Taylor Hawkins

Quick Facts

Name Taylor Hawkins
Net Worth $40 Million
Age 50
Height (1.73 m)
Weight 80KG (Approx)
Profession Songwriter, Musician, Drummer
Date Of Birth February 17, 1972
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
Income $5 Million
Spouse Alison Hawkins

Taylor Hawkins was an American songwriter, musician, drummer, and singer who had a net worth of $40 million.  Hawkins played drums for Alannis Morrisette on her Can’t Not Tour before joining the rock band Foo Fighters in 1997.

Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders was a side musical project of his. Prior to joining the Fighters band in 1997, he was the touring drummer for Sass Jordan and Alanis Morissette. He had also visited the drummer for the advanced experimental band, Sylvia.

The British drumming magazine Rhythm also named him “Best Rock Drummer.” He has worked in the music industry for a number of years. At the age of 50, Taylor passed away on March 25, 2022


Oliver Taylor Hawkins was born on February 17, 1972, in Fort Worth, Texas. Hawkins was raised in Laguna Beach, California. Hawkins has two siblings, Heather and Jason. Laguna Beach High School awarded him his high school diploma in 1990.

He was influenced by Police Stewart Copeland at a young age. He was also a big fan of Roger Taylor from Queen and Jane’s Addiction. Hawkins was a boyhood buddy of Jon Davison, the current lead singer of Genesis.

They’d known one other since they were kids and had been in several bands together. The tribute band was the most notable. The band played at high school dances as well as weddings.

Taylor Hawkins’s Early life and Childhood

Texas’s Fort Worth was the place of Oliver Taylor Hawkins’ birth on February 17, 1972. His family moved to Laguna Beach, California, in 1976. Jason and Heather Hawkins are Hawkins’ two siblings. He went to Laguna Beach High School. He was greatly influenced by Stewart Copeland of the Police and a huge Roger Taylor and Jane’s Addiction fan when he was a teenager.

American Musician Taylor Hawkins, image: FooArchive.

Hawkins knew Yes’ current singer, Jon Davison, from their youth. The best group they were in together was the cover band Heavy Industry, and they had known each other since they were little. The band performed at a wedding as well as high school dances. After their high school years playing in Heavy Industry, Hawkins and Davison’s paths parted ways.

Hawkins has played in a number of awful bands that, in his words, “tried to sound like Jane’s Addiction.” He joined the avant-garde group Sylvia, but he afterwards joined Sass Jordan as their drummer. Then he left Sass Jordan to go on tour with Alanis Morissette.

Career and professional Life

The hits “You Oughta Know,” “All I Really Want,” and “You Learn” were among Hawkins’ many music videos. Hawkins was the drummer for Canadian singer Alanis Morissette on her 1996 “Can’t Not” tour. Hawkins had been dating Alanis Morissette for over 17 months before receiving a heartbreaking phone call from Dave Grohl.

The Foo Fighters were virtually unknown in early 1997, performing in clubs or opening for more established artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Foo Fighters are one of the most successful rock bands after 23 years.

It sold out London’s Wembley Stadium for two nights in 2008, with an estimated 92,000 people in attendance each night. Hawkins’ side project, the Coattail Riders, released a self-titled album in 2006. He was a member of Queen’s Roger Taylor and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith’s SOS Allstars at Live Earth in 2007.

Dave Grohl pays tribute to Taylor Hawkins. Pic: Scarlet Page

Taylor Hawkins’ most recent album, Get the Monkey, was released in 2019. The song has guest vocals from several artists, including LeAnn Rimes. Rimes and Hawkins live next door to each other, and their children attend the same school. He approached her one day and asked if she wanted to sing a “psychedelic stoner rock tune.”

The song is supposed to have been recorded while Rimes was lying down on the studio floor. Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction performs on the album. Farrell sings in “I Really Blue It.” Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction, a high school favorite of Taylor’s, adds vocals to the record.

Hawkins formed the NHC supergroup in 2021 with Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro and Chris Chaney. Hawkins described the band’s live debut in 2021 as “something between Rush and the Faces” at Eddie Vedder’s Ohana festival.

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Personal Life

Hawkins was married to Alison Hawkins from 2005 till his death in 2022. Their three children are Oliver, Annabelle, and Everleigh. The Hawkins family lives in Hidden Hills, California, not far from Dave Grohl’s home in Encino. Hawkins spent two weeks in a coma after overdosing on heroin in 2001.

In August 2001, he was discovered to have overdosed on heroin. As a result, he fell into a coma for two weeks. Hawkins told Beats 1 broadcaster Matt Wilkinson about the event in 2018: “I used to go out a lot.” I wasn’t a typical junkie, but I was a wild party animal.

There was a time when the drinking got out of hand. Fortunately, one night, this man handed me the wrong sentence with the wrong object, and I awoke wondering, “What the hell happened?” That turned out to be a watershed moment in my life.”

When did Hawkins Die?

Hawkins died on March 25, 2022, at the age of 50, according to the Foo Fighters’ official social accounts. The band was on tour in South America at the time of the announcement. The band was on tour in South America at the time of the announcement and was scheduled to perform at the Estéreo Picnic Festival in Bogotá that evening.

What is the Net Worth of Taylor Hawkins?

The Networth of Oliver Taylor Hawkins is estimated to be around 40 million to 75 million US Dollars. Apart from his musical work, Taylor lived in a Hidden Hills mansion having a 7000 square-foot area. The estate nearly cost 2.7 million U.S Dollars.  It was the investment Hawkins had in 2012, after moving from Topanga Canyon. He has primarily worked with Alanis Morisette in the mid-90s as the band’s drummer. Hawkins mansion has a barn, tree yard, swimming pool, and a spa. Hawkin’s mansion was once owned by America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel for 3.099 million US Dollars.

Automobile Collection

Taylor Hawkins paid approximately $550,000 USD for a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. Taylor Hawkins also owned a Rolls-Royce Phantom worth $1 million USD. His other vehicles included the Volvo XC60, Jaguar F-Type, Lincoln Nautilus, and Audi Q8.

taylor hawkins Showing his car
Source: Youtube

Hawkins Life Journey

In 2004, he created his own side project, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, in which he sang and played drums, he released three Studio albums between 2006 and 2019. He created a supergroup NHC with Jane’s Addiction members Dave Navarro and Chris Chaney in 2020. And He also took on lead vocal and drumming duties.  He was recruited into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021  as a member of Foo Fighters. Hawkins was voted the “Best Rock Drummer” in 2005, by the British drumming magazine Rhythm. He died on March 25, 2022, in Colombia, due to Chest pain.



Taylor Hawkins’ net worth was reported to be $40 million at the time of his death. He was best known as the drummer for the rock band the Foo Fighters. Hawkins has also played in the bands of Alanis Morissette and The Birds of Satan, among others. Taylor Hawkins, the band’s cheerful and frightening drummer for more than two decades, died at the age of 50, according to a statement.

Taylor Hawkins Net Worth 2022 – FAQs

1. Who is  Hawkins?

Oliver Taylor Hawkins was a musician from America. He is well-known as the drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters.

2. Which is the native of  Hawkins?

Texas in the USA is the native of Taylor Hawkins.

3. What is the Networth of  Hawkins?

Taylor Hawkins has a networth of  40 million to 75 million US Dollars.

4. What is the profession of  Hawkins?

Taylor Hawkins is a songwriter, musician, and drummer.

5. What is the real name of  Hawkins?

The real name of Taylor Hawkins is Oliver Taylor Hawkins.