Stormy Buonantony

Quick Facts

No matter how challenging or simple your job has been or will be, you’ll always experience a positive energy pulsing through your veins if you love what you do. Similar to this type of individual, Stormy Buonantony is passionate about her career as a journalist and reporter. She is currently employed by AT & T SportsNet as a Rinkside Reporter & Host.

Hundreds of thousands of people watch Stormy Buonantony every day. She reports on Golden Knights hockey team news. The journalist had, however, previously covered the NFL team Carolina Panthers. Discover Stormy’s early years, wealth, and married life by tuning in.

What is the age of Stormy Buonantony?

Stormy is a 30-year-old woman who goes by the moniker Stormy Buonantony. On July 13, 2022, the day before her birthday, she just turned 30. On July 13, 1992, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, Stormy was born. Along with her siblings Johnny Buonantony, Gunner Buonantony, and Chloe Buonantony, she was raised by her parents Cheri Shipp and Richard Buonantony. Likewise, the woman is a citizen of the United States and is of Caucasian descent.

Stormy Childhood

In Las Vegas, Stormy grew up in the most cosy and tranquil setting possible. Her father was a professional baseball player who was a member of the St. Louis Cardinals’ 40-man roster. Her mother is a gymnastics coach in the meantime. Because of her parents, Stormy experienced no difficulties as a child and enjoyed wonderful times with her family.

Where did Stormy did his  education?

Stormy Buonantony is an intelligent woman with many skills. At Palomar College in San Diego, where she pursued her education, she earned a certificate in broadcast journalism. She also attended San Diego State University, where in 2010 she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

How Did Journalist Stormy Buonantony Begin Her Career?

Stormy went to work for CBS as an assistant responsible for Sports Live after graduating. It is also known that the woman began her career as a freelancer in a variety of other positions. Stormy worked for Campus Insiders for over a year as a sideline reporter later in 2016. She also relocated to North Carolina where she worked as the Sports Editor and Producer for NBC News. Buonantony served as a contract reporter for ESPN and Raycom Sports in Charlotte in 2019.

Stormy Buonantony with her Boyfriend Christopher Normandata

Her job was to report on the rumours and news around college basketball, football, and world series. Similarly, her commitment to her career and hard work brought her to the Carolina Panthers, where she was hired as the team’s official in-stadium reporter and broadcast associate. Stormy is currently a Rinkside Journalist for AT & T SportsNet. She focuses primarily on writing about the Vegas Golden Knight and hockey teams. Stormy also joins VSiN as the Sports Betting Network introduces its new lineup.

Who is the husband of Stormy Buonantony?

These days, a lot of Stormy followers only wanted to see her get married and start a happy family. But the woman hasn’t given it much attention because of her desire to succeed in her career. Although Stormy Buonantony is not yet married, she is engaged to Christopher Normandata. The couple frequently confuses being husband and wife since they frequently post images of each other on their Instagram profile.

According to the media, Stormy and Christopher started dating in 2015. They always make the ideal couple, sharing each other’s joys and sorrows while living lovely moments. The reporter’s boyfriend, meanwhile, is a veteran who is currently serving in the US Army. Stormy finds her boyfriend to be the ideal companion for everything she does, including taking vacations, attending award presentations, and watching sporting events.

A recent Instagram post from Stormy’s future husband wished her a happy birthday. The adorable couple doesn’t hold back when posting on social media about their emotions or fantastic experiences. So let’s wish the couples who are in love a happy marriage and adorable children in the years to come.

Does Stormy have a social media presence?

You can follow Stormy Buonantony on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Instagram, she is followed by more than 14,000 people as @ssstormy. She also has 16.8K followers on Twitter and goes by the handle “@StormyBuonantony.” Additionally, she has a Facebook profile with the name “@Stormy Buonantany.” The reporter’s Tiktok account, “@stormbuonantony,” has only 430 followers and 1.5K likes.

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How much money does Stormy Buonantony make?

As of 2022, Stormy Buonantony had a startling net worth of $2 million. She makes between $100K and $150K a year in income.

Stormy’s Boyfriend wished her Happy Birthday in 2022

The woman is a well-known journalist who was recognised for excellence in social media with the Cynopsis Sports LeaderBoard Award. In December 2015, she received her honour.

How tall is Stormy Buonantony?

Stormy is approximately 58 kg in weight and stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Her physical dimensions are 35-25-35 inches, and she is stunning. The woman also has beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Stormy is a US size 7 shoe wearer.