with a passion for baseball. Furthermore, from an early age, Balboni was meant to win the World Series Championship.

Balboni began playing baseball throughout his high school years. Balboni was a high school baseball player at Manchester Memorial High School.

Eckerd University

Balboni also went on to study at Eckerd College. Similarly, he participated in college-level baseball with the squad.

Balboni, likewise, played for Eckerd from 1976 to 1978. Balboni was a powerful hitter while at Eckerd. With 26 home runs, he set the conference single-season home run record.

His record has remained tied for first place in the Sunshine State Conference. Balboni has garnered numerous trophies and accolades for his outstanding batting ability.

Balboni was chosen to the All-Conference team twice. He was also named an ABCA/Rawlings Division II All-American thrice. Sporting News named him to their All-American team in 1978 because he was a powerful hitter.

Furthermore, Balboni’s record of 26 home runs in a single season ranks seventh in NCAA Division II history.

Balboni’s other significant baseball contribution comes at the university level as well.

Level of Education

Balboni played collegiate baseball before being drafted into the MLB. Furthermore, he played collegiate baseball extensively.

In 1976, Balboni played collegiate summer baseball with the Falmouth Commodores in the Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL). Similarly, he played for the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox in the same league in 1977.

Similarly, in the CCBL, he was a prolific player. However, Balboni’s hitting abilities are without a doubt the best. In 1977, Balboni hit an incredible 13 home runs. He was also named the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 1977.

Balboni was later selected MVP of the all-star game at Fenway Park. His accomplishments, however, do not stop there. Steve Balboni was inducted into the CCBL Hall of Fame for his outstanding collegiate career.

The Major League Baseball Draft

Balboni declared for the MLB Draft after two years of playing college baseball and collegiate baseball.

Similarly, he was chosen in the second round of the 1978 MLB Draft by the New York Yankees. Furthermore, the Yankees signed Balboni because of his great batting power and strength.

Similarly, Balboni was only able to play college baseball for two years.

MiLB Profession

Balboni played in the Minor Leagues after signing with the Yankees. Even on a larger platform, Balboni did not disappoint. He continued to put on excellent performances and was in top form.

Balboni spent time in the minor leagues with the Fort Lauderdale Yankees and Nashville Sounds. In addition, he hit 239 home runs in nine seasons in the lower leagues.

Balboni also has an incredible 772 runs during his nine seasons. Balboni also became the leading home run hitter in six different seasons. 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1992, and 1993 are the seasons.

Baseball Career

Balboni had his professional career with several MLB teams.

The most notable teams that he has played for are listed below.

  • New York Yankees 
  • Kansas City Royals 
  • Seattle Mariners
  • New York Yankees 
  • Texas Rangers

Firstly, Balboni played for the New York Yankees in 1981. Consequently, after playing for two seasons with the team, he went on to play for the Kansas City Royals.

In 1983, the Kansas City Royals traded him to the Seattle Mariners. Likewise, Balboni played for one season with the Seattle Mariners.

Moving forward, Balboni made a return to his first team, the New York Yankees. After spending one season with the Yankees, Balboni transferred to the Texas Rangers.

Highlights, Awards & Notable Achievements

Steve Balboni was a talented and impressive player throughout his career. During his MLB season, Balboni compiled an amazing 181 home runs in 11 seasons. Also, he accumulated 495 (Runs Batted In) in those 11 seasons.

Furthermore, one of his most notable seasons comes with the Kansas City Royals. Steve Balboni won the 1985 World Series Championship.

Likewise, he contributed significantly as a first baseman to win the 1985 World Series Championship.

Steve Balboni New York Yankees Jersey Number

During his spell with the Yankees, Balboni has been given different shirt numbers. The most famous ones are as follows.

  • 1981- #36
  • 1981- #66
  • 1982- #36
  • 1982- #66
  • 1983- #28
  • 1983- #66
  • 1989- #50
  • 1990- #45

Steve Balboni’s Baseball Card Value

Baseball Cards are trading cards related to professional baseball players. Steve Balboni has several baseball cards that are worth different prices.

Some of them are listed below.

  • Team Issue Columbus Clippers Police #NNO Steve Balboni (1981)- $4.49
  • Donruss #73 Steve Balboni (1983)- $0.26
  • Topps #8 Steve Balboni (1983)- $0.26

Steve Balboni | Career Stats

Career 0.9 3120 714 181 .229 351 495 1 .293 .451

Learn more about his Major League and Minor League stats on Baseball-Reference and Fangraphs.

Who is Steve Balboni married to? | Wife & Children

So, who is the baseball superstar married to? Steve Balboni is married to his beautiful wife and partner, Eve Balboni. Together, the couple has three boys who are all grown up.

Furthermore, the pair share a happy and stable relationship.

The oldest son currently lives in West Orange. Likewise, the oldest of the three children is pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Likewise, the middle son is a police officer in Baltimore. The youngest son of the Balboni family works as a Chef in New York City.

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Steve Balboni | Personal Life

Curse of the Balboni

There is a famous curse that is connected with Steve Balboni. ESPN columnist Rany Jazayerli first proposed the curse.

The curse went like this. No team who struck more regular-season home runs than Balboni had in 1985 could ever win the World Series.

However, the alleged curse has been broken several times. Firstly, Mike Schmidt hit 48 home runs and won the World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Nicknamed “Bye-Bye”

Interestingly, Balboni is also named “Bye-Bye” The amusing nickname has a funny story attached to it.

The nickname “Bye-Bye” results due to Balboni’s enormous strength. As Balboni batted incredibly well for the Royals and Yankees, he struck several home runs.

Due to this, he received the famous nickname “Bye-Bye.”

House in Berkeley

Steve Balboni has lived with his lover and wife in a beautiful house in Berkeley Heights since 1992. The pair purchased the house in the summer of 1992.

Since then, they have created countless memories in the house.

Likewise, the pair moved to the house when Balboni was a player for the Kansas City Royals. Moreover, the Balboni children were seven, five, and 18 months old when they moved to the new house.

However, Steve and Eve chose to sell the house as all three of their children had grown up and left the house.

Similarly, Eve picked the beautiful house located on Burlington Road by Eve.

What is Steve Balboni’s Net Worth? | Net Worth & Salary

So, what is the net worth of Balboni? Firstly, Balboni has accumulated his net worth through his playing career with several MLB teams like the New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals.

Furthermore, Balboni has also worked as a scout for the San Francisco Giants.

According to various online sources, Steve Balboni has a net worth of at least $10 million.

Moreover, Balboni and his wife, Eve, owned a luxurious house in Berkeley Heights.

Does Steve Balboni use social media? | Social Media Presence

No, Steve Balboni doesn’t use any social media. His lack of social media presence might be sad news for those of you who want to follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

The 64-year-old retired baseball player doesn’t have any public social media profiles. However, if you are interested in learning more about him, you can always check out Google and YouTube.

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Steve Balboni | Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Steve Balboni’s wife?

Steve Balboni is married to his long-time partner, Eve Balboni.

What is Steve Balboni’s nickname?

Steve Balboni’s nickname is “Bye-Bye.”

Is Steve Balboni Italian?

Despite being American, Balboni has an Italian family connection.

Does the Steve Balboni obituary belong to the former baseballer?

No, the obituary belongs to someone with the same name as the former baseballer Steve Balboni. The former Royals player is in his mid-60s and in good health.

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