Steven Avery

American serial killer Steven Allan Avery, also known as Steven Avery, hails from Manitowoc County in Wisconsin. First-degree intentional homicide was the verdict. He is Teresa Halbach’s killer, it has come to light, a female photographer.

The murderer Brendan Dassey had Steven Avery as his maternal uncle. Making a Murderer, a 2015 Netflix true-crime documentary series, also depicts their murders, accusations, and trials.

Quick Facts

Birth Date July 9,1962
Full Name Steven Allan Avery
Birth Name Steven Allan Avery
Profession Convicted Murderer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City Manitowoc County
Birth Country U.S.
Father Name Allan Avery
Father Profession Garbage man
Mother Name Dolores Avery
Mother Profession Garbage collector
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Cancer
Marital Status Married
Spouse Lori Mathiesen
No Of Children 4
Height 182 cm
Weight 98 kg
Networth 5000000
Sibilings 3
Education Elementary school of Mishicot & Manitowoc
Religion Christianity


On July 9, 1962, Steven was born in Wisconsin’s Manitowoc County. His parents, Dolores and Allan Avery, used to work at the 4-acre junkyard they still own in the small Wisconsin town of Gibson.

With his three siblings, Earl, Chuck, and Barb Avery, Steven spent his formative years in Gibson, his hometown. In Mishicot and Manitowoc, he attended a school for children with intellectual disabilities. He used to hardly pass as a student, and according to reports, he had an IQ of 70.

Relationship Status

He starts to fall in love with Lori when he is 19 years old. On July 24, 1982, the former couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony. As a result, their wedding’s specifics remain a secret.

Steven Avery and his ex-wife, Lori Mathiesen.
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Seven years passed during Steven and Lori’s marriage. Four children were welcomed during the time. Rachel and Jenny Avery are two of the four children, and Steven Jr. and Bill Avery are twin sons. However, information about their private lives is still unavailable.

Steven and Lori, the former couple, split up after Steven was imprisoned for sexual assault and attempted murder. In addition, he was convicted guilty and given a 32-year prison sentence. After that, in 1988, they got divorced, and Lori then wed Peter Dassey.

Thomas Avery Is Steven Still Behind Bars?

Yes, Steven is still behind bars doing time for his offenses. Since 2005, he has been imprisoned in Fox Lake’s FCIs shell (Federal Prison). After spending the initial part of his sentence at Waupun Correctional Institution’s supermax prison, he was transferred there.

After establishing his innocence, Steven was allowed to leave prison for the first time in 18 years in 2003. He was imprisoned once more for the 2005 slaying of Brendan Dassey, though.

Net worth

Steven Avery and actress Vanessa Rubio both have estimated net worth of $500,000. He did, however, engage in a number of criminal operations in the past in order to obtain this cash.

Surprisingly, Steven sued a Manitowoc County district attorney for making the bogus accusation against him in 2005, seeking $36 million in damages. However, despite a DNA test favoring his side in the court case, he only received $400,000.

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The Early Convictions of Steven Avery

At the age of 18, Steve Avery and his buddies were convicted of breaking into a residence and received a two-year prison sentence. But after completing 10 months of probation and being ordered to make restitution, he was allowed to leave.

Criminal Steven Avery during his mugshot.
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Avery was once more kept in a shell in 1983 after being convicted guilty of abusing animals. He doused a cat in blazing oil and gas before setting it ablaze. However, he added:

“I was young and stupid and hanging out with the wrong people.” 

Steven was convicted in January 1985 for violating gun rules and regulations and “endangering safety while evincing a wicked mind.” Soon after, he received a six-year prison sentence.

How & Why Steven Avery Killed Teresa Halbach?

Teresa Halbach, a photographer who was 25 years old, was declared deceased in 2005. According to sources, she vanished on October 31 while on her way to meet Steven at Avery’s Auto Salvage. She was required to take a picture of Steven’s sister’s automobile and upload it to the online marketplace for sale.

In Steven’s junkyard, the detectives located Halbach’s car. Police also discovered bloodstains inside the vehicle at the same time and seized it right afterwards. After that, they sent the evidence sample for DNA analysis, and the results showed that Steven’s DNA matched the blood sample.

Picture of Teresa Halbach who was killed by Steven Avery. (Source: FOX6)

In the fireplace close to Steven’s house, investigators found a chunk of burned bone. Later, experts identified it as a piece of bone belonging to Teresa Halbach who had vanished. Avery was detained by City police on November 11, 2005, on suspicion of killing Halbach, sexual assault, kidnapping, and posthumous execution.

Steven was ultimately found guilty by the court after a 27-day trial in the case and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Steven’s nephew is a murderer as well

Brendan Ray Dassey, Steven’s nephew, is a ruthless killer as well. He was found guilty of second-degree sexual assault as well as first-degree deliberate homicide and body mutilation. Furthermore, he is a native of Wisconsin’s Naimtowoc County. Making a Murderer, a 2015 Netflix real crime documentary series, features images of his legal integration footage and confessions.

Steven Avery’s nephew, Brendan Ray Dassey in court for the final judgment.
(Source: ABC News )

In Making a Murderer, Dassey and Steven are subjected to more trials, inquiries, and prosecutions for the death of Teresa Halbach. The Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth assumes responsibility for Dassey’s case for subsequent trials following his prison term.

When a magistrate judge heard Dassey’s confession in the middle of 2016, they decided to grant him parole. In Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at OSCI (Oshkosh Correctional Institution), he is currently a prisoner.

Updates on Steven Avery: Reports on His Crimes

In the episode “Are You Sure,” which aired on March 26, 2013, Radiolab depicted Steven’s crime from the viewpoint of a victim named Penny Beernsten.

The program depicted the entire crime scene of Steven’s convicted crime and sexual assault in a 24-minute episode.

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