Tomi Rae Hynie

Quick Facts

Birth Date May 21,1969
Full Name Tomi Rae Hynie
Profession Singer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country U.S.A
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Marital Status Single
Spouse Late James Brown (death: 2006)
No Of Children 1

American singer Tomi Rae Hynie is famous as the ex-wife of late American singer, James Brown. Besides being a wife, she has also made contributions as a backup singer in one of the singles of her spouse.

Tomi Rae Hynie was born on May 21, 1969, in the united states. She is 53 years old as of now. In the early 80’s she formed the all-female rock band, Hardly Dangerous. Lately, Rae went on to form her rock and soul band, Godmother of Soul featuring Kelly Garni, Lez Warner, and Raven Strom.


An American singer Tomi was born on May 21, 1969, in the United States. According to her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Gemini. The identity of her mother and father is not known, and there is no record of her siblings.

There is no information available regarding Tomi’s educational background. It is not on the record if she has a master’s degree or is she a high school dropout.

The Two Failed Marriages of Tomi Rae Hynie

Hynie has had two marriages. She also had James Brown’s child as a child. The celebrity remained unmarried following two disastrous relationships.

The First Husband of Tomi Rae Hynie

Hynie previously wed Javed Ahmed, a Pakistani man, in 1997. In order to obtain American citizenship, Ahmed married Hynie. He reportedly had had three wives in Pakistan and was already married. Just after the wedding ceremony, Ahmed fled away after confessing.

Tomi Rae Hynie’s Second Marriage

Tomi eventually wed James in 2001. However, the relationship was deemed unlawful because Hynie hadn’t yet obtained a divorce from her first husband, who hadn’t even appeared until 2004 and had since been formally divorced.

After each of these occurrences, Brown grew enraged and injured Tomi, which led to charges of domestic violence against him.


James Brown and Tomi Rae Hynie are pictured.

Additionally, the ex-lovers had a son together. James Joseph Brown II, their lone child, was born on June 11th, 2001.


James Brown II and his mother, Tomi Rae Hynie, are pictured.

The South Carolina Court of Appeal upheld the trial in 2018 and declared Hynie and Ahmed’s marriage to be null and invalid. Hynie was therefore designated as the surviving wife and would be eligible for all the benefits.

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Dispute over James Joseph Brown II

The couple experienced significant difficulty over the legitimacy of the birth of their one and only child. Later, Brown requested a DNA test, and it was further asserted that Brown underwent a vasectomy procedure to prevent further paternity lawsuits.

James’ Tomi and Son, in image.

Despite the fact that the disagreement had been resolved, the related legal action continued. Brown’s heirs sued the mother-son team and the estate trustee in January 2018 over Brown’s music library.

 Professional Career as a Singer

Tomi Rae Brown is an American singer who began her career as a backup singer in the James Brown Revue. Tomi worked as a sound-alike Jains Joplin impersonator in Las Vegas, Nevada. She formed the all-female rock band Hardly Dangerous in 1980 and continued to perform with them.

Furthermore, Tomi also formed another rock and soul band, Godmother of Soul. As a result, she has a net worth of $1 million today. Similarly, her husband had a net worth of $100 million while alive.

During her singing career, Tomi has given vocals to James Brown’s 2001 songs, ‘Killing Is Out, School Is In, Baby, You’ve Got What It Takes, What It Takes, Its Time, etc.

What is the wealth of Tomi Rae Hynie?

Tomi Rae Hynie is a singer who reportedly made a sizable fortune from her work in the music business alone. She likely got enough from the bequest because she was James Brown’s wife and he had a total net worth of over $100 million at the time of his death.

She now properly assumed control of her husband’s finances. Although the amount she received following the death of her husband is unknown, her bank account must be worth a significant sum of money.

Her son and Hynie are in charge of managing their charitable trusts. Brown participated actively as an activist in order to give the young education. The musician helped the Atlanta orphanage houses as part of his work, giving some of their riches for better living conditions.

What is the Height and  weight of Tomi?

According to some sources, Tomi’s Brown’s height is 168cm, and her weight is around 58kg.