Tegla Loroupe

As we know, Kenya and Ethiopia are homes to all the best runners in the world. Here we will be talking about one of the wealthiest Kenyan female athletes, Tegla Loroupe, whose net worth is expected to be $1.3 million.

Tegla was born in 1973, on May 9, in Ukapsait village in the Lelan division of West Pokot District. Besides, she belongs to a Nilotic ethnic group.

Loroupe has achieved a lot of success in her career. She had to work very hard to be in today’s position, especially coming from a household where women are not respected.

Furthermore, with popularity comes controversies, and something similar happened to Tegla. What was it? We will talk all about it later.

But before we start with our article, let’s have an instant glance at the quick facts first.

Quick Facts

Full Name Tegla Loroupe
Nick Name Tegla
Date of Birth 9 May 1973
Birth Place Kapsait village in the Lelan division of West Pokot District
Age 49 years old
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Height 5’1″/155 cm
Weight 40 kg/88 kgs
Horoscope Taurus
Religion Christianity
Nationality Kenyan
Ethnicity Kapsait Elementary school
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Tattoos No
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse No
Kids No
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings 24
High School Kapsait Elementary school
Training Center Not Available
Profession Long Distance Runner
Active from 1989
Personal Best(s) 3000 meters (8:30.95)
Current Team Unknown
Sport Long Jump
Record  Not Available
Net Worth $1.4 Million
Endorsements Not Available
Social Media Twitter
Merch Track and Field Equipment
Last Update July, 2022

Net Worth and Endorsement of Tegla Loroupe

Tegla Loroupe, a young athlete from Kenya, with a net worth of 190 million Kshs ($1.4 million) as of 2022.

Tegla also doesn’t have many brand agreements or sponsorships. Therefore, the majority of this sum is a result of her sports career.

Tegla Loroupe’s net worth and way of life

Tegla leads a lavish lifestyle and has made a respectable amount of money throughout the course of her career, as would be expected. She was unable to enjoy a happier life, though, because her traumatic childhood experiences continue to plague her.

Tegla consumes less manufactured food and junk food, therefore everything she consumes is fresh. Tegla does not define a cheat meal or a day off in her vocabulary.

In addition, Loroupe runs long distances each day, trains, and sleeps. All these come naturally to her because she is an athlete.


Tegla is not just a talented athlete, but also a decent person. The Kenyan-born person has performed several acts of charity on behalf of those in need.

In addition to serving as the UN’s sports ambassador, Tegla Loroupe founded the “Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation.” The mission of Loroupe’s group is to uphold intertribal harmony while promoting peace via sport.

Tegla also won the Community Hero award and the Kenyan Sports Personality of the Year awards in 2007. She later became the ambassador for sport and peace for Oxfam in Darfur.

She is putting a lot of effort into helping those who are marginalized by society, as is her nature. In addition, Tegla works to better the lives of women and persuade others of the value of women’s empowerment.

Diet and Exercise

Contrary to other athletes, Loroupe’s training was convenient even after she retired, and she ate a lot of fruit and vegetables.

Similarly, this world champion in the half marathon would rather drink two liters of sugared tea than indulge in protein shakes.

Tegla, a Kenyan athlete, meanwhile, places more of an emphasis on her endurance and running than she does on rigorous training and workout styles.

The Life of Tegla Loroupe in Brief

It was quite difficult to discuss Loroupe’s upbringing. Additionally, she had twenty-four siblings when she was growing up, and her family’s financial situation was poor.

Furthermore, she struggled to deal with the fact that her father had four spouses. In addition, Tegla was demotivated by her father’s repeated insistence that she was useless.

Tegla’s father believed Tegla was just capable of being a babysitter and had no further capacity. Tegla, however, cheerfully disproved him by succeeding to such a large height.

Since the school was 10 kilometers from her house, Tegla had to start working on field unusual castles at a young age and walk for hours to get there.

She came to recognize her potential at this time with all the running to get to the school in time. She had also participated in school races in the past. But at the time, her mother was the only one who helped her.

She initially received no assistance from anyone, not even the Kenyan Athletics Federation, just because she was a girl and was also too frail and weak.

Tegla defied expectations in 1989 by winning the famous cross-country barefoot event. Additionally, she purchased a pair of shoes as her first purchase for herself.

She started making record after record after that and hasn’t looked back since. The number of her supporters increased as the quantity of records did.

Some Achievements of Tegla Loroupe

  • Six Times gold medalist in World Half Marathon Championship
  • Two Bronze medals in the world championship
  • Two gold medals in New York City Marathon
  • Winner of Berlin Marathon 1991
  • United Nations Person of the year in 2016

Some of the exciting facts about Tegla Loroupe

  • Tegla used to run after her brothers and sisters, and she even used to run to go to so, which developed her stamina.
  • In the 90s, Tegla was called the fastest woman on the earth.
  • Most of Tegla Loroupe’s net worth comes from her running career.
  • Tegla won her first race after running for two hours, twenty-seven minutes, and thirty seconds.

Social Media Presence

Tegla does have a social media handle, but she doesn’t use it much. However, we can see her posting some random things sometimes.

If you are curious about Tegla, you can find information about her on different sites.

You can also follow her on her Twitter account to get to know her closely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has Tegla Loroupe retire?

Looking at her recent activities, it seems Tegal has retired from the sport. But there is still no confirmation about it.

Is Tegla married?

Surprisingly, Tegla is still single and hasn’t married yet.