Jodi Lynn

Dressed in dark apparel, theatrically donning the stage became the trademark of The Undertaker  Arguably one of the best wrestlers in WWE history, the eerie ambiance and haunting chimes definitely made our childhood memories terrifying but entertaining at the same time. Having said that, many are not familiar with the real-life of this famous wrestler. He has … Read more

Wanda Ferraton

Some people become well-known through their career, while others do so through their renowned wives. Similarly, Goldberg’s wife Wanda Ferraton is a well-known wrestler. She is not only Goldberg’s wife; she is a stunt performer as well. While performing stunts, she has body doubled a number of Hollywood actresses. She does, however, now run her own … Read more

Catalina White

Women have been characterized as weak for a long time. But today’s women are defying all preconceived notions about them and demonstrating their value. Catalina White is one such lady who has proven she is resilient on both a mental and physical level. Quick Facts about Catalina White: Full Name Catalina White Birth Date 22 … Read more

Galina Becker

Galina Becker is such a character who has a place with the last option bunch herself. For the individuals who have no clue, Galina has stood out for media and fans as the spouse of Roman Rules, WWE’s Brilliant Kid. Regardless of his persona inside the ring as a scary person, he is a family … Read more