Tina Ball

Tina Ball, a native of her native America, is a former basketball player and the spouse of Lavar Ball, an American former NFL player and entrepreneur. After joining the Ball Family, she gained immediate notoriety and has since established a distinctive presence.

Quick Facts of Tina Ball:

Full Name Tina Catherine Slatinsky
Known as Tina Ball
Nickname Tina, Mama Ball
Birth Date December 12, 1967
Birth Place Chino Hills, California, United States
Residence Florida, USA
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
  • Alta Loma High School
  • California State University
Horoscope Sagittarius
Father’s Name Robert Slatinsky
Mother’s Name Catherine Slatinsky
Siblings Unknown
Age 54 Years Old
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 70 kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Body Type Unknown
Body Measurement 42-32-39 inches
Marital Status Married since 1997
Spouse Lavar Ball
  • LaMelo Ball
  • LiAngelo Ball
  • Lonzo Ball
Profession Athletic Director, Designer
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Salary Unknown
Social Media Instagram
Merch Big Baller Brand T-shirtsHoodies
Last Update July, 2022

The Wife of Lavar Ball | Early Life & Education

Tina was born on December 11, 1967; her full name prior to marriage was Christina Catherine Slatinsky. Robert and Catherine Slatinsky, her parents, welcomed her into the world in Miami, Florida. Mama Ball has always had a passion for athletics and sports. She was a four-year letter winner and effortlessly ruled the floor at Alta Loma High School in California.

She was also a standout basketball player in high school, to add to that. Also she  was chosen for the All-Baseline League team during her senior year. Tina attended California State University, Los Angeles after high school. She played for the California State Los Angeles Golden Eagle Women’s Basketball team for four years while in college, building a remarkable career. You might be learn about Lonzo Ball Girlfriend

Wife of Lavar Ball | Body Stats

Despite turning 54 this year, Tina is still physically active and fit. Tina is motivated to maintain a healthy physique because she is already an active person who participates in sports. Tina is a towering 6 feet 1 inch tall and a healthy weight of about 70 kg for her age.

Young Tina with her oldest son Lonzo. (Source: Instagram)

Not to add, she looks younger and prettier thanks to her noticeable traits of blonde hair and blue eyes. 42-32-39 inches are the exact measurements of her body.

Wife of Lavar Ball | Family, Children, and Relationship

In high school, Lavar first met his wife, and they later wed in 1996. Lavar, however, claims that he met Tina for the first time while playing basketball after switching from West Los Angeles College to Cal State Los Angeles. Lavar fell in love with Tina at first sight and couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

I don’t know what we are going to do, but we are going to do something, he said as he approached her without even thinking. Tina was shocked to hear such words from someone she had just met. Lavar, though, piqued Tina’s curiosity.

Tina Ball with her husband, Lavar Ball

Lavar also promised her that they would get married and have boys one day in order to leave a basketball family legacy when they first met. It’s interesting to note that Lavar’s request was granted, and the Ball family, together with their three boys, are now highly known in the NBA. Lavar and Tina are the ideal relationship since they complete one another in every aspect.

In an interview, Lavar admitted that Tina’s height, not her beauty, initially drew his eye. He asked this tall, attractive girl out right away as he saw her walking down a hallway. Lavar favors extravagance and wants to make his stamp known to everyone, but Tina is thrifty and prefers to express herself in secret.

Lavar Ball, who is he?

South Los Angeles, California, is where Lavar was born. On October 23, 1967, he was born to Anderson and Maria. Lavar Ball’s professional life began while he was a student at Canoga Park High School in Los Angeles. He was a forward on the school’s basketball squad and a quarterback for the football team.

His outstanding basketball career and skills got him an NFL audition. During his active years, he was connected to the Carolina Panthers, London Monarchs, and New York Jets. Sadly, Lavar never participated in a legitimate NFL regular-season game before taking a medical retirement in 1995. Lavar started working as a personal trainer after retirement. Lavar quickly found great success in this business by providing fitness training to the individuals who wanted it.

Tina, The Ball Brothers’ mother

The three boys have succeeded in becoming well-known corporate figures, much like their parents.

Lonzo Ball

Among the three kids, Lonzo, the oldest son, is the most well-liked. The reason for this is that Lavar personally trained him and that he also had a fruitful collegiate basketball career with the UCLA Bruins. Los Angeles Lakers selected Lonzo Ball with the second overall choice in the 2017 NBA Draft.

The Ball Family. (Source: Instagram)

He and his high school sweetheart Denise Garcia had a daughter, Christine Ball, on July 22, 2018, and are also the parents of Christine Ball. Through his accomplishments, Lonzo has drawn attention to the family as well as himself.

