Tilky Jones

Some claim that Tilky Jones possesses a heavenly enchantment that prevents corrosion. Even if that is true, we may still observe a charismatic personality that is brimming with knowledge and expertise. Tilky became well-known in Hollywood as an actor and singer. The Guardian, Never Back Down, and Open Marriage are just a few of his blockbuster films.

Tilky Jones grew up in an ordinary American family. His mother is a successful designer, while his father is a successful attorney. The actor has been composing and recording songs from his early years. But as he grew older, he was never regarded as a star in the Hollywood business. Let’s read through his biography in more depth.

American Actor & Singer Tilky Jones.(Source=Instagram)


Tilky Montgomery Jones is currently 41 years old. Jones’ conception took place on June 24th, 1981. He was raised in Vero Beach, Florida, the son of a devoted American lawyer (father George Jones) and a creative designer (mother Monti Jones), both of whom have successful careers. Tilky and his brother Court Jones enjoyed a happy and fulfilling childhood together.


Throughout his youth, Tilky struggled with shyness. With the exception of his parents, he hardly ever interacted with or expressed his emotions to anyone else. Thanks to his best friend and brother Court, who never left his side. Before enrolling at Vero Beach Senior High School, Jones attended a primary school. He eventually earned his degree and relocated to Los Angeles to begin his profession.

What Are Tilky Jones Famous Movies?

Tilky made his acting debut as Jay in the 1994 film Lost Island. Later, he made appearances in The Guardian in 2006 and Longshot in 2001 as Tilky Flint and Taking 5. He got off to a tremendous start when he first entered the field. Well, it’s all down to his endearing appearance and effective line delivery.

Eric in Never Back Down, Ian in Every Day, Brian Lassiter in The Wrong House, and Ron in Open Marriage are just a few of Jones’ superpopular, record-breaking films. The actor has also been in various well-known television shows. Beau from My Sister Is So Gay, Logan from Pretty Little Liars, and K.C. in One Tree Hill, Dude/Lifeguard, and Single Ladies.

Tilky Jones In Never Back Down Image Source: IMDB

Who is Tilky Jones Dating?

Tilky Jones, a member of the Take 5 group, is currently in a relationship with Juliet Audrey. She also works as an American model and actor. The tabloids claim that the couple began dating early 2019. They had their eyeballs collide during the filming of Tilky Jones’ Fata Getaway.

What is the Relationship Status of Tilky Jones?

Since that time, Tilky and Juliet have gone on several beautiful occasions, shared wonderful memories, and remained loyal to one another. The lovely lovebirds of Hollywood are not yet wedded, though. Only time and their shared decision will lead to their wedding.

On their social media accounts, Tilky and Juliet are featured in a lot of lovely photos. On July 1st, Tilky tweeted a photo of him and his girlfriend Audrey celebrating his birthday. Additionally, he has a few close buddies that exude an unnatural closeness.

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Has Tilky had Past Affairs?

Tilky Jones had once been romantically involved with a number of stunning, affluent women. A son named Ash was born to him and Clare Kramer after their marriage. They chose to separate and embrace divorce after their marriage did not work out properly.

Additionally, Jones began dating American actress Prescili Esparolini, but they soon broke up for unspecified reasons. Then, Tilky continued his long-term romance with Jim Parrack’s ex-wife, Leven Rambin. Again, though, the pair was unable to move on, and they became ex-partners.

Tilky Jones with his girlfriend Juliet Audrey.(Source=Instagram)

Is Tilky Jones Gay?

Jones has already had a lot of relationships with other Hollywood stars. However, he was unable to continue their relationship. Fans began to speculate that he must be gay as a result. He also portrayed the LGBT character “Beau” in the film My Sister Is So Gay. But after conducting all the necessary research, we can confirm that Tilky Jones is a straight man who lives happily in Los Angeles with his fiancée-to-be, Juliet Audrey.

Social Media

Tilky Jones utilizes his social networking sites pretty frequently. On Instagram, he is followed by more than 10.2K people (@tilkyjones). Jones has also earned over 5.2K Twitter followers (@TilkyJones) and about 923 Facebook followers. Additionally, he has 981 subscribers and is available as “@TilkyMJones” on YouTube.

How much Networth does Tilky Jones earn?

Tilky, the actor who starred in Never Back Down, is currently one of Hollywood’s most successful and wealthy actors and singers. The actor’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $4 Million, per media reports. Since 2001, he has amassed wealth from his acting and singing.

What is the Physical Measurement of Tilky Height?

The average height and weight of Tilky in Hollywood are 6 feet 3 inches and 72 kilos, respectively. Jones, a 41-year-old man with a gorgeous face and a buff figure, is very health aware. Tilky also sports a tattoo on his left arm. The actor also has gorgeous brown eyes and dark brown hair.

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