Willians Astudillo

Venezuelan professional baseball player Willians Astudillo is presently unsigned and available for hire. He is a versatile player that can fill in at any time throughout a game. Interestingly, Willians has played every position in baseball besides the shortstop. He had previously been a professional baseball player with the Minnesota Twins (MLB). Willians Astudillo | … Read more

Bryse Wilson

Every living thing on this planet has a unique tale to share. And today, we’ll delve into the lives of a two-sport athlete who made history by being the 2018 season’s youngest major league starter. We are speaking, ladies and gentlemen, of none other than Bryse Wilson. He is additionally listed by MLB Pipeline as … Read more

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper, who is frequently referred to as a five-tool player, is not a small name in baseball. He is a person who is well aware of his athletic prowess. He played with the Washington Nationals for five arduous seasons and is now a student at the Major League Baseball Philadelphia Phillies. For the team, … Read more

Spencer Howard

A player is rarely seen in a significant role until late in their career. Although it takes years and years to strive and hone a skill, athletes like Spencer Howard have true potential. He has only been in the workforce for a year, but he has already established himself as a professional with ace-level skills. … Read more

Brian Goodwin

Brian Goodwin is a great example in MLB history of someone who made a name for himself through hard work and perseverance. Starting in May 2021, MLB star Goodwin is currently playing for the Chicago White Sox. Quick Facts Full Name Brian Christopher Goodwin Birth Date November 2, 1990 Birth Place Rocky Mount, North Carolina, … Read more

Albert Pujols

One of the brightest lights in baseball is Albert Pujols. One of his generation’s top hitters is Albert, also known as “The Machine.” The Major League Baseball (MLB) player of Dominican descent played for the St. Louis Cardinals for 11 seasons and the Los Angeles Angels for more than nine seasons. Quick Facts about Albert … Read more