The Top Ten Wrestlers of All Time

WWE has been a world-class wrestling championship for more than two decades, and it seems to be the final destination of professional wrestlers from all over the world.

If a person can make it in the WWE, you bet he has reached the top of his profession. However, there are also cases where WWE has lost the ball to superstars over the years.

However, in the end, the best of the best wrestlers of all time have worked in the WWE. There is only a handful of top talent who can be named as the best wrestlers to date.

Are you one of those who regularly watch wrestling matches and enjoy a good fight with intense anticipation of who would eventually take the glory of winning?

If yes, you must be aware of the thrill and excitement that the game provides to its audience.

So, who are the top ten wrestlers of all time? Curious?

Below is the list of the top ten wrestlers of all time. However, do watch out for your favorite ones; you may find them here!

The Top Ten Wrestlers of All Time

Mick Foley 10.

Mick Foley competed for a number of wrestling organizations, but his exploits in the WWE are what made him most famous.

The former wrestler with a successful acting career is most known for the “Wreck” moves he first developed during his outstanding wrestling career.

At Wrestle Mania in 1999, Foley, a WWE Hall of Famer, garnered attention by winning three WWE World championships. However, he developed a reputation for harshness due to his love of metals and his extravagant use of them in the rings.

The brutality of Mick Foley’s performances matched that of his formidable verbal assaults and wrestling prowess.

Additionally, his finisher Mandible Claw, who unquestionably was insignificant to his eight-time tag team championship, complemented it.

9. Roddy Piper, “Rowdy

Late Without a doubt, the strongest wrestler in the ring was Roddy Piper. Roddy Piper was well-known among fans for his piper and kilt entrance music.

The Scottish-born Canadian wrestler was also a prominent figure at Starrcade and WrestleMania. And over the course of his wrestling career, he has won 38 titles.

Piper gained far more notoriety with the WWE even though he did not wrestle exclusively for them. He has won numerous WWE honors for his expertise of the sleeper move.

He may be regarded as the greatest villain wrestler by some. But there’s no denying that Roddy Piper was among the best fighters to ever compete in the WWE.

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8. Randy Savage’s “Macho Man”

WWE fans noted Randy Savage’s “Oooh yeah” call, but he wasn’t just well-known for this. But he was also well known in WWE for his iconic entrance music, “Pomp and Circumstance.”

The Wrestler, who is frequently said to as egocentric and narcissistic, was a skilled wrestler.

Additionally, during the 32 years of his wrestling career, his finishing aerial acrobatics move was successful since it helped him win multiple titles, including the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

John Cena, no.7

John Cena is very amazing! The celebrity entering wrestling music is just like the man himself and is beloved by both children and girls.

Many people are fans of his because of the phrase “you can’t see me.” One of the most stunning performances in the game is John Cena’s.

Cena is contrasted with a few WWE stars in real life. He has made 16 appearances in the WWE Champions.

Similar to this, he has also won tag team championships and the US Championship.

In addition, he has devastating finishing moves including the terrible Five-Knuckle Shuffle, which some refer to as a rebranded People Elbow, Attitude Adjustment, Stepover Toehold Facelock, or STF for short.

The most violent finishing maneuvers in the WWE are limited since it is not done with the elbow but rather with the punch.

The Undertaker (6)

According to legend, the terrifying and ominous Undertaker has ties to the underworld. However, the wrestling thespian is simply a well-known actor who has honed the craft that has stuck and set him apart from the competition.

He makes up for his lack of vicious speech in the ring with his skills, though. Also, few people in the WWE have ever survived Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver, one of his finishing maneuvers.

One of the rare actions ever taken was his chokeslam, which was also effective. Not to mention, he has more WWE championships than the majority of the top talents.

The well-known wrestler has appeared in the WWE World Tag Team Champion, the WWE Heavyweight Champion, and the WWE Champion four times each.

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Ric Flair 5.

For 40 years, and not just in the WWE, Ric Flair has held top positions in the world championships. His achievements in numerous wrestling organizations gave him the fame he now enjoys.

“The Nature Boy,” who wrestled under the name Flair, was well-known. He made rings vibrate more vigorously while playing “Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30.”

