Tina Caspary

Quick Facts

Birth Date 28,1970
Full Name Tina Caspary
Profession Actress, Dancer, Choreographer, Healthy Lifestyle Coach
Nationality American
Birth City Downey, California
Birth Country United States
Father Name DeWitt Caspary III
Mother Name Brenda Caspary
Mother Profession Dancer
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aquarius
Marital Status Married
Spouse Ryan Cyphert
No Of Children 2
Networth 5000000
Sibilings 2
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Insta Link Insta Link

Tina Caspary is an American actress, dancer, and choreographer who came to the limelight after starring in the American American comic science fiction film, Mac and Me (1988). Furthermore, she has appeared in several other movies, including Can’t Buy Me Love (1987), Teen Witch (1989).

Caspary was born on December 28, 1970, to mother Brenda Caspary and father DeWitt Caspary III in Downey, California, USA. She had a keen interest in dancing along with her brother Dewitt “Dee” Caspary. Tina began her career as a child actor in the mid to late 1980s, appearing in minor television and film roles.


Tina Caspary is a multi-talented American artist. She is an actress, choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. Caspary’s name might not sound like much, so it might be a little shocking to hear that she’s been active in the entertainment business since the late 1980s. She shot to fame almost immediately after starting her career in the late 1980s, thanks to his role in the cult film. Mac and Me, as well as I Can’t Buy Me Love. We try to reveal everything there is to know about Tina Caspary in the underlying paragraphs.

Tina Caspary’s acting career

Tina Caspary showed a deep interest in dancing at a very young age. Thanks to her dancing skills, Caspary found herself opening the doors to a performing career, leading to her first role in the 1982 film Annie. She was just a teenager then and afterwards she was able to play alongside big Hollywood stars, like in 1986 when she starred in the TV movie Combat Academy aka Combat High alongside George Clooney – she had already participated in an episode of the television series Silver Spoon in 1985.

In December 1986, at age 15, Tina Caspary was cast as Kelly Bundy in the unreleased pilot episode of the Fox sitcom. Married with children. The pilot episode that aired did not include Caspary as her role was replaced by Christina Applegate. The producer explained that Caspary did not portray the role to his satisfaction.

Also in 1986, Tina Caspary had a role in the television movie News at Eleven which earned her a nomination for a Young Artist Award.

1987 was a good year for her as she landed a leading role in the movie, I Can’t Buy Me Love. The film which also featured Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson, earned her another Young Artist Award nomination in the Best Young Actress category in the Cinema – Comedy category. She earned her third Young Artist Award nomination in 1989 for her role in the film. Mac and me

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In 1989, she had a leading role in My Mother is a Werewolf as well as Teen Witch which also starred actors Dan Gauthier and Robyn Lively. Tina Caspary took a break in 1989 to devote herself mainly to dance. She made an appearance in an episode of the TV show Valley of the Dolls

Moving from acting to dancing, Caspary made appearances in music videos by Reba McEntire and Chilli Peppers and featured in a few television commercials. Alongside Debbie Allen, she was a principal dancer at the Oscars for five years.

She owned Studio C, a dance studio in Downey, California which she operated for ten years. While running her dance studio, she was known for teaching today’s most successful choreographers and dancers. Tina Caspary has since worked as a touring choreographer. She travels with Radix, a dance company that organizes dance competitions, organizes conferences and offers scholarships.

In 1996, Caspary launched her own line of Katrina Activewear, a dance-inspired outfit. She leads the company as Chief Designer and President. Spotlight Youth Theater has entrusted Caspary with the role of choreographer for The Rhythm Experience (2018-2019 season), the high profile theater troupe program.

Who is Tina husband?

Ryan Cyphert, Tina’s former longtime lover who is now her husband, and she have a beautiful marriage. The precise date of their wedding ceremony hasn’t been made public, yet.

Tina Caspary and Ryan Cyphert in the photo
Tina Caspary on Instagram

Mrs. Cyphert is discreet when it comes to private affairs, so it seems sense that there isn’t a record of their relationship or marriage. A son and a daughter were born to them as a result of their marriage, and amusingly, both of them are twins, just like Keir Simmons, who also has twin daughters.

Cyphert Twinnies; Phoenix and Payson

The births of Phoenix Cyphert and Payson Cyphert, the family’s two little pleasures, on June 25, 2008, were cause for great rejoicing. Phoenix, their daughter, uses Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms pretty frequently. Looking at her social media, it appears that she aspires to enter the entertainment profession like her mother did. Phoenix enjoys the benefits of being a star youngster and has over 4,000 Instagram followers.

Pason, her identical twin, doesn’t seem to mind the publicity that comes with being a famous kid. According to his Instagram, Payson seems to be a sports enthusiast who prefers volleyball.

Phoenix and Payson Cyphert, Ryan Cyphert’s twins, are shown in the photo.
Source: @ryancyph on Instagram

Since their mother frequently travels, we found a few images of twinnie spending time with their father while snooping through Ryan’s Instagram. In contrast to their mother, who keeps the family’s lives off of social media, the kids and Ryan frequently share images with their family.

What has become of Tina Caspary?

From 1980 onwards, the child actor started her acting career and made numerous film and television appearances. She quit acting in 1989 to concentrate more on her dance after her final roles in My Mom’s a Werewolf and Teen Witch.

She started Katrina Activewear, a dance clothing business, soon after she retired. The majority of the dancewear kits are created by Caspary. She spent five years performing as the Academy Awards’ lead dancer.

The husband-and-wife team is currently employed by SHOCK, the Intensive, a business that offers one-day dance coaching programs around America. She also works as a coach for healthy living.

What is the Net Worth of Cyphert?

Mrs. Cyphert is comparable to Cuban dancer Ana Karla, whose estimated net worth is $5 million, with a net worth impressively ranging from $3 to $5 million. Before leaving the film business, she worked as an actor for more than ten years and was cast in many parts. She played Barbara in the film Can’t Buy Me Love, which made a profit of $31,623,833 globally. Tina’s acting profession must have brought in a respectable income.

The talented dancer started Katrina Activewear after taking a vacation from acting. The average retail store earns between $23,751 and $140,935 each year, per Quora.

The mother of twins also spent half a decade dancing on the Academy Awards as a principal dancer. She is currently employed as a dance instructor, choreographer, coach for a healthy lifestyle, and technical trainer. Because of her dance endeavors, Tina frequently travels throughout the US.

housing and assets

The dancer, who is 49 years old, also operates Studio C, a dance studio in California. The average pay for a dance studio owner is $67,000, according to Career Trend. The remuneration for dance instructors in the US can reach $83,000, depending on their level of experience. A health coach may earn between $50,000 and $75,000 annually. She must have amassed a huge fortune by dabbling in so many different occupations.

Tina Caspary in her Phoenix, Arizona, home. From Instagram

Currently, the Cyphert family resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Zillo reports that the typical cost of a home in Arizona is $268,765. Most likely, the four-person family owns a similar-priced home. Given their good fortune, the family must be living a lavish lifestyle.