Taylor Tannebaum

Quick Facts

Birth Date July 18,1991
Full Name Taylor Tannebaum
Birth Name Taylor Tannebaum
Profession sports journalist
Nationality American
Birth City South Florida,
Birth Country USA
Horoscope Cancer
Marital Status Single
Social Media Instagram

Taylor Tannebaum, who was born on July 18, 1991, is a well-known person and a well-known sports journalist in the United States. South Florida in the USA is where she was born. She is at present a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana. She is currently working at WTHR News 19 as a sports anchor, which brings us to her career. Taylor is also well-known for being a beauty anchor who has a lifelong affinity for athletics.

Where does Taylor Tannebaum completed her education?

Taylor Tannebaum earned a Bachelor of Science in mass media production from Florida State University in 2013. Before graduating, she also completed a sports internship at WSVN-TV 7News in Miami.

Portrait of Taylor Tannebaum (Source: Blogspot)

She hasn’t given much media attention to her early education, though.

Tannebaum’s Career: How Did She Begin?

At WTVY in Dothan, Alabama, Tannebaum began her first reporting career in broadcasting (a city of fewer than 200,000 people). For two years on the weekends, she was a sports reporter.

She spent two years working for WTVY before switching to the Huntsville station (a city with nearly 900,000 people) and also began her reporting career there. She covered the SEC, Alabama, and Auburn.

Taylor had the chance to win the fourth national championship while working at WTVY, including the 2013 final game in Pasadena, Los Angeles.

Taylor Tannebaum reporting in Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center – Colts Complex (Source: Instagram)

In 2013, she also worked as an on-air talent for the ACC Network. Tannebaum had always wanted to work on a big platform, and working for the ACC Network allowed him to realize his ambition.

Tannebaum acquired a television position at WTHR and began working there in June 2018, immediately after sports anchor Jason Spells resigned his position there.

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What Is Taylor Tannebaum’s Net Worth?

Tannebaum, like Annette Witheridge, is thought to have a net worth of $1 million. Included in this are her money, property, capital, and surplus. Although she has kept quiet about her monthly pay, she has amassed this substantial sum through her successful reporting career.

First Female Sports Anchor for WTHR

Tannebaum, a former reporter on WTVY, was the first female sports anchor for WTHR. She claims that it is her responsibility to support women’s independence and to elevate their voices.

Taylor Tannebaum amplifies women’s voice toward sports through WTHR (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with IndyStar earlier this year, Tannebaum stated, “I feel an obligation to make sure that I’m covering women in sports.”

Following that enormous achievement, Tannebaum gained notoriety. The statistics show that she only began to do her duties after Jason Spells left the Indiana channel. She has advanced to the position of Senior Sports Anchor and Reporter.

How Does Tannebaum’s WTHR Work?

A television show called WTHR has garnered a lot of criticism for its fresh detailing. Additionally, it received “Peabody Awards” recognition for its 2006 reports.

Furthermore, WTHR is recognized as a TV news leader beginning with the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Tannebaum is still a WTHR member, right?

Former sports anchor Tannebaum from News 19 is still a part of WTHR. She did, however, reveal that she would be leaving the station for another opportunity in her life during an interview with Dave Calabro of WTHR.

She hasn’t made it clear where she is going or what she will do next, but we can still watch her on TV from Indianapolis.

Friends & Associates

The American YouTuber Tannebaum is not only a well-known news anchor, but she also has a warm personality and a large network of friends and colleagues.

Consumer reporter Allison Gormly, senior investigative reporter Boob Segal, sports director Dave Calabro, anchor Julia Moffitt, and doppler meteorologist Angela Buchman are a some of Tannebaum’s pals and members of the WTHR staff.

What are the hobbies of Taylor Tannebaum?

Tannebaum enjoys spending her free time watching sports on television. She also enjoys participating in sports and driving race cars.

Taylor Tannebaum spending her time in swimming pool(Source: Instagram)

She demonstrates how to drive in numerous videos that are available on her Instagram. Tannebaum also enjoys swimming and frequently posts images on her Instagram account.

The Sports Passion of Tannebaum

Since he was a young child, American sports journalist Tannebaum has been passionate about and enamored with games and sports. Additionally, Tannebaum’s family members traded season tickets for various sporting events, which had a big impact on her interest in sports.

She therefore always intended to pursue a career in sports by speaking about it rather than participating in it as an athlete. She is currently well-known for her work as a sports journalist, reporter, and cameraman.

What Height Has Tannebaum?

Nicole Zaloumis and Taylor Tannebaum are both 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall. She is approximately 562 kg (114lbs). Her black hair complements her gray eyes beautifully.

Taylor Tannebaum height(Source: Instagram)

She hasn’t revealed anything about her body proportions, though.

What is the relationship Status of Taylor Tannebaum?

American sports journalist Taylor Tannebaum is currently single. She belongs to the group of people who want to keep their personal affairs hidden from the public eye.

Tannebaum’s relationship status is still unknown to the public due to her secrecy. Moreover, she hasn’t been the subject of any media attention regarding rumors or previous affairs.

Channel on YouTube

The official Taylor Tannebaum YouTube account can be found at @Taylor Tannebaum. She started on YouTube on February 13, 2014, and has posted about seven videos so far. She has uploaded recordings of her covering and conducting interviews for sports.

In addition to this, there are several Tannebaum interviews and reports broadcast by various websites and media outlets on YouTube.

Does Taylor owns Pet?

Tannebaum shares the love of animals that many people do, particularly dogs. Her French Bulldog pet dog frequently shows on her Instagram account.

Without a doubt, Tannebaum adores spending time with her pet and has a strong emotional connection with her dog.

Does Taylor Tannebaum Obsess Over Social Media?

As a reporter, Tannebaum uses the internet very frequently. She has accounts on many social media sites as well. On Instagram, she is followed by more than 13K people as @Taylor Tannebaum.

She primarily shares images of her pet, her job, and her personal life.

Similar to this, Tannebaum has over 18.7K followers on Twitter and is very active there as well (@Taylor Tannebaum).

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