Tony Vlachos

Quick Facts

Birth Date September 10,1973
Full Name Tony Vlachos
Profession police officer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City Jersey City, New Jersey
Birth Country United States of America
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Virgo
Marital Status Married
Spouse Marrisa Vlachos
No Of Children 2
Height 179 cm
Weight 78 kg
Net worth 5000000
Instagram Link Insta Link

Policeman Tony Vlachos is a two-time winner of the reality television competition “Survivor.” He has a reputation among the general public for being an aggressive player and doing everything it takes to succeed.


Survivor: Cagayan, an American CBS competitive reality television series, crowned him the winner of its 28th season.

Additionally, he received the title of 40th season winner of Survivor: Winners at War.

Vlachos was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States on September 10, 1973. He is the son of Greek immigrants. The identities and occupations of his parents, however, remain a mystery.

Educational Background

In terms of schooling, Vlachos had his early education at a private school in his hometown and graduated from a prestigious university in 1992.

First off, he hasn’t mentioned his college’s name. On the other side, Vlachos has kept his academic background and majors a secret.

Height & Weight

Tony Vlachos is a muscular man who exercises frequently to maintain a healthy body. Speaking of his physical characteristics, he is a decent 5 feet 8 inches (179 cm) tall, much like Romeo James Beckham. He carries about 78 kilos.

In addition, he has brown eyes and is bald. Overall, he is attractive to admirers due to his dashing attitude and powerful physique.

Relationship Status

Marrisa Vlachos, a fellow police officer, and Tony Vlachos are married. In 2007, the lovebirds first crossed paths while performing their duty. They started dating after getting to know one other well.

Tony Vlachos in his wedding day(Source: Daily entertainment news)

Marrisa enthusiastically agreed to Valchos’ marriage proposal on July 24, 2010, which she accepted. After that, on June 2, 2012, the pair exchanged vows in a secret wedding ceremony.

Marrisa donned a white dress and matching jewelry to the wedding, while Tony wore a black suit and a white shirt.

Then, how wealthy is Tony Vlachos?

Tony is a wealthy man with an estimated net worth of $5 million, which is comparable to Kim Spradlin, the winner of Survivor: One World.

His assets, TV reality shows, and salary from his law enforcement employment all contribute to his net worth.

According to estimates, Vlachos received $2 million as compensation for winning Survivor: Cagayan and Survivor: Winners at War.

Has A Tattoo,

Winner from Cagayan on Survivor Vlachos has a tattoo of a tribal design on his chest that goes to the top of his neck and left shoulder.

Furthermore, he had the tattoo long before signing up for Survivor.

On Instagram

On his Instagram account, Vlachos is frequently active. His account is @tony vlachos, and he has more than 1.5k followers there.

He has a quote from: in his Instagram bio.

Tony Vlachos from “The Survivor” in real life.

Additionally, he updates his Instagram account with pictures and videos of the fun he has with his family and friends in daily life. He is not active on any other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, other from Instagram.


Vlachos, a contestant on the reality television series Survivor, is a devoted family man. Constantine Anthon and Anastasia Marie are his two blessings.

Tony Vlachos with his wife and kids(Source: Instagram)

While Constantine was born on June 9, 2014, Anastasia, the eldest child of Vlachos, was born on February 16, 2013.

Currently, Anastasia and Constantine are both contentedly residing in Allendale, New Jersey, with their parents.

Have You Heard?

You may be aware that the Survivor participant who wins the season receives a hefty prize. But how much do you know?

According to an Entertainment Weekly article, the winner of Survivor receives a $1 million check. Vlachos brought home $2 million as a winning prize after winning the 28th and 40th seasons of Survivor.

In Survivor: Game Changers,

Vlachos competed in Survivor: Game Changers after winning the 28th season of Survivor: Cagayan.

Survivor: Tocantins winner Sandra Diaz-Twine and past winners J.T. Thomas of Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains also participated in that season as contestants.

They were the previous season’s victor, therefore the other contender immediately set their sights on them. Vlachos was one of the first contestants to be eliminated in that season even though he gave all the survivors a tough fight.

His aggressive gameplay was a big factor in his early vote-out.

What Caused Him To Survive?

When I gently inquired about Vlachos’ major motivation for competing on The Survivor, he responded,

Of course, the MILLION DOLLARS are my main justification. I would never venture outside for even half of that prize! Second, I’m a major fan of the program, and I would love to give the viewers a memorable season.

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A Parasite Had Affected

Vlachos, a two-time Survivor winner, contracted the parasite while filming Survivor: Cagayan.

When he got back to his native America, he learned about that.

The parasite had a devastating impact on him, forcing him to spend the next three months in bed. Additionally, the virus caused him to lose 25 lbs of weight.

In Survivor: Winners at War,

Vlachos has participated in Survivor: Winner at War as a participant.

The competition amongst all previous Survivor winners was the focus of the season.

Vlachos initially kept a low profile since he didn’t want to make the same error he did the season before. He kept quiet during that time. At that time, he was assigned to the Dakar tribe.

After some time, he formed an alliance with Sarah Lacina, a fellow participant from Cagayan who was a former police officer.

He made it to the final three along with Natalie Anderson, the winner of Survivor of Survivor: San Juan del Sur, and Michele Fitzgerald, the winner of Survivor of Survivor: Kah Rng, after triumphing in numerous challenges and avoiding being voted out.

He received 12 of the jury’s 16 votes at the Final Tribal Council, becoming him the second-ever Sole Survivor.

IMDb profile

Like many famous people, Vlachos has a Tony Vlachos page on IMDb. His IMDb page includes a brief biography, pictures, and details about him.

His participation in The Morning Show, Survivor, and Survivor: Cagayan Preview earned him three self-credits in addition.

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