Thomas Bloom Raskin

As the son of former U.S. congressman Jamie Raskin, an American lawyer, and former deputy secretary of the Treasury Sarah Bloom Raskin, Thomas Bloom Raskin attracted media attention.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Thomas Bloom Raskin
Birth Date: January 30, 1995
Age: 27 years
Death Date: December 31, 2020
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Horoscope: Aquarius
Status Single
Grandparents Marcus G. Raskin, Herbert Bloom, Arlene Bloom, and Barbara Bellman Raskin
Nationality American
Ethnicity Jewish
Religion Christianity
Education Amherst College, Harvard Law School
Father Jamie Raskin
Mother Sarah Bloom Raskin
Siblings Tabitha Claire Raskin and Hannah Grace Raskin


On January 30, 1995, Thomas Bloom Raskin had his eyes opened to this breathtaking universe. Somewhere in the United States of America, he was born. At the time of his passing, he was 25 years old and a member of the Aquarius sign. He often used to celebrate his birthday on January 30 of each year.

Jamie Raskin was Thomas’ father, and Sarah Bloom Raskin was his mother. His mother is an American attorney and a former deputy secretary of the Treasury of the United States, and his father is a politician and lawyer from the United States who served as a U.S. congressman.

Thomas Bloom Raskin with his family (Photo: NPR)

He also spent his childhood years with his other two siblings, a younger and an older sister. Tabitha Claire Raskin and Hannah Grace Raskin are his sisters’ names. Marcus G. Raskin, Herbert Bloom, Arlene Bloom, and Barbara Bellman Raskin are Thomas’s grandparents.

He belonged to the Jewish ethnic group and was a citizen of the United States. He also believed in Christianity as a religion.

Academic Qualification

In 2017, Thomas received his diploma from Amherst College. Historiography was his major in college, and he served as president of the Amherst Political Union. He also got the Kellogg Award. He was a second-year student at Harvard Law School, just like them.

How did the parents of Thomas Bloom Raskin meet?

When Sarah was in her third year and Jamie was in his second, Thomas Bloom Raskin’s parents, Jamie and Sarah, were enrolled in Harvard Law School. In this enormous, elongated lecture auditorium, they were seated across from one another. However, they didn’t get together until the end of the semester.

Thomas Bloom Raskin’s Parents, Jamie Raskin and Sarah Bloom Raskin (Photo: Bethesda Beat)

As Sarah descended the stairs in the library and Jamie descended them, they crossed paths and exchanged greetings. Sarah added, “What’s your name?” before Jamie responded. ‘Jamie,’ She then said, “Oh wonderful, I was just wondering because I had a dream about you the night before.” This was their initial exchange of words. In 1990, the couple exchanged vows and got married. They’ve been together ever since they got married.

Net worth & Source of Income

Jamie Raskin with his car (Photo: Roll Call)

The father of Thomas Bloom Raskin is thought to have a $4 million net worth. As a lawyer and politician in the United States, Jamie makes this million dollars. A politician in the United States makes $89682 per year on average, and an attorney makes $100,000, according to some web resources.

How did Thomas Bloom die?

The date of Thomas’s death is December 31, 2020. At the age of 25, he passed away in Takoma Park, Maryland, in the United States. After a protracted struggle with depression, suicide was the cause of death, according to a family spokeswoman.

In an interview with The Crimson, his father, U.S. Rep. Jamin Ben “Jamie” Raskin says,

“College is a time when people do think about moral philosophy and morality, and that’s wonderful, But oftentimes these reflections and deliberations stay academic — Tommy always wanted to make sure he was translating the beliefs he arrived at into practice.”

In addition, he left a suicide note before attempting suicide that stated,

“Please forgive me. My illness won today. Please look after each other, the animals, and the global poor for me. All my love, Tommy.”

Who was the father of Thomas Bloom?

Thomas Bloom Raskin’s father is Jamin Ben Raskin. Since 2017, his father, an American lawyer and politician, has represented Maryland’s 8th congressional district in the US Congress. From 2007 until 2016, he served as a Democrat in the Maryland State Senate.

Thomas Bloom Raskin’s father Jamie Raskin (Photo: Twitter)

In the same way, Jamin was chosen to represent District 20 as a state senator for Maryland in November 2006. He taught constitutional law at the American University Washington College of Law before winning a seat in Congress.


Did Thomas Bloom leave a suicide note?

Yes, Thomas did write a suicide note before making an attempt at suicide.

“Excuse me, please. Today, the illness won. On my behalf, kindly take care of one another, the animals, and the underprivileged people around the world. Tommy, I love you.

Who was Thomas Bloom?

Thomas was the son of former US Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Bloom and American lawyer and politician Jamie Raskin.

Was Thomas Bloom  a Vegan?

Thomas was a vegan, yes. He used to consume only vegan foods. Even in his suicide note, he made a commitment to look after the animals.

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