LiAngelo Ball

The second eldest son initially committed to play for the UCLA Bruins but dropped out after being implicated in the Chinese shoplifting scandal in November 2017.

He represented BC Prienai of the Lithuanian Basketball League rather than UCLA (LKL). Liangelo Ball is now a member of the Junior Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Ballers (JBA). The JBA is a well-known basketball league that Lavar Ball helped found with funds provided entirely by the Big Baller Brand.

LaMelo Ball

The eldest son of Lavar and Tina is currently one of the most well-known youth basketball players. He used to play for BC Professional alongside his brother LiAngelo, but now he represents the Los Angeles Ballers in the National Basketball Association.

LaMelo is a point guard with the Charlotte Hornets at the moment. LaMelo stands at an amazing 6 feet 5 inches tall and is renowned for his spectacular play and ability to shoot the ball far. Now, a number of NBA teams want to sign him to their rosters.

Wife of Lavar Ball | Professional

Athletic Career

Tina played basketball all through her time in college and made the All-Baseline League her senior year. She later participated in collegiate basketball for the California University Golden Eagles Women’s team. Tina finished her four-year career on the squad in eighth place overall with 935 points, fifth with 60 blocks, fourth with 627 rebounds, and eighth with 120 free throws.

However, after receiving her degree from college, she gave up on her aspirations of being a professional athlete and began working off the field.

Education Career

Lavar and his wife Tina moved to an affluent Los Angeles suburb after Lavar left the NFL in 1995. She was a part of basketball off the court despite being unable to pursue a professional career in the sport. At Vernon Middle School in Montclair, California, Tina was hired as the athletic director. She works hard as a teacher and teaches future NBA players.

Designer in charge at The Big Baller Brand (BBB)

Tina has been appointed the head Brandner for the Big Baller brand as a consequence of Brand’s innovation and consideration. Tina created the outfits for a staging of Beauty and the Beast.

Also Tina is  a founding member of The Big Baller Brand. The brand sells clothing for both men and women. Along with her husband Lavar, she plays a significant role in running the company. Additionally, the Ball brothers frequently appear in BBB brand advertisements.

In addition to her work at Vernon Middle School, Tina worked with her husband to create the BBB brand and was instrumental in its growth into a recognized national brand. The company’s product offerings also include a clothing line, a shoe line, and other goods.

The Wife of Lavar Ball | The Stroke

Tina had a stroke in February 2017, which came as a huge shock to the family because no one had anticipated it. Her family initially believed she would not survive because the stroke was so severe. She had aphasia and was paralyzed on her right side, making it challenging for her to recall words when she tried to talk.

She had to attend treatment five times per week at that time as well. The family made sure to support Tina during her recuperation despite realizing she would not be the same after her stroke, and they are still doing so. Notably, her father gave her a lot of support as she exercised to regain her voice.

She slowly healed, and she is now standing again. Additionally, Tina’s health was kept a secret by the family for as long as they could. Lavar assumed a number of parental duties while Tina rested and recovered at her parents’ house.

In order to market the Big Baller Brand, he attended his son’s games, tried to launch his Junior Basketball Association League, shot their reality show “Ball in the Family,” and did a few other things. He was also trying his best to be a good husband in the interim. Lavar revealed that he had created a park in their backyard so that Tina could continue her rehabilitation throughout the pandemic in one of the episodes of “Ball in the Family.”

What is the Net Worth of Tina Ball?

Online sources estimate Tina’s net worth to be close to $1.5 million. She is the heart and soul of the BBB family business and also leads a lavish life with her family. The Ball family’s amazing public relations strategy has helped The Big Baller Brand make a lot of money today.

Additionally, the family gains a significant amount of wealth thanks to the Facebook Watch documentary series “Ball in the Family.” Nearly 26 million viewers demonstrate how well-liked the show is. It is thought that Tina makes a significant portion of her income from her business and athletic activities. She and her spouse also reside in a luxury home that is valued $5.2 million.

Tina Ball | Online Presence

With around 2000 followers, Tina maintains an Instagram account with the username @tinaballofficial. She occasionally posts photos of her sons, grandchildren, and loved ones. Loving mother of basketball superstars Lonzo, Lamelo, and Liangelo, according to her Instagram bio. This demonstrates how thrilled she is with her kids.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can Tina Ball speak fluently now that her stroke rehabilitation is complete?

For a few months, Tina was unable to speak, and it was challenging for her to recall words and speak. However, with medical assistance and the moral support of her family, Tina gradually regained her speech and is now in better health.

What race does Tina Ball belong to?

Tina is of White Caucasian heritage, in contrast to her husband Lavar Ball, who is Black.