Sunshine Deia Tutt

Quick Facts:

Full name Sunshine Deia Tutt
Age 46 years old
Date of Birth 23rd September 1976
Place of Birth Brownsville, Texas, United States
Profession Actress, Interior Designer
Net worth $500,000
Husband Chris Kattan (2008-2009)
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents Steven Tutt, Melissa Van Holsbeke

Sunshine Deia Tutt is a model turned actress; however, she isn’t active in the show business anymore. Until today she only worked on a couple of projects as an actress. Although she got few works on her list, she garnered massive attention for her great act. She is currently into interior design and works as a Director of design at Sublime Interior Designs, LLC. Let’s learn more about her professional and personal life in this article.

Early Years

Sunshine Deia Tutt, who was born on September 23, 1976, has been alive for 45 years. She is a native of Brownsville, Texas, in the United States, and she is a Libra. Regarding her school experience, she went to Frontenac, Missouri’s St. Joseph Academy. Deia later earned her degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 1998. She holds an associate’s degree in visual communication and design.

Caption: Sunshine Deia Tutt captured in childhood photographs. Source: Instagram

Profession and Daily Life

Sunshine Deia Tutt is an actress who formerly worked as a model. She has appeared in Monkeybone from the year 2001, Deal or No Deal from the year 2006, and Sunset Tan from the year 2007. You may also like to know about Robert Graysmith.

Caption: Sunshine Deia Tutt posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

She also competed in the magazine’s yearly competition for the title of “Miss FHM 2006.” Diana Chiafair ultimately won the Miss FHM 2006 pageant, nonetheless. She afterwards enrolled in an interior design program. Later, she was employed at Sublime Interior Designs, LLC as a Director of Design. Her modeling, acting, and interior design careers are all receiving attention from the business.

In addition to these, she is well-known for being Chris Kattan’s ex-wife. Chris is a well-known American novelist, comedian, and actor. Chris is well-known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live as well. Additionally well-known are Chris Kattan’s performances as Bob on The Middle’s first four seasons, as Doug Butabi in A Night at the Roxbury, and as Bunnicula in Bunnicula.

Injury to the neck and Dancing with the Stars

Sunshine In 2017, the ex-husband of Deia Tutt participated in Dancing with the Stars. His rigid upper body movement was condemned by the judges and other admirers online. After that, her ex-husband disclosed that he had injured his neck while doing a stunt over 20 years before. Chris stated that his loss of movement was due to the injuries and subsequent surgery.

Caption: Sunshine Deia Tutt posing for a photo with her ex-husband, Chris Kattan, and Giorgio Armani. Source: Instagram

Her ex-husband also disclosed that the 2014 DUI arrest was caused by the painkillers he started using after his fourth operation. Additionally, Chris Kattan included additional information about the injuries in his memoir. He stated in his memoir that a Saturday Night Live skit that aired on May 12, 2001, was to blame.

In this episode, her spouse performed a “Golden Girls” imitation while falling backward on a chair. Chris said that two of his five procedures to fix the spinal injury were covered by NBC. You may also like to know about Melanie Hinton.

Status of Relationships

Chris Kattan and Sunshine Deia Tutt were previously wed on June 28, 2008, and on February 22, 2009. On Christmas Eve in the year 2006, the couple got engaged. At her grandparents’ house in Gainesville, Texas, Chris proposed to her.

Caption: Sunshine Deia Tutt posing for a photo with her grandmother. Source: Instagram

The former pair, however, was unable to keep their marriage together. She and Chris consequently parted ways on August 10, 2008. Only eight weeks had passed since their wedding. Additionally, she and Chris began dating in 2005, the same year they originally met. After only a year of dating, they were engaged. The then-couple waited two more years after remaining engaged before tying the knot in Oakhurst, California, in June 2008.

What is the Net Worth of Sunshine Deia Tutt?

Sunshine Deia Tutt’s financial situation may not be known to us, but based on her Instagram pictures, we assume she has enough money to live comfortably.

Sunshine owns a lovely dog as her pet.
Photo Source: Instagram

Numerous trustworthy websites calculated Sunshine’s current net worth to be in the vicinity of $500,000. The majority of her wealth came from her work in the interior design profession, with the remainder coming from her brief career in the film business.

Speaking of Sunshine’s acting career, the former model has only appeared in two films as of late. She made her acting debut in 2001 playing a supporting model in the movie Monkeybone. She then resumed modeling, but this time for the video game Deal or No Deal.

Love Life of Sunshine Deia Tutt: Relationships, Marriage, and Divorce

Sunshine Deia Tutt received a great deal of attention from her marriage in addition to her professional accomplishments. Chris Kattan, an American actor, comedian, and novelist, and she got married. She married a famous person, therefore some of her renown also stems from her romantic relationships.

On June 28, 2008, Sunshine and Chris, her ex-husband, exchanged vows in Oakhurst, California. Sadly, they were only able to be together as a married couple for a few months—their marriage only lasted three months. On February 22, 2009, they separated legally after deciding to call it quits on their romance and filed for divorce, citing some irreconcilable differences.

Deia Tutt with her ex-husband, Chris Kattan.
Photo Source: Zimbio

Sunshine and Chris were a short-lived couple who first got close as a couple and then as a boyfriend and girlfriend. They started dating in 2005, the same year they initially met.

Chris proposed to Sunshine in 2006 on Christmas Eve after a year of dating, as reported in Famous Fix. The ex-couple took their time saying their vows, though, and as soon as they embarked on married life together, their ship sank.

When we wrote this article about Sunshine, there was no evidence that she had a second failed relationship. We therefore believe it is appropriate to say that she is currently single.

Information on Sunshine Deia Tutt’s parents, height, siblings, siblings, age, and education

Sunshine Deia Tutt loves to avoid the media spotlight, so let us let you know before we go into her personal life. Therefore, hardly much information about her private life is accessible online.

Sunshine, a former model, was born in Brownsville, Texas, in the United States on September 23, 1976. We don’t know who her parents are or what they did for a living, despite the fact that they raised her. Furthermore, information regarding her siblings is still a mystery.

Sunshine with her late mother.
Photo Source: Instagram

Against all chances, when browsing Sunshine’s Instagram, we stumbled onto anything related to her family. She broke the devastating news to her followers on May 7, 2020, that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. They aren’t afraid, though, and they’ll fight back to rid themselves of the potentially fatal illness.

Sunshine attended St. Joseph’s Academy, where she received outstanding evaluations and graduated. She then continued her education at The University of Texas at Austin, where in 1998 she earned an Associate’s degree in design and visual communication.

Sunshine will be 44 years old in 2020, and in terms of height, she is 5 feet 8 inches tall.