Because of his impeccable timing, Flair was entering the rings just as the crescendo hit. That entry is truly awesome.

His showmanship, though, was unrivaled. He became well-liked because of his bizarre comments, offensive comments, and bizarre actions like handcuffing himself when challenging an opponent.

Because of how well he finished Ric Flair’s Figure-Four Leg Lock maneuver, he achieved multiple victories throughout various wrestling promotions.

The WWE Championship has also been won twice by the Hall of Famer. And is one of the select group of WWE athletes that has become a three-time champion.

Hulk Hogan 4.

Hulk Hogan is without a doubt the best wrestler, both in terms of appearance and technique. The great wrestler is also well known for his mustache, which is a favorite among fans.

One of the athletes who helped entering music become as significant as modern wrestling is Hogan.

Hogan used music like Real American and Eye of the Tiger to enter the ring as a method to enrage the crowd.

His babbling on the mic stems from his desire to watch the action in the ring. Fans screamed at the sight of his amazing Atomic Leg Drop.

The top of Hulk Hogan’s list of priorities was to win the belts. He has the record for the second-longest reign of the WWE Championship, having won it five times.

Hogan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a result of his extraordinary performance.

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3. Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock”

Dwayne Johnson, a wrestler of third generation, is among the best and greatest ever. He demonstrated that he was destined for wrestling with a man who had a poor football career.

WWE fans would leap as the speaker blared the songs for his entrance, which mixed electric guitar, drum sounds, and pop music. He is a master of showmanship.

The Rock is the only WWE star who can match his total and startling attack. Even fans who were able to hear his harsh ramblings are not afraid of a star like Johnson.

His mobility ought to be extremely high considering that he helped make SmackDown an accepted English word, and it is.

Additionally, his People’s Elbow and Rock Bottom moves have left opponents in tears. Among other championships, the celebrity has won eight WWE Championships.

Shawn Michaels 2.

The “Heartbreak Kid” makes his mark everywhere he goes. Michaels has enjoyed himself while competing in all of the different wrestling promotions.

His obvious, vintage, entry-level music was attractive and went well with his beautiful appearance.

And His ramblings also contain layers of comedy and epithets. His movements were fantastic, and his vicious retaliation would enrage viewers.

Michaels has mastered the technique of adding a distinctive step to the end of Sweet Chin song by using his heels. In addition, he emphasized the noteworthy pay-per-view occasions, most notably Wrestle Mania.

Mr. Wrestle Mania acquired his moniker as a result of his masterpiece in Wrestle Mania.

He also became the first grand slam champion in WWE history as well as the fourth Triple Crown Champion. He has also captured the WWE belt four times.

Michaels has won two Hall of Fame awards.

1. “Stone Cold” Robert Austin

The most well-known of Steve Austin’s many aliases is Stone Cold, and he has dominated the WWE.

Fans may disagree on whether he is the best wrestler in the WWE. To become the best wrestler, Austin evenly disseminated his skills across the sport rather than concentrating on his wrestling prowess.

Even after he stopped competing in the rings, his entrance music remained so well-liked that it was adopted as the WWE’s theme song. His stage presence was on par with a ferocious man.

The sentence “Austin 3:16 means I just whooped your ass” is one of his most well-known quotes, and it makes fans giggle.

After hearing the cries of “What” followers for more than 20 years, Austin is also a man.

The Stone Cold Stunner’s signature maneuver is hailed as the best finisher in the WWE by critics. The opponents were likewise rendered semi-conscious by the Texas Rattlesnake.

Austin’s actions have drastically reduced it to brawls and showmanship after suffering a neck injury that changed his career. However, the star still managed to win 19 championships in vain.

He is the fifth wrestler to become a Triple Crown Champion and has won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship six times, the Tag Team Championship four times, and the team championship once.


We have compiled our list of the top 10 wrestlers of all time based on their level of popularity.

However, each wrestler has their own ideal player that they look up to, and they are all known for their own moves and individual traits.

Hence, below we present you with the summarized list of the top ten Wrestlers of all time.

  1. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
  2. Shawn Michaels
  3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  4. Hulk Hogan
  5. Ric Flair
  6. The Undertaker
  7. John Cena
  8. Macho Man” Randy Savage
  9. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
  10. Mick Foley