Susan Wokoma

Quick Facts

Full Name Susan Indiaba Wokoma
Height 163cm
Nationality United Kingdom
Date of Birth 1987/12/31
Birth Country United Kingdom
Birth Place London
Horoscope Capricorn.
Ethnicity Black
Sexual Orientation Straight
Chest Size 34
Waist Size 26
Hips Size 34
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Susan Indiaba Wokoma was born in Elephant and Castle, London, United Kingdom, on December 31, 1987.


Susan Wokoma is a British actress best known for playing Cynthia in the 2015 television series Chewing Gum. Her admirers frequently compliment her on her remarkable acting abilities, and in 2017 an international panel also awarded her the BAFTA Breakthrough Brit award.

Wokoma, a black ethnic group citizen who was born in London, blessed her parents on December 31, 1987. She was raised with her sibling Emi Wokoma and goes by the middle name Indiana. Capricorn is her astrological sign.

Gloucester Primary School provided her with her early education. She doesn’t provide any other academic information.

Family & Parents

Wokoma, an actress who played Enola Holmes, was the second child of a Nigerian marriage. Although she hasn’t revealed who her parents are, it is known that her father had to work multiple jobs and in various locations in order to meet his family’s basic demands. Her dad passed away in 2012.

Susan learned of her father’s passing while she was in Calabar, Nigeria filming the first half of her debut feature Yellow Sun.

Her mother, on the other hand, worked incredibly hard as a sweeper to provide for their family. She and Emi were brought up by her parents in Peckham, London, England. Despite their poor financial situation, Wokoma’s parents never denied her of the necessities or a solid education.

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Emi Wokoma is the sister,

Like her younger sister Susan, Emi Wokoma is a British actress who has appeared in films like Trexx, Flipside, and Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.

Sister of Susan Wokoma(Source: The BWH Agency)

She performs as an actress and vocalist with The BWH agency. Like Emi, who loves working out and has a godly physique. She has won the UKBFF Bodyfitness Champion title five times and is employed by PT/GEX as an instructor and poaching coach.

Height & Weight

Susan has a good body along with her lovely curly hair and lovely natural black eyes.

Susan Wokoma height(Source: Currant Magazine)

Regarding her physical characteristics, Wokoma is 163 cm tall and carries a weight of roughly 68 kg (150 lbs.). She has kept her other physical characteristics a secret.

Joined RADA’s acting classes

Wokoma had taken acting classes and developed an interest in performing from a young age. At the age of 14, she began her acting career.

Before starting her Hollywood career, she attended in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), England, to improve her acting abilities.

Current Relationship Status

When it comes to her private life, Susan Wokoma is a very secretive person. She doesn’t discuss her relationships or love life in detail.

She hasn’t yet made her love connections known to the public or shared any photos with specific people. Wokoma is reportedly single at the moment and is concentrating on her work.

Loves Travelling

Wokoma, an actress of British descent, enjoys visiting lovely places. She is constantly looking for a chance to visit a foreign country so she can experience different and unusual ways of life.

Susan Wokoma in Italy(Source: Instagram)

Wokoma has not restricted her travel to places inside the perimeter. She has traveled to various destinations, some of which include Italy, the United States, Costa Rica, and others.

Teenage Wokoma Taught Drama

Wokoma said in one of the Instagram photos that Maria had taught her theatre on Sunday mornings when she was a youngster. She feels that Leaf’s direction is the source of all the assurance and hope she has in her ability to act. They are now good buddies.

Because her friends urged, Maria made her acting debut on BBC 1 at the age of 50. Wokoma is pleased and proud of her deed.

Due to fear, Wokoma slept in a hotel room,

After her home location was made public in 2021 by an unidentified source, the Enola Holmes actress Wokoma struggled to get a good night’s sleep. The same individual who had threatened to beat her her sister also called her out on her race.

Because it was not illegal to disclose one’s whereabouts, the police did not get involved. Her attorney, however, said that it is against GDPR laws.

According to Wokoma, she recently purchased the home, and all of her relatives are present. She was forced to spend the night in a hotel room because she couldn’t sleep at home.

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Included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Wokoma has also been included in Forbes’ 2017 list of 30 under 30. Each year, Forbes publications publish a collection of lists featuring individuals under the age of 30 who have made contributions to the business world and other fields.

Career As Actress

In 2006, Susan Wokoma made her acting debut in the television film That Summer Day. She gave a noteworthy performance in the two-year-old sitcom Chewing Gum, which debuted in 2015.

Her performances as Edith in Enola Holmes and Rachel in the Netflix horror comedy Crazyhead are also well-liked by viewers all around the world. The actress is scheduled to return for Enola Holmes’ second season.

She has 46 acting credits to her name during the course of her career. The House, Save the Cinema, Night Bus, A Response to Your Message, and Year of the Rabbit are a few of the films in which she acted.

The Cheaters

When she partnered with the series Cheaters, the Enola Holmes actress Wokoma made headlines. The actress adds that although cheating is wrong and causes harm to individuals, there are many other factors and motivations for doing so, and the creator of this sitcom does a great job of illustrating these in his or her work.

When engaging in a drunken closeness, they decide to forget everything that happened after they leave. They discover, however, that they are neighbors who live next door to one another.

Their various partners also desire friendship between them all.

Career as a writer

In addition to being an actress, Wokoma also makes a contribution to the entertainment industry through her writing. She wrote for the second season of the well-known Netflix series Sex Education, which the majority of you might possibly be familiar with.

Movie written by Susan Wokoma(Source: IMDb)

She currently lists four writing credits for The Reluctant Landlord, Porters, Sex Education, and Sky Comedy Shorts: Susan Wokoma’s Love the Sinner on her IMDb profile.

Gross Value & Source of Income

Susan Wokoma is thought to be worth a staggering $1.5 million. Susan has worked hard for years in her professional job, and she has been able to amass this significant sum.

She earns between $100k and $200k per year as a seasoned performer and writer and also received a sizable salary from endorsements and advertising, which helped her financial account.

Wokoma’s restroom was created by Flora,

Wokoma enjoys using lovely interior and exterior ideas to embellish her home. She is always redesigning or upgrading her home to suit her ideas.

Similar to this, she just worked with incredible artist Flora to decorate her bathroom. When it comes to designing, Wokoma always thinks of Flora.

On Social Media

Wokoma is a social media hoarder who updates her status and posts frequently. She has a verified account on the popular social media site because she is an actor.  After experiencing online abuse, she made the decision to stop using Twitter.

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