Taryn Dakha

Quick Facts

Birth Date July 1798,1980
Full Name Taryn Taryn
Birth Name Taryn
Profession Model, stunt Double
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Birth City Vancouver, British Columbia
Birth Country Canada
Horoscope Leo
Religion Christianity

Taryn Dakha is a stunt double, ice skater, and model from Canada. However, she rose to fame following her marriage with American actor Romany Malco. She has become well-known as Malco’s ex-wife.

By profession, Romany Malco is a rapper, composer, actor, producer, and media personality from the United States. He garnered significant praise for his performance in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.


On July 17, 1980, Taryn Dakha, a Canadian of white ethnicity, was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She was born and raised in a Canadian family. She unfortunately conceals a lot of intimate information about her early life and family background. And She doesn’t have a profile on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Talking about her academic qualification, Taryn is a well-educated woman who attended a local Canadian school for her primary education. But she eventually traveled to New York for further instruction, and she, too, is a University graduate. Dakha is also interested in sports and modeling.

What is the Age of Taryn Dakha?

Taryn Dakha stepped this land on 17th July 1980 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As of 2022, her age is 42 years old and her sun sign is Cancer. Her nationality is Canadian and belongs to the White ethnicity. Similarly, she follows the Christianity religion.

Taryn Dakha is still wed, right?

Model Taryn Dakha, 41, and her husband Romany Malco are no longer together. She now has a divorced husband and is a single mother. But in 2007, while working with Taryn on the set of The Love Guru, she did get to know Romany.

Taryn Dakha and Romany Malco, her ex-spouse
from Google

They then started dating each other a few months later. The two decided to get married after a while of dating. Finally, on September 3, 2008, Taryn wed Romany. The first few years of their marriage were spent in pleasure. The two then made the decision to live apart.

Romany and Taryn also didn’t have any offspring from their union. After eight years of marriage, they separated. In 2016, they made their divorce formally public. Romany claims that Taryn’s adulterous behavior was primarily responsible for their divorce.

What is the current status of Taryn Dakha’s relationships?

Taryn Dakha is happily married to an unknown man after divorcing Romany. But Taryn didn’t reveal any specifics about her husband. She has a long history of being bound to her mysterious existence. In 2010, she was captured in a studio with a bulge from pregnancy.

Taryn Dakha Malco’s picture
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The couple is now parents as a result. But she hasn’t mentioned her child in any way. Despite her enigmatic past, she currently seems to be enjoying her marriage. Her personal and professional lives are not the subject of rumors because she is no longer in the media.

Who is Taryn Dakha Husband?

Previously, she married her long-term boyfriend turned husband, Romany Malco. She met the love of her life Romany Malco in 2007, while Taryn Dakha was on the set of The Love Guru. After a few months, they started their relationship and they began dating each other.

After being in love for several months, they decided to get married on the 3rd of September 2008. They spent a blissful life together. However, the duo decided to live separately just after a few years of their wedding. But there are some rumors that the reason behind their divorce is her extra-marital affair with another guy.

Nevertheless, she is married to another guy. Moreover, she was spotted in a photo studio with a baby bump. She was there with a guy to click artsy photos of her baby bump in July 2010. Along with the child’s details, her husband’s details are also unknown.

Presently, she may be enjoying her blissful life with her family. As she is out of the media, there are no rumors about her personal life and career. On the other hand, her ex-husband, Romany is single after being divorced from Taryn Dakha. He is not linked with any dating rumors and having a girlfriend yet.

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What is The net worth of Taryn Dakha?

Taryn Dakha reportedly has a $300,000 net worth as a result of her professional achievements. She might also be earning a respectable salary at her present job. Her net worth appears to be enough for her to lead an excellent, proper lifestyle.


Taryn Dakha, a Canadian model, via Google

In addition to her films, Dakhahas worked in advertising, TV programs, and brand marketing. Stunt performer Sheena Sakai has a net worth of about $480,000. Romany Malco, her ex-husband, has a net worth of $3 million as a result of his long and successful career.

Taryn Dakha’s Career Highlights

Taryn Dakha has worked as an actor, an ice skater, and a model. She used to be a professional skater before getting into acting. Dakha has performed stunts in the Fantastic Four movie for Jessica Alba. She also performed Alba’s flying and jumping in a few films.

Even though her face was not visible on screen, she was given full credit for executing tough stunts for her in the sci-fi film. She was Alba’s body double in the movie The Love Guru, The Eyes, and Good Luck Chuck, in addition to the Fantastic Four. Recently The Love Guru star Henry Golding welcomes one son with his wife.

Romany, her husband, is a musician and actor who has produced numerous award-winning albums and tunes. He’s also known for his parts in the television shows “Level 9” and “Weeds,” as well as the film “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Malco was also nominated for a SAG Award and two NAACP Image Awards.

What is the HeightTaryn Dakha?

She has a good height of 5 feet 6 inches tall. In addition, her hair color is brown and her eyes look dark brown.

Movies of Taryn Dakha

She was doing the stunts for Jessica Alba in the famous Fantastic Four films. Also, she did Alba‘s flying and jumping in some movies. Moreover, her face might not be seen on screen, but she was given full credit for performing difficult stunts for her in the Sci-fi movie. Apart from Fantastic Four, she was also Alba’s body double in films The Love Guru, The Eyes, Good Luck Chuck. 

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Romany is an actor and a music producer who has produced multiple award-winning albums and tracks. Moreover, he is best known for his work on TV shows “Level 9” and “Weeds” and for his role in the movie “The 40-year-old Virgin”. Besides this, Malco was nominated for a SAG Award and two NAACPImage Awards.

Taryn Dakha’s Career Journey

  • Taryn Dakha served as an ice skater, a model, as well as an actress. She was a professional skater before she became active on the screen.
  • The activity she had on films showed her beautiful and elastic body but not her face.