Tomohiro Moriuchi

Facts of Tomohiro Moriuchi

Full Name Tomohiro Moriuchi
Height 168cm
Nationality Japanese
Date of Birth 1988/4/17
Birth Country Japan
Birth Place Tokyo
Father Name Shinichi Mori
Mother Name Masako Mori

Takahiro Moriuchi is the lead vocalist, lyricist, and composer of the famous Japanese rock band One Ok Rock which debuted in 2007. Professionally known as Taka, he was listed at number 27 by Kerrang Magazine in 2017 on their list of the “50 Greatest Rockstar in the World.”

Taka was born in 1988 in Tokyo to famous Japanese singers Masako Mori and Shinichi Mori. He grew up with his two younger siblings Tomohiro Moriuchi and Hiroki Moriuchi. All of the siblings are involved in the music industry and doing great with their respective bands.


Takahiro Moriuchi was born in Tokyo, Japan, on 17 April 1988. He is the son of Masako Mori and Shinichi Mori, a popular Japanese singer. Together with Tomohiro Moriuchi and Hiroki Moriuchi, he grew up. Tomohiro works on TV Tokyo his brother, while Hiroki his youngest brother is the lead singer of the My FIRST STORY band.

Moriuchi, 32, studied at the Keio Primary School and finished his studies in March 2001. Later, in April 2001, he attended Keio Middle School and continued his studies until 2004. But in March 2005 he dropped his studies to pursue his musical career. Unfortunately, his parents divorced in the same month. After the separation of his parent, Morita changed his last name from Moriuchi to Morita.

How much is the Net Worth of Takahiro?

Takahiro Moriuchi’s Salary Takahiro Moriuchi began his music career at the age of thirteen with the band “NEWS,” but he departed in 2004 to focus on his education. Moriuchi was later welcomed to “One Ok” Band by guitarist Toru Yamashita, which established a secure professional path for him.

Moriuchi, a Japanese artist, has a six-figure net worth.
Photographer: Instagram

Moriuchi’s net worth is predicted to be $500,000 as of 2022, according to credible sources. His primary source of income is his singing career. However, sources suggest that Taka also earns money through sponsorships.

Taka has about 3 million Instagram followers, therefore it is natural for him to receive endorsement requests from a number of well-known firms.

What is Takahiro Moriuchi’s Marital Status?

Despite his celebrity, Taka managed to keep his personal life private. There is presently no information on his romantic connection, thus it is reasonable to assume he is single. Moriuchi is entirely focused on his music career, which may leave him with little time to date. However, he had already been involved in a number of partnerships.

Takahiro Moriuchi, the singer of One Ok Rock, is single.
Pinerest is the photographer.

Taka had a previous relationship with Japanese model/actress Suzuki Emi. In June 2008, the former couple was seen walking together. They met through common connections and grew close. Despite the fact that their relationship was going well, the attractive couple decided to part ways on mutual terms.

Takahiro was supposed to have another girlfriend named Rola after splitting up with Emi, although they were only good friends. Taka himself acknowledged the news after much controversy had ensued. In addition, media outlets reported seeing him with Mai Asada, a Japanese figure skater.

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Takahiro Moriuchi began his music career at the age of thirteen with the band “NEWS,” but he left in 2004 to focus on his studies. Moriuchi was later invited by guitarist Toru Yamashita to join the “One Ok” Band, which established a stable career path for him.

Takahiro Moriuchi’s Personal Data

Takahiro Moriuchi, called Taka, was born in Tokyo, Japan, on April 17, 1988. He was reared with his two younger siblings, Tomohiro Moriuchi and Hiroki Moriuchi, as the eldest son of famed Japanese vocalists Masako Mori and Shinichi Mori. After his parents divorced in 2005, the artist changed his surname to Morita from Moriuchi.

Taka will turn 33 on April 17th of this year.
Photographer: Genius

Takahiro, 32, completed his primary studies at Keio Elementary School and graduated in March 2001. Similarly, for middle school, he attended Keio Middle School and graduated from Keio High School in April 2004.